Ellus System
circa 1116

David Burden (david@innocom.demon.co.uk)

  • World Description

  • NPC: Kait Tujas

    World Description

        Ellus ( 2406 A73A8CF-C Wa )
        The water  world of Ellus  has traditionally been  run by a  government
        formed  from  the  seamens'  union;  a  government that enjoyed immense
        popular  support. However  several years   of bad  harvest and  a major
        aquacultural  scandal  in  1112  shook  the  faith  of  the  Ellusians,
        especially those  in the expanding service  industries. In 1115 another
        bad  harvest and  mass redundancies  pushed the  more extereme elements
        over the  edge, and terrorists  blew up the  Hapap Processing Plant  on
        1115-218.  Thus  started  a  rebellion  that  has  continued at varying
        intensities  ever since.  The rebels  have gained  control of two large
        arcologies  and Llani  Down and  High starports.  The rebels  currently
        enjoy  a  reasonable  amount  of  off-world  support,  especially  from
        Shiramuunir,  and the  Imperial Navy  base at  Ssaott is  ensuring that
        XBoat traffic and inter-stellar trade is not disturbed by the dispute.

    NPC: Kait Tujas

        Tujas, Kait ( b. 1073 )
        Kait  Tujas from  Uurkhi is  renowned throughout  Lancian space  as the
        foremost living  player of Osakoss,  the great game  of Lancia. Osakoss
        weaves complex patterns and strategies from the whole gamut of sentient
        experience. As  such it is  not suprising that  Tujas' opinion is  much
        sought  on  a  wide  range  of  affairs.  She  is  a close confident of
        Subsector  Duchess  Iapi.  Tujas  was  born  in  1073.  She  has little
        tolerance for people  who do not understand Osakoss.  Her current abode
        is on  the water world  of Ellus.
        Referee: Tujas is a keen but secret "social" artist and maintains links
        with a number of Hiver manipulators.

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