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The Long Result Peter Elson

Spherical Space Ships

In science fiction we have seen lots of spherical space ships. We remember the ships used by the Space Vikings by H. Beam Piper and the Death Star from Star Wars and the Heart of Gold from the The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and the ship from E.T. and the Borg Sphere from Star Trek: First Contact and lots of more.

Space Viking - Mercenary Cruiser

Image from Project Gutenberg. Copyright expired.

In Traveller we have the Mercenary Cruiser and the Tigress class. We all know that the Mercenary Cruiser is supposed to be able to land. But in Traveller it cannot do that since it is only partially streamlined and the rules say that it then cannot land. I think it should be able to land under certain conditions. These conditions might be a slow decent and no flying in the atmosphere. For a quick assault, the cutters would still be needed.

Some pretty pictures of the Mercenary Cruiser:

Some pretty pictures of the Tigress:

Peter Elson, who has painted a lot of the images for TTA (that we love) has also made a spherical ship. This ship is also able to land in an atmosphere.

The Long Result by Peter Elson.

The Long Result by Peter Elson.
Posted by permission of the estate of Peter Elson.
© Peter Elson.

Wikia must be stopped

The Traveller Wiki that is now at Wikia is going to move (to Downport). They have to move since Wikia is requiring that a Creative Commons licence (CC BY-SA 3.0) is used.

Most of the information at the Traveller Wiki is used by permission from the author and used under license from Far Future Enterprises. This is clearly stated on the pages of the Traveller Wiki.

Since these two licensing requirements don’t match, the contributing users of the Traveller Wiki have decided that they need to move. They have probably been pushed a bit by authors and by Far Future Enterprises that don’t want anyone to say that their stuff is under a Creative Commons licence.

Since Wikia claim that everything at the Traveller Wiki is under a Creative Commons licence (CC BY-SA 3.0), (which it isn’t) this had led to that content from the Traveller Wiki is published in books. Have a look at this one described at Google Books. (I will not link to any of the sites that actually sell this.) Books LLC (a.k.a. General Books and other names) that use this content are claiming that they may do so since everything at Wikia is under a Creative Commons licence. But they haven’t checked or if they have they didn’t care.

In my opinion it isn’t enough (at least not for a commercial company) to use material from the web that someone has posted under some sort of free license. You always have to double-check. Just because someone post something, it doesn’t mean it is free to use. The one who post something that they don’t own (or otherwise may post) may just be a teenager who wants to feel cool when getting lots of likes (at Facebook). It could also be that the person posting hasn’t understood the terms of the site to which the post is made.

I am the author of some of the information that has been posted at the Traveller Wiki. (I have not posted anything myself.) If a lawyer in the U.S. wants to help me sue Books LLC for free we can split the indemnity they have to pay. There are other authors that have a lot more of their writings at the Traveller Wiki.

The business model of Wikia is quite clear. Trick the fan-base of nerdy stuff (gaming, manga, science-fiction, fantasy, vampires etc.) to post at Wikia. Then, present their posts together with lots of ads. Then I suspect that they are in cahoots with Books LLC and share the profits (from the suckers that buy these books).

One strange thing about the move is that Wikia is demanding that no pages are deleted even though Wikia knows that these pages are not using a Creative Commons licence. This only means that Wikia and their accomplices are planning to continue their crimes.

Wikia must be stopped

A call to all fans (of something) that has a wiki at Wikia. Move!
A call to all content owners being ripped of by Wikia or Books LLC. Sue!

At the Anti-Wikia Alliance, you can get help with your move from Wikia.

Update: The Traveller Wiki has now moved. :-)

Update 2: Now it has moved again.

Create Sci-Fi pulp covers with the Pulp-o-Mizer

The Pulp-o-Mizer is too good not to write something about. It is a front cover generator for sci-fi pulp books. I think it is a lot cooler than my LBB cover generator. Look what I can do with it:

Pulp-O-Mizer Zhodani Base

I bet you can do something better! Douglas Berry did this cool cover for Twilight’s PeakBruce Johnson did this scary cover for Signal GK. What can you do with the Pulp-o-Mizer? Please place a link to your image in the comments.

Save our Space Marines

Space Marines is a term that has been used in science fiction since 1932. In Space Cadet by Robert Heinlein from 1948 the term is used. Games Workshop is now going after an author (MCA Hogarth) who wrote a book called “Spots the Space Marine“.

Amazing Stories December 1936

Amazing Stories December 1936
Image from wikimedia – Public Domain

Games Workshop needs to be stopped. A boycott was suggested by two Traveller fans at the Zhodani Base Facebook page. I hope they then will understand that they cannot hijack science fiction archetypes.

We must save our Space Marines!It’s easy for me to boycott GW. I haven’t bought anything from them for a long time. I hope you can do the same, and spread the word. Don’t buy anything from Games Workshop until they repent their behaviour and drop their trade mark of the term Space Marine.

Update: Good news from the Electronic Frontier Foundation. The battle is won, but the war continues.

Hunter Gordon

Hunter Gordon Sept 14 1966 – Jan 24 2013

Very sad news about Hunter Gordon, author (with MJD) of the Traveller T20 book and of other books for T20. :-(

He will be missed. There were some parts of T20 that I thought was really good. Hunter gave me permission to place the T20 Ley sector on my website. Lets play some T20 now!

T20 - Cheers Hunter Gordon

T20 – Cheers Hunter Gordon

Could my internet Traveller friends stop dying now please! It feels like an epidemic. First Bari Stafford (a.k.a. General Turokan) who mapped a route to the rim of the galaxy. Then Jerry Mapes, Andrew Boulton, John Lees and now Hunter Gordon. :-(