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Location: Torinsk 0108, (A-0007AE-D), Xenough sub sector, Avalar Consulate
Patron: Scout
Required Equipment: None
Required Skills: Starship Skills – Pilot, Eng, Nav, Gunner, Medic

The players are contacted by Chev Grinnel, a retired, 70-year-old Scout. It is clear that he is in poor health – he is thin, and his features are gaunt. He is discretely looking for ship crew members for a “business project”. He is a pilot himself, but he will accept another pilot, along with Navigators, Medics, Gunners, and Engineers for this project. “The Project”, as he calls it, will take about 6 weeks to complete, after which he will pay each person Cr 5,000 for their involvement. No more than 6 persons can be hired due to financial and transportation constraints of “The Project” – Chev freely admits he is gambling his entire life’s savings on this venture. He will withhold any further details concerning “The Project” until the players agree to join him.


Referee’s Information:
While he is quite ill, Chev appears to have considerable financial resources available to him. Chev provides Vacc Suits for the group, and offers up to Cr 2000 each up front for any special equipment desired, with the understanding that it will be deducted from their payment.

Chev is the owner of the independent 100-Ton Scout Ship Lorelei. The Scout ship has been extensively modified with additional equipment permitting it to serve as a salvage and recovery ship. The ship is quite old, severely battle-scarred, and in need of a good cleaning. Two large, lateral bulges port and starboard are visible on the upper half of the ship. Any Naval or Scout character would recognize the adverse effect of these modifications on the handling of the ship. It is perhaps 10% over specification in tonnage.

Seven cramped staterooms have been fitted aboard the ship to accommodate Chev and the crew. Chev has a Security Team of several Scouts to ensure a hijack attempt on the part of the players will fail. The security detail appears in spit and polish Scout Service uniforms, and their equipment and weapons are good quality.

As the ship owner, Chev will take one stateroom as a single, leaving the other six for dual occupancy. The number of Scouts will be at least 6. This would leave up to 6 spots for the players. If there are fewer than 6 players, additional Security Scouts will be hired so that the ship runs at full capacity. For purposes of this mission, all of the Security Scouts can Pilot, but none of them are Engineers.

The modifications retain the Jump-2 capability of the ship, but sacrifice much of the advanced Avionics of a typical Scout ship. Ship’s weaponry in the turret has been replaced with a laser cutter / welder, effectively a Beam Laser-1. The Engineering shop has upgraded equipment and capacity for repair work. Unfortunately, the ship’s Maneuver Drive rating is reduced to 1. Agility is effectively 0. An Air/Raft is fitted for utility work.

When pressed, Chev will describe “The Project” as a salvage operation in the Foreven Sector. He has located a lost Navy Ship which he intends to bring back online and claim as salvage. The players will help get the reactors online, and perform any needed repairs, then Chev will claim the ship as salvage. He had visited the ship alone 4 weeks ago, and estimated the extent of the work, which prompted his hiring the players.

1. All is as presented. The Navy Ship is a battle-scarred 400 Ton Gazelle Class. The 5 ton barbettes hold Particle Accelerators. The other turrets hold beam lasers. The Drop Tanks are present, but empty. The ship can be returned to operational status in a number of weeks equal to 6 minus the combined Engineering skill of all in the crew. The 20-ton Gig is missing, presumably when the crew abandoned ship. Chev has taken numerous precautions to foil any attempt for the players to take the ship. Roll a 2D6 every day. On a result of 10+, a Pirate vessel is encountered.

2. All is as presented. The “Navy” Ship is actually a 400 Ton Donosev Scout vessel. It is unarmed. The ship can be returned to operational status in a number of weeks equal to 6 minus the combined Engineering skill of all in the crew. Chev has taken numerous precautions to foil any attempt for the players to take the ship. Roll a 2D6 every day. On a result of 10+, a Pirate vessel is encountered.

3. The ship Chev had scouted earlier cannot be found at the coordinates he recorded. In fact, it has been recovered by another salvage operation. The players are unaware of this, and will keep searching. Roll a 2D6 every day. On a result of 10+, a Pirate vessel is encountered. On a 2 or 3, a Naval vessel arrives in the area, and tells the group the ship they are looking for was recently salvaged. Even though the salvage mission was not completed, Chev will pay each player a bonus of Cr 1000, and will offer them a job for the remainder of the 6 weeks. Roll 1D6 and ignore a result of “3” for how this phase of the encounter will be played.

4. The ship Chev had scouted earlier cannot be found at the coordinates he recorded. The group can search the system, and will find the ship on an 8+ each day that the search is continued. Roll a 2D6 every day. On a result of 10+, a Pirate vessel is encountered. Otherwise, this is identical to #2 above.

5. The ship is a 600 ton liner, pressed into service as a troop transport. The ship can be returned to operational status in a number of weeks equal to 5 minus the combined Engineering skill of all in the crew. There are numerous valuables on board the liner, some of which might escape the scrutiny of Chev should the players attempt to steal them. Should the group attempt to scrounge the ship, they will each find valuables worth 2D6 times Cr 1000 each week. On a roll of 9+ this goes unnoticed by Chev. If the group spends more than 2 weeks scrounging while getting the ship working, apply a DRM of -1 per week beyond the second week for Chev to detect their efforts. Chev has taken numerous precautions to foil any attempt for the players to take the ship. Roll a 2D6 every day. On a result of 9+, a Pirate vessel is encountered.

6. All is as presented in #1 above, except that Chev and his security detail of “Scouts” are in fact Pirates. They have no intention of paying the characters once the Gazelle Ship has been reactivated. The players will be killed once they have outlived their usefulness. The pirates’ preparations have been focused on the Gazelle, however, and not so much on the Lorelei. It might be possible for the players to take the Lorelei and either escape (possibly) or fight the pirates and take possession of the Gazelle (slight chance of success). If they made any contingencies on board either ship, perhaps they will have a fighting chance.

The players will probably consider taking the salvaged ship themselves. Chev’s precautions include:

  • limiting oxygen refills for Vacc suits, and controlling oxygen in various ship areas.
  • The vacc suits that Chev loans the group actually have a shaped charge warhead built into the spine of the suit, remote-controlled by Chev. Roll 2D for 9+ to detect this, with a + DRM equal to Vacc Suit skill. If it comes down to it, he will inform the players of this fact, and then blow one suit up if they fail to comply. The HEAP round will puncture the suit and sever the person’s spine immediately.
  • loading anti-hijacking programs as soon as the computer is up and running.
  • Chev’s work lights and portable power generators also have video / audio recorders and transmitters built-in. This permits him to monitor the players as they work on salvaging the ship.
  • securing player weapons in the armory on Lorelei
  • The usual sequence for reviving a ship is something like engineering control, power, maneuver, jump drives, bridge, weapons, gravity, atmosphere, and finally, other ship systems. This can also help thwart a hijacking by limiting what the ship can do in stages.
  • The 6 Security Scouts allows 2 to be on duty at any time for a 8 hour shift. They will sleep for 8 hours, then have free time for 8 hours, and then go back on duty. They are always armed, and seem very loyal to Chev. If they are befriended, it can be learned that they are very well paid. Maybe a few thousand well placed Credits can make them look the other way…

Elegance Never Forgotten

Patron: Entertainer
Required Skills: None
Required Equipment: Starship

Players’ Information:
While looking for passengers on Regina, the PCs are approached by a frail old woman. Still striking and modestly dressed, she is accompanied by a tall, impeccably-dressed man with a conceited air. She politely offers the crew high passage for the two of them to Extolay. She mentions she is going to visit her son, but surprisingly does not have much in the way of luggage; just a pair of worn travel bags.

As the duo boards the ship, several passengers do a double-take upon seeing them. If questioned, the incredulous passengers swear that the woman is Lisbet Gugiidima, the legendary holovid star. But that couldn’t be; Gugiidima has been dead for 20 years!

The Star?
The Star? – image from wikimedia – Public Domain

Referee’s Information:
The man with Gugiidima, Iebert Wix, is arrogant and condescending — when he acknowledges the adventurers at all. He makes no bones about his superiority to the “scruff,” as he refers to anyone beneath his station, and boldly holds forth at length about the food, the surroundings and the other passengers. He treats his companion marginally better; she, on the other hand, is charming and friendly, with a quick wit and a ready yarn. She tires easily, however, so she is not seen much during the journey.

1. All is as represented. Gugiidima is indeed the legendary holovid star. Her death was erroneously reported years before and she wanted to retire anyway, so she saw no reason to dispute the account. Wix is her aide and executor of her estate.

2. As 1, except Wix is actually her son, accompanying his mother to what she believes will be her final resting place. She has dementia, and thus believes her son is waiting for her on Extolay. Her periods of lucidity are becoming rarer as the days drag on. For Wix’s part, he knows as soon as his mother has passed on, he will become very rich.

3. Wix is a swindler after Gugiidima’s extensive real estate holdings on Extolay. Once he has them, he plans to dump her in an offworld retirement colony.

4. Neither Gugiidima nor Wix are who they say they are. They are con artists who are taking advantage of Chandia Bulin’s uncanny resemblance to the star to swindle adoring passengers out of their money en route. They will then disappear with their ill-gotten gains and further another plot onworld.

5. As 4, except the two are fugitives from the law. At least one of the other passengers is an undercover law enforcement officer who has finally gotten close enough to nab the pair, and will not let anything or anyone stop get in the way.

6. As 4, except the pair is not impersonating Gugiidima for nefarious purposes; they are trying to convince a board on Extolay that Gugiidima is still alive in order to keep her assets from being seized by a corporation.

The referee should determine the flow of subsequent events.


Patron: Terrorist
Required Skills: None
Required Equipment: None
Location: Any world

Players’ Information:
While enjoying a night on the town after concluding their day’s business, the heroes notice that one of their servers seems to be putting on a brave face about something — and failing. Inquiring if they could be of any help, the woman first refuses, but then seems to think twice and takes the group into her confidence:

She is recently separated her husband, a local lawyer who counts several organized crime figures among his clients. Her plan is to divorce him and thus free herself from the near-constant presence of mobsters and their aides. But thanks to a combination of legal skill and good connections, he has never been convicted of anything. Even though he treated her well and she wanted for nothing, she had noticed her husband becoming more and more involved with the criminals outside the courtroom.

In her departure, she left behind several items of a sentimental nature, which she can live without, except one: a holograph her ex keeps on his person. The image is of her with her ex in happier times, along with her late mother. The holo is one of the few images the server has of her mother and she wants it back.

Simply asking for the photo is out of the question; so far she has managed to elude her ex, but were she to reappear, one of his aides would doubtless track her back to her home. She is willing to hire the PCs to retrieve the photograph for her. How they do it is of no concern of hers, as long as her ex can’t find her. She offers to turn over her life savings — Cr 6,000 — if the group will accept the task of retrieving the picture.

Just a big camera?
Just a big camera? – image from wikimedia
Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license

Referees’ Information:
According to his ex-wife, the lawyer frequents an upscale restaurant in the planetary capital, sometimes conducting business there. He has become important to the crime lords, and so has been assigned bodyguards. Two accompany him at all times unless otherwise stated. All bodyguards have weapons up to the planetary Law Level.

The restaurant is very swank. While they aren’t selective as to their clientele, they expect certain behavior from their patrons. A dress code is in place, and any disturbance immediately means a call to the police.

1. The lawyer is alone except for his bodyguards. On a throw of 8+, he has four bodyguards instead of two.

2. The lawyer is alone except for his bodyguards. On a throw of 8+, he has eight bodyguards instead of two.

3. The hologram has hidden information on it, revealed through a multispectral scan. Throw 1D for the nature of the data:

1. The information reveals some personal scandal of the ex-wife. Throw Law Level or less for it to be illegal. Revealing the information results in the wife’s arrest.
2. The information in question will get the lawyer convicted in any court on the planet if it comes out. On a throw of 11+, the information would get the attention of Imperial authorities.
3. The photo contains detailed information on local organized crime. Revealing the information would deal a death-blow to the lawyer’s clients and make him a marked man.
4. The image conceals details on retrieving a valuable treasure (for example, the mother’s will; or a map to a hidden cache of valuables.)
5. The information is to be used to blackmail a local or planetary leader.
6. The hologram contains classified information about regional or planetary military forces. On a throw of 12 exactly, the information pertains to Imperial forces.

4. As 3, but one level worse/better.

5. The lawyer is accompanied by several mob clients and their bodyguards; or (throw 10+) one or more local political leaders, their bodyguards and aides.

6. As 5, but a Zhodani nobles instead of local political leaders.

The referee should determine the flow of subsequent events.

Boxing Day

Patron: Robot Designer and support team
Required Skills: nothing special
Required Equipment: starship with four middle passage slots and 10 tons of cargo
Location: Industrial world

Players’ Information:
The PC’s are contacted by Jasin Fairchild, a robot engineer for a local company. He is seeking to charter a starship to travel to a robot competition at the nearest rich world or industrial world. He and his team of four technicians are registered to participate in the Industrial Games Olympiad, a competition where different companies display their technical savvy, usually in front of rich patrons with a lot of disposable income. Jasin works for Cyberrogues Ltd., a small company trying to break into the big leagues. Jasin needs to bring aboard his fighterbot, a five-ton bipedal automaton that honestly looks like a piece of junk with an oversized maul that is painted a gaudy shade of reddish-orange from head to toe. Jasin will pay for the trip for his team of four and their cargo space up front half now and half when they return. Jasin will also pay the starport fees for their ship while they wait on them to finish.

If the PC’s are so inclined, they can find out a lot of information on these games. In the league Jasin is competing, they have a strict set of guidelines for their entries. Each fighterbot must be bipedal, they must weigh no more than five tons, they cannot have projectile weapons and they must be controlled through a VRI (Virtual Reality Interface) connection through a regulated network. The “pilot” of the robot stands on a platform overlooking the arena, surrounded by a small VRI cage that has the robot mirror the pilot’s movements. Many of the robots wield an axe, spiked club, mace, flail, battlehammer or saw. Needless to say, sparks fly and as the robot gladiators beat each other into scrap serious wagering is taking place on the sidelines.

Jasin and his three assistants show up a day later is a deal is struck. The robot is hard-wired into a controller box that is allowing the robot to walk aboard the ship. Jasin will introduce his team as they all scramble to get their tools aboard (about five tons worth of gear) and the initial payment is made.

Junkbot - image from wikimedia  Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license
Junkbot – image from wikimedia
Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license

Referee’s Information:
Jasin is a competent engineer and he has a good team. His robot pilot is Shawna Johanssen, a very pretty young lady with excellent reflexes and a knack for showmanship. He has a stoic mechanic named “Rube” and an assistant by the name of Gilman Blunt. Gilman navigates the massive paper bureaucracy usually encountered with these games. He also has the ability to negotiate with any patron if they are successful. Gilman also has a lot of skill in gambling so he works the sidelines during the matches trying to milk the crowd of their money. Gilman handles all the money transactions.

1. The team arrives a week ahead of time and they are able to get their robot up and running well. The robot may look like junk, but it is apparent that it is an excellent design. They will fight six fights and make it to the semi-finals. (roll 2d6: 2-5 they place fourth, 6-8 they place third, 9-10 they place second and 11-12 they win the championship). Gilman racks up a bundle of cash through his gambling. No matter how they place they do attract the attention of the patrons there and they land a nice contract for a new line of robots to be produced.

2. The team arrives a week ahead of time and they are able to get their robot up and running well. The robot may look like junk, but it is apparent that it is an excellent design. After their fifth fight the team returns early for their sixth fight only to find that their robot has been sabotaged. Despite all their best efforts, they are unable to answer the fighter’s bell and they are forced to forfeit. Gilman does manage to turn a tidy profit and Jasin vows to return in four years.

3. The team arrives a month ahead of time and they are able to test their robot from one end to the other. The robot looks like junk, but it is apparent that it is an excellent design. Before the first fight, a potential patron likes what he sees with this design. He actively supports the team through their fights all the way to the semi-finals. (Final outcome is the same as #1). At the end of their final match, the patron hires that team to return to his estate and the PC’s are released after being paid the money they were promised by Jasin.

4. The team arrives a week ahead of time and it is apparent that this robot is held together by duct tape and super glue. The robot manages to struggle through two matches but is so damaged that it cannot make the final call for the third match. The engineering team tucks their tail between their legs and they return to their homes a little wiser and a lot poorer. They do manage to pay the PC’s the money as promised.

5. The team arrives a week ahead of time and it is apparent the robot really is a piece of junk. The engineering crew loses the first match horribly. When it comes time to return the remains of the robot to the ship, the crew is nowhere to be found. Therefore the PC’s are stuck with some used tools (5 tons worth) and a 5 ton formerly walking robot. Needless to say there will be no return trip.

6. The team arrives a week ahead of time and it seems they have a good design. After the first fight the judges rule that the robot has illegal hardware and software. Therefore they will forfeit their win as well as their robot. Jasin completely loses his temper and he ends up in jail for the night. The next day Jasin and his team return to the ship to fly home in disgrace.

Game Time

Patron: Bureaucrat, Criminal
Required skills: starship operations
Required equipment: none
Beginning location: Foreven Sector, Xenough Subsector, Nesturgi
[0508 C699687-9 Ni Av G]

Players’ information:
The good news is, your group survived a misjump and seventeen days in jumpspace without casualties. The bad news is, you are over a sector away from home, stranded at the highport orbiting Nesturgi (C699687-9). Your ship suffered severe damage to its jump drive. It will take several weeks at a minimum to arrange letters of credit, purchase parts and have necessary repairs performed.

The owner of your subsidized merchant is present at the highport. He has graciously advanced the players enough salary so that ordinary expenses are covered. What you have to deal with now is boredom, due to this highport’s primitive facilities and being unable to go planetside.

While discussing their options, the players are approached by a woman wearing what appears to be a sports jacket made in the ancient ‘letterman’ style, with a stylized image of a scorpion on the upper left side and back. She introduces herself as Margaret Franklin, general manager of a powerball (arena football) team known as the Rheingold Stingers. She expresses an urgent desire to hire the group as starship crew so her team can travel the Avalar Consulate on a scheduled visitor’s tour. She is ready to pay double standard wages, and will pay triple if pushed.

Highport – Nasa Image – Public Domain

Referee’s information:
In an economy where human skilled labor is available at premium prices, there is always intense competition for obtaining qualified ship crew members. One of the players (the one with the highest intelligence) notices that there are an unusually high number of ‘STARSHIP CREW WANTED’ postings in the public database. If Franklin cannot fulfill her performance contract, there will be serious financial consequences.

1. All is as it seems. Franklin’s crew, along with a multitude of other people, are under quarantine on planet due to an outbreak of Denebian Spotted Fever. Her crew will be medically cleared and released in four weeks.

2. As 1, except that the planetary government has discovered that the virus is not the expected one, which causes flu-type symptoms, but a gene-spliced version that was released from a secret laboratory with ultimate funding by the Kamrati League. This new virus has a longer incubation period, during which time the victims are highly infectious, and has long-term debilitating effects. Public knowledge of a serious pandemic would devastate Nesturgi’s trading status and has the potential to destabilize the entire subsector.

3. As 1, but Franklin’s starship is in extremely poor condition. Jump and maneuver drives are up to maintenance standard, but there will be a rash of minor failures in other ship systems. The players will be extremely busy repairing items like the air circulation system, which produces smells of rotting garbage on a regular basis, a multitude of power plant spikes causing random system resets, and sliding doors which refuse to open or close fully, sometimes not moving at all.

4. Franklin is extremely anxious to depart immediately, chafing and fuming at any delay. She did not reveal to the players that she refused to ‘take a dive’ and lose to the local team, which cost a local underworld mob boss a lot of money. Hired thugs severely beat the former crew, and anyone else who hires on can expect the same treatment or worse.

5. Franklin is a local liaison with the Yo-Kuska pirate clan, and is helping to transfer their recently hijacked starship out of the Consulate. After four jumps, she will consider herself to be safely beyond known pursuit and will strand the players on a random world without payment or transportation. Additionally, a ship carrying an elite bank repossession team is on their trail, and will catch them in 1d6 jumps. Any players aboard when the repossession team assaults the ship will be treated as pirates and dealt with harshly.

6. None of the people aboard ship are athletes or support crew. They are an independent gang which spent four months planning an executing a bold robbery of the United Banking Guild’s sector deposit and transfer depot. With a detailed prepared cover story and documentation representing the group as a touring all-star exhibition team, they planned a quiet escape. Unfortunately, an encounter with random thugs caused them to lose their crew. Desperate for replacements, they are seeking anyone with spacehand credentials. The players will be hired on, but only long enough to provide orientation to the support crew so they can be emergency system watchstanders. After three jumps, the players will be killed and their bodies jettisoned into jumpspace.

The Oncoming Storm

Location: Highbury (Foreven/Titan 0106) 0926 B566879-9  Ri  (PBG)203
Patron: Colonel Sandovar Fasola, military intelligence officer of Caxburgh, one of the major states of Highbury
Required skills and equipment: none

Players’ Information:
Highbury’s two main land masses are separated by fairly wide oceans, except at one point, known as the Channel. In this narrow passage (32 km at nearest point) is found the chain of islands that make up the country of Glostonburgh, home to 2400 souls. Glostonburgh’s economy is based on fishing, and they export fish and aquaculture goods to nations on both continents.

Caxburgh (103 million) on one continent and Breedony (86 million) on the other are gearing up towards a war. Glostonburgh is officially neutral but both sides have a reason to desire control the islands; the largest island has an excellent harbor, and the islands can serve as staging grounds for invading the other country.

Colonel Fasola wants the PCs to investigate the island, looking for military activity by the other side, to use as a pretext and justification for their own occupation. He’s using off-worlders to minimize risk of being recognized as spies. They are given a special military comm channel which can be utilized by their own comms, and two weeks in which to discover any military ships, planes or vehicles, any uniformed soldiers, or other evidence that Breedony has already violated the neutrality. They will have to provide tangible evidence for the Colonel to take to the high command, preferably visual recordings.

The PCs will be given a cover identity as off-world journalists there to investigate the local aquaculture. They can use this guise or create one of their own. They can use their own contra-grav craft if they have one, or Fasola will arrange for one to be available. At the end of two weeks, the PCs should return, with whatever intelligence they’ve been able to gather. Pay can be negotiated based upon PC’s military background and social skills.

On the Islands
On the Islands – image from wikimedia
Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license

Referee’s Information:
Glostonburgh consists of three main islands and seven smaller ones. The people live along the coasts, in small towns and villages. There are some contra-grav and ground cars, but most islanders walk to get where they’re going. The interior of the islands has some agriculture but the land rises steeply, and much of it is uninhabited, with light to dense forests. Two of the small islands officially have zero population. The referee will have to prepare a sketch map of the island group.

The islanders are, understandably, very nervous and suspicious of visitors. No one will initially want to talk to the PCs. The referee should apply at least a -1 DM to all reaction rolls. The PC’s skills and behavior may influence reactions.

Many islanders are nearly in a panic, looking for any way to escape being occupied. As war news dominates the headlines, there will be increased incidents of looting, public rioting and people trying to beg/borrow/bribe the PCs into transporting them or their children off the islands. Most of the fishing vessels have already left for ports on one of the continents, so transports off the islands will be hard to find. If the PCs do not secure their ride, someone will steal it. The local economy is circling the drain as a result, further stoking tension and hostility. The PCs should encounter sad stories of desperate people wherever they turn.

It is the widely held opinion that if Caxburgh and Breedony start fighting for control of the islands, most everything will get destroyed in the process. The local leadership has secretly rigged all the government buildings with demolition charges to deny their use to either invader. If the PCs discover this, will they try to prevent it?

Possible circumstances arising while the PCs are there are:

1. Breedony is not planning to invade. There are no spies on the island except for the PCs. There are lots of people acting suspiciously, though.

2. Both sides assume the island residents will not put up a fight, since they are greatly outnumbered and have no army, only a small police force. In fact, groups of locals have quietly amassed a lot of weapons, and have a guerrilla campaign planned if they are invaded.

3. Breedony has already covertly taken control of the islands, and everyone they meet who is an official is working for them. The PCs will be ‘made’ as soon as they arrive and start asking questions. The Breedonian intelligence officers have a plan to feed them false or misleading data from the start. All the fortifications etc. are bogus. Give the PCs a chance to figure this out.

4. The leaders are trying to convince everyone that they will not be invaded, so everything coming from official sources is all morale-building and positive. They ask the PCs, as journalists, to assist them. A local priest disagrees, and asks the PCs to help him convince people to prepare.

5. One of the locals ‘makes’ the PCs but thinks they’re working for Breedony, and wants to expose them as such. The real Breedonian agents will subtly try to prevent this, without blowing their own cover.

6. Breedony, or even Caxburgh begins the invasion while the PCs are present – bombs start falling and they have to run for it.

Maybe the PCs can prevent the islands from being invaded, but maybe not. They should have the opportunity to rescue at least some people from harm’s way, and have the opportunity to be the islands’ advocates with Caxburgh. The referee must determine the flow of subsequent events. Continue reading The Oncoming Storm