State of the Base

What has happened at the Base in 2013? A lot of things!


The top highlight of 2013 was the 16 entries in the 76 Patrons Writing Contest. 🙂 This year I’ll add a few bucks to make the first prize even better. I’ll hope we can beat 16 entries in 2014. Sponsors are Welcome! 

Another highlight was the Traveller5 review guest-post by . This post quickly became the most read post at the Base.

Since March the Zhodani Base hosts the Coreward Fanzine by Paul J. Drye.

The Base now uses the Twenty-Fourteen theme.

Site Stats

Just like last year I have about 4000 proper visitors each month.

The 5 most popular posts on the blog was:

  1. T5 Review (new)
  2. Alien Fonts (1)
  3. Spherical Space Ships (new)
  4. Wikia must be stopped (new)
  5. Oh my God, it’s full of Tables! (new)

Alien Fonts dropped from first to second place. All other top-5 posts are from 2013.

The 5 most popular pages on the blog was:

  1. Maps and Data (1)
  2. Goodies (2)
  3. Free pdf-files (new)
  4. The Spinward Marches (new)
  5. Random Subsector Generator (new)

The top two pages from 2013 are still the top two. The other 3 are new.

The 5 most popular search words/phrases for finding the blog was:

  1. traveller rpg (4)
  2. zhodani base (1)
  3. traveller rpg maps (new)
  4. tatu (2)
  5. zhodani (new)

My post old post about The Average Traveller Universe seem to attract lots of surfers from eastern Europe. :roll: But is has dropped a bit in popularity. Mainly because I have blocked a lot of traffic from eastern Europe.


In 2013 I didn’t get hacked. 🙂 There were lots of hacking attempts. The most annoying thing about these attempts are that they steal bandwidth. (For one week I was hit about once every minute with a dictionary attack from Ukraine and Belarus.) I have now blocked large parts of China and eastern Europe from my site. Countries where I know there are Traveller players are not blocked, but some IP addresses from those countries may still be blocked if they try to hack the Base.

Visitors from Brazil whose user-agent is a fake Google-Bot should change browser or ISP, since I’ll block all fake Google Bots. Brazil is a country known for hacking and I guess that the ISPs in Brazil thought that if they pretend that they are Google-Bots, less of the internet will be blocked. But they only make the problem worse for their customers.

As a safety precaution I have also blocked the wp-admin directory from all. This means that this site currently isn’t a multi user site. I.e. if you are a registered user you cannot login. If you are a registered user and want to update your entry in the Contributors Page, then just contact me and I’ll update your entry.

To-do List

Looking back at last years to-do list I can see that I (or Jonathan) have written a few reviews and  I have written about spherical ships and I have updated some old stuff and I have continued posting on Facebook. If I had more time, I would have done more.

For 2014 I plan to write more reviews and update some more old stuff. I will add Stiatlchepr (by Dale Jenkins) to my Space Atlas. I am also planning to write something about Traveller Aliens.

On the more technical side of the base I plan to use sharing plugins to connect to Facebook and Google+. Then I can make a short post about some traveller, science fiction and astronomy news at the Base and it will be automatically posted at the other sites.

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