Legal rights to the game

I used to play traveller in high school in the early eighties. I have recently found this and a lot of other websites made by fans but the web site for far future enterprises seems moribund.

What I am wondering is who owns the rights to create new traveller material and what about previously published material?

I have read the disclaimer at the bottom of the main page and understand it but some other sites disclaimers cause me to wonder what is up.

What I would really like to see published is newly written hardcopy- in the style of the classic traveller- booklets. adventures, JTAS etc. WRITTEN FOR THE ADULT PLAYER. I think traveller fan base was always high school or older and it seemed that some of the material coming out in the mid to later eighties was written the 10 to 15 yr old.

One thought on “Legal rights to the game”

  1. Well, it is still Marc Miller that own the rights, and then some of the licensees to some of the published material.

    I agree that a new version is needed. Lets hope that traveller T5 could be that version.

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