Anech Issan

Anech Issan System
circa 1116

David Burden (

  • Mainworld Stats

  • NPC: Sir Androu Ciay

    Mainworld Stats

    System: Anech Issan
    Subsector: Shire
    Sector: Gushemege Sector
    Coordinates: 2824 (L0404)
    UWP: C264684-6
    Starport: Routine
    Size: Small (2400-4000 km)
    Atmosphere: Standard
    Hydrographics: 40% water
    Population: 3 million
    Govt: Civil Service Bureaucracy
    Law Level: Moderate
    Technology: Pre-Stellar
    Bases: Scout Base
    Trade Codes: Ag Ni Ri        
    Travel Zone: Green
    Planetoid Belts: 0
    Gas Giants: 2
    Allegiance: Imperial

    NPC: Sir Androu Ciay

        Ciay, Sir Androu ( b. 1069 )
        Androu Ciay was  born on Ushuuri in 1069.  The son of Lady Ata  Ciay, a
        leading industrialist, Androu has followed in his mother's footsteps to
        become one of the most powerful  business sentients in the Sector. Ciay
        is on the boards of Cez Oy and  Hallji Oy, as well as being CEO of Ciay
        Holdings, the family firm. Ciay is  well liked in the heartland and has
        close contacts with  both the sector nobility and  business worlds. The
        family hold  a fief on  Anech Issan,  and  Ciay is usually  to be found
        either here or  in the Ciay Holdings arcology  on Moytra.
        Referee:  Ciay is seen as  a possible future  leader for the  heartland
        region should the existing nobility fall.

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