Your Fessor subsector map….

I have noticed that your planet icons bring an added dimension to the maps. I believe you developed them. Are they downloadable and how do you do such a nice job on those maps?

Fessor Subsector

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  1. Yes, I have made them, and the maps are handmade.

    Peter Trevor has used my planet icons in his “Universe” program, and with that program You can easily make maps like the one of the Spinward Marches.

    The rules I used for planet types are:
    1, Terran; atm 6,8 and hyd 3+
    2, Garden; atm 2-9 and hyd 1+ (and not terran)
    3, Glacier; some of the garden or terran worlds (very cold in BtC)
    4, Desert; atm 2-9 and hyd 0
    5, Exotic; atm A,D or (B,C and hyd 1+)
    6, Hothouse; atm B,C and hyd 0
    7, Ocean; hyd A
    8, Ice-Capped; atm 0,1 and hyd 1+
    9, Rock Ball; atm 0 and hyd 0 size 1+
    A, Asteroid; size 0

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