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P-O "BeRKA" Bergstedt is the Zhodani Ambassador. :-) BeRKA started the Zhodani Base in 1994.

With Full Honors

With Full Honors, by Donald E. McQuinn is not a book about Honor Harrington. It is a book about a soldier in an empire of 12 star-systems. The empire has some old traditions that regulated the fightings, but apart from such strange things is was quite a good book.

The soldiers of the empire is only used to control internal riots. There is no outside threat. In traveller terms, the situation could be something what the early Sword Worlds might have been…

There is a second part. Maybe I’ll read it.

Fixing some errors in Galactic 2.4

I noticed that the java (by Jo Grant) that I use for displaying was a bit picky with the syntax. When I corrected some galactic map files, (removing extra lines, etc.) I also noticed some other errors.

Usingou Sector, Chtatsplierol 0707, is listed as Chtatsplierol 0717
Tienspevnekr Sector, error in SubSector D.
Replacement for Core Sector posted at Galactic WebBoard.
Antares Sector, Aruga 2528 should be moved from sub-K to sub-L.

Solomani Rim, In SubSector I, 0606 should be 0626.
Solomani Rim, Lots of tabs instead of spaces.
Old Expanses, Sub D, Remove 0321 0131 Change 0132 to 3210, and fix UPP.

Are there any more errors?

The Price of the Stars

I have just read The Price of the Stars by Debra Doyle and James D. Macdonald. This is book one in the mageworld series.

This book is more travelleresque than Honor Harrington.
It is about a renegade princess that gets a starship from her father, to find her mothers assassins.

The plot was quit good anyway, and the evil mageworlders could have been the Zhodani…

There was an interesting “jump-system” in this book. No 100 diameters rule, but instead the starship has to have a certain velocity to be able to jump.

I will absolutely read at least another book in this series. Lets see what I say after the next one…