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Steel Beach, by John Varley

This book was interesting, but had really nothing useful for traveller. It was full of funny ideas, like what the nano-bots could do for you like sex changes and brushing your teeth.

It also had an interesting setting. Humanity had been thrown out from earth by some super race of dolphin lovers, so now humanity live on the moon and on the other planets, and were not allowed to go back to earth. The main character is a reporter, who is supposed two write an article series for the 200 year anniversary, since the war with the aliens.

Lunar Base

Image from NASA. Public Domain.

Last Chance To See

This is my short review of Last Chance To See by Douglas Adams and Mark Carwardine from another board.

Read this book. This is important stuff! This is the true story
about how Douglas Adams went all around the world to see and
write about endangered species. The book is not only interesting,
it is also fun to read, since it is Douglas Adams who has written
it, but it is at the same time a very important book about

This is not Science Fiction, but since it is Douglas Adams that have written the book I thought that I should post the review here as well. 🙂


Fortune’s Wheel

Fortune’s Wheel by Lisanne Norman.

The Sholan are not Aslan! The Sholan are big hippie catlike psionic sex maniacs. This is a story about a human young woman named Carrie and the Sholan male named Kusac that she forms a special psionic bond with called a leska link. The Sholan forces has just liberated a human colony from invaders, Kusac and Carrie have met and formed this link between them. Then she have to go to the Sholan home world with him. The book is almost 650 pages, and nothing much really happens! Mostly, the book is just boring, and then they have sex, and then it is boring again, and then they have sex again, etc. If I say any more about the story, then there will be no surprises left. If You want to read about big cats, read something by C.J. Cherryh instead.

Where the Ships Die

I have just finished “Where the Ships Die“, by William C. Dietz. It was a bit interesting, but not something I would recommend, unless You don’t have anything else to do…

The book has some interesting scenes that could be used in a traveller setting, but put together, the story sucks and is full of logical holes, big enough to fly a death-star through… 🙁

The story is about an 18 Year old boy, that ends up as slave labour in a starship scrap-heap (Where the Ships Die). He is saved by his sister and by Timon and Pumbaa. Very strange… 😉

With Full Honors

With Full Honors, by Donald E. McQuinn is not a book about Honor Harrington. It is a book about a soldier in an empire of 12 star-systems. The empire has some old traditions that regulated the fightings, but apart from such strange things is was quite a good book.

The soldiers of the empire is only used to control internal riots. There is no outside threat. In traveller terms, the situation could be something what the early Sword Worlds might have been…

There is a second part. Maybe I’ll read it.