Courtesy System
circa 1116

David Burden (

  • Mainworld Stats

  • Osvien Oy

    Mainworld Stats

    System: Courtesy
    Subsector: Isi Ahto
    Sector: Gushemege Sector
    Coordinates: 2618 (H0208)
    UWP: A647200-B
    Starport: Excellent
    Size: Medium (8800-10400 km)
    Atmosphere: Thin, tainted
    Hydrographics: 70% water
    Population: 600
    Govt: No government
    Law Level: No Prohibitions
    Technology: Average Stellar
    Bases: None
    Trade Codes: Lo Ni           
    Travel Zone: Green
    Planetoid Belts: 0
    Gas Giants: 4
    Allegiance: Imperial

    Osvien Oy

        Osvien Oy
        Osvien  are  a  small  freight  and  passenger  line  operating  out of
        Courtesy. Osvien  serve the worlds on  the Akushis spur, linking  in to
        the  Oulpath  at  Shakhamash.  Osvien  run  a  mixure  of TL10 and TL11
        starships, all J-1 capable.

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