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P-O "BeRKA" Bergstedt is the Zhodani Ambassador. :-) BeRKA started the Zhodani Base in 1994.

Greg Lee

These type of posts are the ones I hate most to write. I still think it is important to do so. Gregory P. Lee has now joined the growing group of absent friends. 🙁

Greg Lee was an active member in the online Traveller community. He may be most known for his amazing Cirque adventure published by his Greylock Publishing Lines. For Traveller he has also published Lee’s Guide to Interstellar Adventure.

This is what he wrote in my copy of Cirque.

Greylock Publishing Lines was also a generous sponsor of the first Amber Zone contest.

Greg was also working on a new Traveller product, that some of you may have heard of. He has written a Traveller novel called Cirque: The Usual Suspects. I was one of the lucky ones who got to read a copy. It is a great novel set in the universe that I love. The novel is describing events that happened before the adventure called Cirque. An interesting idea about Rhylanor that was first presented in the MgT Alien Module 4: Zhodani by Donald McKinney is used in the novel.

Just for fun I generated a map without hexes for the main area of space (Rhylanor subsector) of the novel.

Follow this link to read something that Greg wrote about the novel at the Traveller RPG facebook group.

I really hope that this novel will be published. It is too good to be lost.

RIP Gregory P. Lee 🙁

Donavan Lambertus

Very sad news about Donavan Lambertus that has suddenly left us and now joined the growing group of absent friends. 🙁

(More information at facebook.)

Donavan was the person behind the company DSL Ironworks that produced lots of cool products for Traveller. One of the most useful and inventive things from DSL Ironworks was the Quick Decks series that could help you make pretty deckplans.

Quick Decks 2
DSL Ironwork has also been a generous sponsor of the Amber Zone contests. We miss you already Donavan. 🙁

Spinward Marches upside down

How do we perceive a sector? What do we look for? Where is the adventure? I have discussed this before when I tried to find out why a subsector was popular. I may have been partly wrong. It looks like the position of a subsector within a sector also is an important factor.

Using a new function at the TravellerMap one can now rotate a map. (When I write this there is no UI. You have to use the API to do this.)

This is what the Spinward Marches looks like upside down:

Spinward Marches Upside down
Spinward Marches Upside down: Made using the API at TravellerMap.

So what can we see here? My eyes move up to Glisten subsector. Starting from Glisten and running a J-1 ship to Five Sisters subsector suddenly looks like an interesting idea. Lunion subsector also looks like it a good place for adventures since it is so close to the Sword Worlds. (But the Sword Worlds really needs to be stronger.)

Less interesting is the backwater Regina subsector in the lower end of the map. The conflict with the Zhodani is now in an unimportant lower corner. That doesn’t look very exciting or important any longer.

What do you see in the upside down Spinward Marches?