Lancaster Subsector

Lancaster Subsector is from an ATU setting where the crew of the Starship Notorious tries to make a living.

Lancaster Subsector
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Harrisburg    0912 A79869A-B  N Ni Ag Cp           912 Pa
Hanover       0916 X554531-2    Ni Ag            R 310 Pa
Hampstead     0917 E765432-6    Ga Ni Pa         A 220 Md
York          1014 D654654-5  S Ni Ag              801 Pa
Hershay       1112 C431577-7    Ni Po            A 312 Pa
Elizabethtown 1113 C567555-9  S Ni Ag Pr           102 Pa
Shrewsbury    1116 C310300-8    Lo                 201 Pa
Towson        1119 C21176A-9    Ic Na Pi O:1120    101 Md
Baltimore     1120 A666A99-C  N Ga Hi              123 Md
Lebanon       1211 C443642-6  S Ni Po              101 Pa
Middle River  1219 D000673-8  S As Va Ni Na        101 Md
Lititz        1313 D230430-7    De Ni Po           800 Pa
Lancaster     1314 B764785-A  N Ag Ri              212 Pa
Bel Air       1318 D553531-5    Ni Po              123 Md
New Holland   1413 E321432-6    He Ni Po           130 Pa
Intercourse   1414 E543200-4    Lo Po            A 220 Pa
Aberdeen      1418 C868578-8    Ni Ag Pr           302 Md
Reading       1611 B565742-9    Ag Ri              501 Pa
Elkton        1617 C656533-7  S Ga Ni Ag           331 Md

The coreward side belongs to the Pennsylvaani Confederation and on rimward side belongs to the Free State of Maryland. There is an ongoing cold war between these two pocket empires and there are various trade embargoes in effect.

On the trailing side is the subsector is Philadelphia subsector with the very important planet Philadelphia. Most long-range trade to Philadelphia (in Lancaster subsector) goes through Baltimore and then in the Maryland part of the Subsector. This leaves a lot of opportunities for Free Traders in the backwater Pennsylvaani part of the subsector.

The planet Lancaster is the home for the Lancaster Free Traders Society. An organization with over 100 member ships. LFTS has a meeting each year at Lancaster.

The total population of the subsector is close to 11 billion (Most of them live on Baltimore). The highest tech-level is 12 at Baltimore.

Short Write-Ups:

Harrisburg A79869A-B

This planet is the capital of the Pennsylvaani Confederation. It is not the planet with the highest population or highest tech-level. Its location is the reason that it has been chosen as the capital. The ruling class uses the best technology available, imported from Philadelphia. The rest of the planet is currently at tech-level 11.

The bureaucracy and political schemes can sometimes be a problem for free traders and other visitors.

Hampstead E765432-7 Amber Zone

The planet is ruled by different clans (or groups or villages or mines) that control different areas, but not as different nations. One such group controls the starport. The other groups has to pay taxes to the group that controls the starport. Due to vermin, agriculture doesn’t work very well. Famine is common. To keep the vermin from spreading to other planets, the only thing that is allowed to export is metals.

The Amber classification is due to famine which can cause riots and the vermin. The most common form of vermin is a small insect-like creature the size of a gnat that can eat most carbon based biological lifeforms. They are locally called Piranha-gnats.

Elizabethtown C567555-9

Elizabethtown is the main planet of an old system. The planet Elizabethtown is slowly rotating around its axis. The day is 42 standard hours. Elizabethtown produces fruits and products made from fruit that is very popular in the subsector. Major imports are metals and machinery.

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