Elk System
circa 1116

David Burden (david@innocom.demon.co.uk)

  • Mainworld Stats

  • Fauna: Tiirmmay Bird

    Mainworld Stats

    System: Elk
    Subsector: Truax
    Sector: Gushemege Sector
    Coordinates: 2340 (O0710)
    UWP: C874585-7
    Starport: Routine
    Size: Large (12000-13600 km)
    Atmosphere: Standard, tainted
    Hydrographics: 40% water
    Population: 900,000
    Govt: Civil Service Bureaucracy
    Law Level: Moderate
    Technology: Pre-Stellar
    Bases: None
    Trade Codes: Ag Ni           
    Travel Zone: Green
    Planetoid Belts: 1
    Gas Giants: 2
    Allegiance: Imperial

    Fauna: Tiirmmay Bird

        Tiirmmay Bird
        The Tiirmmay bird is a native of Elk, a prominent agricultural world in
        the subsector, but can now be found on several worlds in Gushemege. The
        Tiirmmay bird evolved deep in Elk's  jungles, where survival was a very
        serious business. The  Tiirmmay is about the size  of a terran starling
        or vilani  uggiir, and is  black with orange  beak, claws, wing-stripes
        and chest.  The Tiirmmay's distinguishing characteristic  though is the
        fact that  it is deadly poisonous.  The poison permeates every  cell in
        the  Tiirmmay's  body,  making  any  scratch,  nip or touch potentially
        fatal.  The   poison  is  a  homo-vertrayka   toxin,  a  very  powerful
        neuro-toxin. A  serum is known and  is available for Cr50  on any world
        where the  Tiirmmay is found.  Without administration of  the serum the
        effects can range from numbness to death, depending on the constitution
        of the person and the amount of poison that has been transferred.

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