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Dune – House Atreides

I first read Dune in 1984. I liked it a lot and later read and enjoyed the five sequels.

When I read Dune and the following novels by Frank Herbert I could see where the ideas for the nobles in Traveller has got (some of) its inspiration from. I also liked the style in which these books was written, with chapters about the different adversaries that met in a confrontation in the final chapters.

Other than that there wasn’t many ideas from the books that could be used in Traveller. There are no personal shields in Traveller, nor are there any Guild monopoly for transportation, and not much cloning (with restored memories) either. But this doesn’t matter. These books are still a great source for inspiration for Traveller just because of how the nobles are describes. It is also some of the best science fiction that I have read.

Now I have read one of the new prequels called House Atreides by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson. This was an interesting book written in the same style as Frank Herbert’s Dune novels. It described the intrigues of the nobility in the Dune Universe very nicely, and the book also had a good plot. Now I just must read the rest of the prequels. 🙂

Arrakis - Dune

Original image from wikimedia. License Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic

Steel Beach, by John Varley

This book was interesting, but had really nothing useful for traveller. It was full of funny ideas, like what the nano-bots could do for you like sex changes and brushing your teeth.

It also had an interesting setting. Humanity had been thrown out from earth by some super race of dolphin lovers, so now humanity live on the moon and on the other planets, and were not allowed to go back to earth. The main character is a reporter, who is supposed two write an article series for the 200 year anniversary, since the war with the aliens.

Lunar Base

Image from NASA. Public Domain.

Fortune’s Wheel

Fortune’s Wheel by Lisanne Norman.

The Sholan are not Aslan! The Sholan are big hippie catlike psionic sex maniacs. This is a story about a human young woman named Carrie and the Sholan male named Kusac that she forms a special psionic bond with called a leska link. The Sholan forces has just liberated a human colony from invaders, Kusac and Carrie have met and formed this link between them. Then she have to go to the Sholan home world with him. The book is almost 650 pages, and nothing much really happens! Mostly, the book is just boring, and then they have sex, and then it is boring again, and then they have sex again, etc. If I say any more about the story, then there will be no surprises left. If You want to read about big cats, read something by C.J. Cherryh instead.