Computers and robots

Is it just me or is it glaringly apparent that the Computer and robot rules for Traveller need to be overhauled to fit modern context and projection.

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  1. I agree. The computer rules are a bit obsolete.

    As it is now, the capacity get larger as the tech level get higher, but the computer also get larger. Moore’s law say that it shouldn’t get larger, and so far Moore’s law has been true.

    Well there will eventually be limits to Moore’s law. IIRC, Heisenberg’s uncertainty theorem says that the lowest charge that can be stored is that of nine electrons. Maybe one can make storage devices in other ways, (electron spin or other quantum effects) and then only use one particle, but that is still a limit…

    The robot rules are a bit better. You can make a Robot with a very high skill level. That will make a big advantage in space combat if the robot has an extreme skill level in gunnery or ship’s boat. (R2-D2 anyone…)

  2. Hello.
    As far as i can tell NO.
    Computers are still the size they where in the seventys, and any robot you build will have the computer problem built in.

  3. I also think the computer rules need modification. Ship bridges are also way too large.

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