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Idol of the Space God

Requirements: A ship and a decent reputation.

Players’ Information:

The characters are approached by an individual seeking passage to a world a few jumps away. He introduces himself as The Revered Smith-Juboru, and needs to bring along 2 displacement tons of personal cargo. In addition to his personal luggage, this turns out to be a large stone idol, about 3 meters tall and bulbous, ancient-looking but carved with outlandish stylized designs and letters in an unidentifiable script. Smith-Juboru claims to be an elder of a religion called the Childer of the New Earth.

The Idol
The Idol – Image from wikimedia – Public domain

Referee’s Information:

The Childer believe that all biological life (not just human life) started on Earth and was transplanted by unknown divine agents to bring life to the universe. They are small in number, standoffish and isolationistic, but keep in touch through “circuit priests,” individuals like Smith-Juboru who travel with their religious trappings to perform yearly rites. A preliminary check at a library data terminal confirms the Childers’ existence, but the religion is too small and diverse to have a large online presence and no specific details of the passenger can be confirmed. The idol will require special handling.


1. Everything is as it seems. Smith-Juboru is a gregarious passenger and engages the crew in lively theological/philosophical debates, but takes no offense if people are irreligious or espouse differing views. When the trip is over, he invites the crew to services on-planet, which involves some rites, followed by several days of celebrations and feasting.

2. Everything is as it seems. Smith-Juboru is a first-class pest who expects the crew to bend to his beliefs. He regularly berates crew members for behavior at odds with the Childers’ strict rules. When the trip is over and assuming the crew actually made an effort to accommodate him and the idol was delivered with no issues, he pays each crew member a Cr 1000 bonus.

3. The set-up is a sham; the idol is a prop. Smith-Juboru is a con artist who travels from Childer community to Childer community defrauding them by masquerading as a religious prophet. During the trip, he will make remarks and perform actions which should make the crew suspect the deception. The Childer at the destination are unaware of Smith-Juboru’s true nature.

4. The set-up is a sham; the idol is real. Smith-Juboru is a smuggler. He has successfully stolen the idol from a Childer community at the last port of call, and masqueraded as a priest to escape; the deception was discovered after the ship took off, and a Childer group takes ship to pursue the PCs. Smith-Juboru has a buyer lined up at the next port of call, and will be in a hurry to disembark when the PCs arrive. The PCs will be asked for assistance offloading and delivering the idol to Smith-Juboru’s prearranged meeting point. There the PCs will see Smith-Juboru accept a briefcase from a man surrounded by heavily armed bodyguards, then the scammer will sneak off, using transportation he stashed nearby for just this purpose. The Childer vigilantes will arrive after Smith-Juboru has left but before the buyer can depart with his purchase. The referee must determine the flow of subsequent events.

5. The set-up is a sham; the idol is a trap. The destination is a sparsely inhabited system near the edge of the territory. The idol contains an EMP-generator which Smith-Juboru will set off as the characters arrive in-system; it will disable any ship system on a throw of 5+ (roll for each system — twice for communications and sensor systems). Smith-Juboru will have locked himself in his cabin and is a good combatant; there he will wait for his partners (in a shuttle nearby) to take over the disabled ship. The referee must determine the flow of subsequent events.

6. The set-up is a sham; the idol is an Ancient artifact. Smith-Juboru is a psionics researcher who has discovered the idol, which apparently functions as a psionically accessed computer. The idol-computer’s capabilities, the effect it has on Smith-Juboru and the crew in-flight, and its ultimate purpose are unknown to any – even Smith-Juboru doesn’t know what it can do. The referee must determine the flow of subsequent events.

Sir Robert Williams, Knight

Patron: Noble
Required skills: Advocate, Broker
Reward: Cr 1000, or up to 1% of sale cost per level of Broker skill.

Players’ Information:
A local noble, Sir Robert Frederick Williams, approaches one of the crew members in the starport lounge, seeking a skilled negotiator and broker willing to represent his interests in a real estate transaction. He is selling his private asteroid estate to Captain Karen Harris, owner of the far trader Lucky Strike, who wants to make it her new base of operations and private starport. He insists that the purchase take place as quickly as possible, and needs a broker that can act on his behalf. Upon request, he offers his credentials and a copy of the deed, which identifies the owner of the property as Robert F. Williams. Under a cursory examination, the situation as presented appears to be legitimate.

The Noble "Brothers"
The Noble “Brothers” – Image from wikimedia
Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic

Referee’s Information:
Setting up a meeting with Captain Harris proves to be easy, as she is eager to complete this transaction. Although the property itself is valued at 20 MCr, Sir Williams is willing to let it go for a significantly reduced price, so long as the payment is made immediately and in full. Captain Harris is well aware of Sir Williams’ desperation, and will bid significantly lower in hopes of getting the property at a steal. She cannot go above 6 MCr without putting a loan on her ship, which she is quite reluctant to do. As the negotiations appear to be coming to close, another man, identical in appearance to Sir Williams, bursts into the room with a few security guards, claiming to be the real Sir Robert Flynn Williams, and that the other man is a clone posing as him. There is obviously a lot of enmity between the two men as an “aggressive argument” ensues. In all of the options presented below, further development is left to the discretion of the Referee.

1. All is as it now appears. Robert Frederick is indeed a clone of Robert Flynn, and desires his freedom from the cruelty of the “indentured servitude” imposed on him by his donor-father. He longs to have the same rights and freedoms as non-cloned humans, but local laws do not support Clone Rights. His ultimate desire is to escape into interstellar society, where he hopes to live outside the boundaries of clone slavery.

2. Robert Flynn is actually a clone of Robert Frederick, and is trying to take his donor-father’s place in society. Tweaked to be more aggressive by virtue of his creation, Robert Flynn has been secretly shifting legal paperwork to insure his role as the legally recognized patron. Robert Frederick discovered the situation, and is attempting to flee offworld before he is hunted down and either enslaved or killed by his more aggressive clone.

3. Both Robert Flynn and Robert Frederick as clones of Sir Robert Francis Williams, who has disappeared when his yacht misjumped. Robert Frederick desires to seek out their lost donor-father, while Robert Flynn wants to preserve the estate of Robert Francis in hopes of their donor-father’s eventual return.

4. As Option 3 above, except that Captain Karen Harris is actually heavily involved in smuggling and piracy, and wants the asteroid to serve as her base of operations. She will attempt to engage the party in supporting Robert Frederick’s right to sell the property, and is not above performing illicit activities in pursuit of her goals. At some point, the Imperial Ministry of Justice or similar law enforcement group become involved, assuming that the crew are in league with the pirate captain.

5. Both Robert Flynn and Robert Frederick are clones of the megacorporate regional manager who created them as potential heirs to his fiscal legacy. The original Robert Williams is monitoring the progress of his clones to determine which one will have the best temperament to take over his responsibilities. This estate sale is one of Robert Frederick’s maneuvers to undermine Robert Flynn’s position in the evaluation process.

6. Neither Robert Flynn nor Robert Frederick are clones. Each has been indoctrinated with the belief that his twin brother is actually a clone as part of an unusual experiment by a deranged research scientist, Dr. Lucius Van Erlenmeyer. A war criminal in hiding, Dr. Erlenmeyer has been exploring various avenues of psychological manipulation and indoctrination, including the implantation of false memories and artificial personalities. He is actively monitoring the escalation of aggression between the two men. Should Dr. Erlenmeyer’s presence be exposed, the war criminal will stop at nothing to remove evidence against him and escape into obscurity. The reward for the capture of Dr. Lucius Van Erlenmeyer, dead or alive, currently sits at MCr 2.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day 2016!

While at a bar at the StarTown at Tremous Dex (SM-1311) and drinking a very black beer with a creamy head the PCs are approaches by a very small man in green clothes.

He says that he may be able to trust you since you are drinking the black beer. He says that he needs your help to retrieve a stolen treasure at Zenopit (SM-1010), just a few parsecs away…

Now please continue this story inspired of the image above…

Pulp-O-Mizer - St. Patrick’s Day

I also wanted to remind you of Eire Subsector and the pdf with adventure ideas that you can download for free.

Cirque – A great adventure for Traveller

A great adventure for Traveller, That is what it is. You may think that the idea of a circus in space is a rather unorthodox idea. I know I thought so in the beginning. I first thought is was a silly copy of the Roadshow Amber Zone (where the PCs are roadies for the rock-band Veedback) from JTAS #23. But Cirque is so much more.

Compared to the Roadshow Amber Zone, that was not more than an idea, Cirque is a 186 pages book full of adventures. The adventure starts at Rhylanor.  There are deckplans, NPCs, scenarios for every planet the circus visits and a  greater meta-plot for the entire adventure. The only Traveller adventure book that can be comparable to Cirque is the 154 pages The Traveller Adventure. (The Traveller adventure has a larger font size.)


The first 59 pages of the book describes the circus and it’s ships, characters and animals in great detail. The rest of the book is about every planet the circus visits and what happens there.

This adventure started as a successful Kickstarter Project. The adventure is written for Traveller 5 but will work fine for any version of Traveller.

Order your copy of Cirque des Sirkas from Far Future Enterprises.

The Final Zhodani Base 76 Patrons Writing Contest

It is now time for The Final Zhodani Base 76 Patrons Writing Contest.

Lets make this a great competition for our 600+ facebook fans and all other fans that are not on facebook! As I have promised, the first prize will be a $100 Gift Certificate at DriveThruRPG.

This years first prize is a $100 Gift Certificate at DriveThruRPG.
Second prize is a $60 Gift Certificate at DriveThruRPG.
Third prize is a $40 Gift Certificate at DriveThruRPG.

If you win you can buy lots of traveller goodies that you might have missed.

The style of the entries should be in the style of the patrons in CT Supplement 6, 76 Patrons.

Past winners are:

The contest starts now and ends 31 Mar 2016. Write as many entries as You like.

After the 31:st of March 2016, all entries will be posted on the Zhodani Base. The winner will be chosen by BeRKA.

By entering the contest You allow your entry to be posted at the Zhodani Base. All entries might also be posted in PDF format as a free down-loadable file at the Zhodani Base.

All entrants will be given credit for their work and will retain the copyright on their entries.

Some general guidelines:

1, Each entry should be less than 1000 words.

2, One image may be used in each entry. You must either own the rights to the image, or it must be used under some sort of free license. Wikimedia Commons is a good place to find an image that You can use. Please provide information about the image. (Is it Yours? If not, where have You found it? What license is used?) Note: You don’t need to use an image. You can also generate an image using the Pulp-o-Mizer or similar services.

3, Each patron should offer 6 options.

4, Each patron should be placed in the Foreven Sector. You may use the version of the Foreven Sector that can be found here at the Zhodani Base. (You don’t have to use this version.)

5, Please don’t force the PCs to sign up for (what they think are) illegal activities. It is better if they find that out later, or in some way are forced to take illegal action… :twisted:

6, Please use a spell checker! :roll:

Send Your entries by e-mail. Please use plain text format and attach the image, if You select to use one. Word files will not be accepted!

IMPORTANT! Everyone that sends me an entry will get a reply. If you have sent me something and not got a reply within a few days, then contact me again.

Please include a preferred nickname (that may be your real name) to show on the Zhodani Base. If You expect to win, include an e-mail address to send the first prize to.

Some help about Foreven Sector. (That you don’t have to use.)

Any rules you choose to use to design something for your patron is fine, even Mongoose Traveller rules, since the Zhodani Base has a Foreven Free Sector License.

76 Patrons Contest