Azhanti High Lightning

I have just bought a copy of Azhanti High Lightning on ebay the whole thing is as new….but there is not supplement-5 in it. I wrote to the seller, but he was a dealer and claimed that was all he had. So I have the deck plans, the rules booklet, the weapons table and a lot of counters. Can anyone tell me what is in supplement-5 and perhaps tell me what I need to know to make the game work. I have 14 deckplans but how many decks are there on the ship and what are the rooms, can anyone help a poor vargr.

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  1. Hi Harold!

    You have been ripped off! 🙁 You should have got the Supplement-5. Give the seller a negative review!

    There are 84 decks. Too many to describe.

    I would suggest that You try to buy the Supplements 1-13 BFB (Big Floppy Book) or the Games 1-6+ BFB. Both of these have the Supplement-5 that You need.

  2. Agreed….The Supplements 1-13 book is very good and it includes a variety of other pretty useful bits as well.

  3. About the ’84’ decks: Yes, the AHL had around 84 decks but many of them were the same so the AHL box had 14 deckplans (one was not for the AHL itself bur rather the various small craft it carried). The box also had 240 counters a rulebook with combat rules and scenarions and one other booklet that detailed the ships history amd technical details (High Guard stats etc).

    The combat system was not so good for use in roleplaying situations but a very good tactical one, we played it a lot between Traveller sessions way back when it was released.

    The coolest scenario by far was ‘The great wine heist’ and the single reason I ever tried ‘Eiswein’. A bunch of crooks snuck aboard the AHL in crates to steal cases of Tokaj Escenzia Eiswine (from memory, spelling is probably way off) and snean/fight through shitloads of decks to the boat hangar and escape. Library Data supplement had a brief mention of someone getting more than 1 MCr for a bottle of this very wine!

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