Aughou System

Homeworld of the Orliss.

  • System Stats
  • Racial Description

    System Stats

    World: Aughou 3235 (P0805)
    UWP: B8649AD-C-A8B
    Physical Data
    Planet Diameter: 8,200 miles (13,120 km)
    Planet Density: 0.98 terra 
    World Mass: 0.98 terra
    World Gravity: 0.98 terra
    Stellar Mass: 3.36 sol
    Orbital Distance: 10.0 AU
    Orbital Period: 6,301.161 standard days
    Rotation Period: 25.336 standard hours
    Axial Tilt: 46 degrees
    Atmospheric Pressure: 0.85 atm
    Composition: Standard oxygen-nitrogen mix
    Hydrographic Percentage: 39%
    Continents and Oceans: 1 major oceans, 0 minor oceans, 13 small seas
    Volcanoes: 4
    Political Data
    Total World Population: 5,000,000,000
    Large Cities: Onp Pann: 300,000,000       Fithwugg: 200,000,000 
                  Forot Doom: 400,000,000     Onp Doom: 100,000,000
    Medium-Large Cities:Stooqdutu
       	  	    Doy Pann
    		    Eufue Stuxo
    		    Hutw Naqfunq
    		    Luqov Doom
    		    Doy Stuxo
    		    Forot Braquib
    Moderate-Size Cities (UWP Pop-3): Cities=320, Population/City=5,000,000
    Small Cities (UWP Pop-4): Cities=3,200, Population/City=500,000
    Primary Cities: 4
    Starports and Spaceports: B/C/B/C
    Orbital Cities: Present
    Legal Profile: D-D98BD
    Trade Data
    Resources: 6
    Labor: 8
    Infrastructure: B
    Culture: 5
    Planetary Demand: 10 RA
    Resource Trade: 7.6 Deficit
    Final Gross World Product: 835.3371 RU
    Taxation Rate: 48%
    Government Budget: 400.9618 RU
    Civilian Expenses: 134.3022 RU
    Resources and Goods: 
    	Natural Resources: Ores, Crystals, Compounds
    	Processed Resources: Agroproducts, Non-Metals
    	Manufactured Resources: Durables, Consumables, Weapons
    	Information Resources: Recordings, Software, Documents
    Primary Export: Bio-engineering
    System Defense Boat Squadrons: 12
    Number of Starship Squadrons: 2

    Racial Description

    The Orliss
    This minor race is native to the planet Aughou (3235 in Ithueng/Dhuerorrg).
     The Orliss are an amphibious race like Terran seals. They are a carbon
    based, breath holding species that is just as comfortable in the water as
    on land. A carnivorous pouncer by evolution, they have a rather slow 
    metabolsm. They exist near the top of the food chain on their planet. A
    big creature, they are about 6 feet 9 in length, and weigh around 330 
    pounds. They spend most of their life in a horizontal position. Back legs
    are actually flippers, while the front are arms ending in crude hands
    tipped with sharp claws. Their head has no definite neck. A large, seal-
    like face has whiskers that help detect danger nearby. They have 4 eyes,
    though they provide rather poor vision. Despite their binocular vision,
    they are so near-sighted that they are almost blind. A mouth filled with
    small, sharp teeth has a set of canines that emits a weak poison used to
    subdue captured prey. The make up for poor sight with an extrodinary 
    speech and hearing. They can mimick anything they hear, and can hear far
    into both infra and ultra ranges. The Orliss bodies are covered with a
    thick, sleek fur that has color patterns determined by their clan and 
    position within. The thick fur reduces tactile sensations. They have a 
    poor sense of touch.
     They are a herding animal. Although there are two sexes, Only the female
    leader of the clan can reproduce. The other females becoming sterile. Some
    of the other females do become nurses to young. The leader of the clan
    holds several eggs within her body and gives birth live, like a Terran
    Guppy. Young go through an animalistic period before becoming fully 
    sentient members of the race. It is believed that the nursing instinct grew
    out of the need to protect these feral younglings to preserve the race.
     The race is of average intellegence. Although suffering from several poor
    senses, the Orliss make up for it with an eidetic memory and an uncanny
    sense of danger. A perfect memory enables them to know where the best 
    hunting and fishing grounds are during specific times, or how best to do
    things that were successful in the past. Their brain also maintains an
    enhanced sense of time. An Orliss always knows what time it is, even when
    placed into odd environents, like space. With a mindset of a versatile 
    dreamer, they are single minded in concentration. Always nosey, like Hivers
    in their level of curiosity, Orliss are most known for their literature.
    The race is slightly chauvanistic and proud, thanks to the herd mentality.
    Thus, they are cool in recieving strangers, yet congenial and sensitive
    once they have gotten over initial impressions.
    Racial Averages
    Strength: 12
    Dexterity: 6
    Constitution: 14
    Agility: 6

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