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T Pyxidis

T Pyxidis is a star that we have heard about in the news recently. The scientist Dr Sion claims that it will go supernova quite soon and threaten the earth. Other scientists say that this is not the case.

In any case, T Pyxidis is an interesting object that will be interesting to study. Especially in the Far Future when we can go there. It is only 1000 parsecs away. It will only take about 4 years to go there with an average speed of jump-5. So lets equip a 100-kton scout-cruiser and go there! It will be an epic adventure. 😀

T Pyx

Image from NASA. Public Domain.

Only referees should read on.

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Talk like a (space) Pirate

Today is talk like a Pirate day. How does a traveller space pirate talk?

Some say that pirates are not feasible in traveller. They say that the impies and/or other powers will swiftly crush any piracy. 🙁

I do not agree! :mrgreen:

If we look at the planet earth, in the year 2009, we can see that piracy does happen in the most unexpected places. It doesn’t have to happen along the coast of a country in anarchy. It could even happen in the Baltic.

What happened (and why) to the ship Arctic Sea could absolutely be transformed into a traveller adventure.

Remember that a pirate could also be a privateer. Then the pirate would be a lot easier. A pdf-file about privateering in traveller can be downloaded here.

Pirates doesn’t only have to operate corsair ships built using book-2. They could also use old warships or government sponsored privateers build using book-5 rules. That would give the pirates a better fighting chance. 😈

Azhanti High Lightning

I have just bought a copy of Azhanti High Lightning on ebay the whole thing is as new….but there is not supplement-5 in it. I wrote to the seller, but he was a dealer and claimed that was all he had. So I have the deck plans, the rules booklet, the weapons table and a lot of counters. Can anyone tell me what is in supplement-5 and perhaps tell me what I need to know to make the game work. I have 14 deckplans but how many decks are there on the ship and what are the rooms, can anyone help a poor vargr.