Choma System
circa 1116

David Burden (

  • World Description

  • Creature: Myem Gleece

    World Description

        Choma ( 2308 E340546-6 Ni Po De )
        Choma is a desert world whose inhabitants are mostly nomadic bedouin of
        Vilani  descent. The  choma are   divided into  two social  groups, the
        Ruumaa who move around in groups of  5 or less, often solitary, and the
        Kisamda  who  move  in  large  caravans.  Violence  occasionally flares
        between  the  groups,  usually   involving  disputes  over  waterholes.
        Although all the choma use animal  transport they do not shun other TL6
        technology, making great use of imported solar panels. Choma is plagued
        by the storm rider insect swarms.  It's other notable fauna is the Myem
        Gleece (q.v. ).

    Creature: Myem Gleece

        Myem Gleece
        The Myem Gleece  is a huge omnivore that is  native to the desert world
        of  Choma. The  Myem Gleece   masses 1600kg  and resembles  the extinct
        terran  brontosaurus. The  Myem Gleece  has evolved  an original way of
        gathering  and carrying  water. It  is capable  of secreting  a conical
        membrane  in holes  in the  sand that  then collect  moisture. The Myem
        Gleece then harvests these and transfers  the water parcels to a "water
        stomach". As  a byproduct these "oasis",  which can be several  tens of
        meters across,  attract plant and animal  life as fast as  they attract
        water, providing complete nourishment  packages. They are known amongst
        Choma bedouin as "Gleeceburgers".

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