Hello Travellers!

Welcome to the Zhodani Base. We are now upgrading this site to TL-15.

7 thoughts on “Hello Travellers!”

  1. I like the new format, with the blog-o-sphere phenomena having taken off maybe this will encourage more participation.

    Also, I know you mention spinwardmarches.com in numerous places, however that website has been out of business for quite some time now. Too bad, it had some really good material on it – I wounder if anyone ever archived it? Hmmmm.


  2. Yup, I ran into that a while back when trying to access it thru the Wayback. I don’t know of the guy that ran the site added the robots.txt or if this is something that his service provider instigated.

    About the only chance there is to save anything from the site (if the old owner is willing) would be to track him down and ask for an archive of the site if he still has one. But for the life of me I can’t remember they persons name who ran it.

    Surely he must have hit the regular haunts though. I suppose some asking around may be in order.


  3. Glad to see you were able to get the SMs site and up and running no less.

    I missed the SOLSec site, but from the looks it didn’t last very long. Shame too. That is a very cool concept. Too bad he never got the character gen worked out and posted or any of the Ops and PsyOps. However I think it is still a great source to build from – plenty of material to start adding to a campaign to keep your players off balance.

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