Unexplored Sectors Help needed

Hello all!

I’m needing help in detailing some sectors that is near Solomani Rim area.

They are Rim Reach and Phlange.

Also I have created one that is to the left of RimReach and rimward of Malorn Sectors, called Yelkceb.

If you want to help, contact me at baron_von_greylord (at) charter.net

I also have an e-group that is where I store my SARs.

The files are in the Files / Un Explores space of the E-Group.

Be fun to do this from a starting point in the Aldebaran sector and make the way to those sectors. I like to see this done in “play” mode. But it is only an option.

Please contact me directly for further details and to relay your notes/findings to me for collection.

I like to use this group as a point of general discussions of the Solomani Are of space and Berka has been gracious to add Solomani Rim to his forum listing! Thanks Berka!

Again, Thanks folks


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  1. To find a free hosting site for Your Traveller stuff is easy.
    Try looking here and here.

    I’ll have to get back to You with answers and comments on the rest that You have posted later. (I am in a bit of hurry to work right now…)

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