Gudak System
circa 1116

David Burden (

  • World Description

  • NPC: Aklass Colti

    World Description

        Gudak ( 3211 A45744-F Ag )
        Gudak's  representative  democracy  is  a  little  unusual in that only
        mothers are enfranchised.  For centuries Gudak has been  under the sway
        of  the  "New  Matriarchy",  part  sect,  part  political  party, which
        beleives that since mothers have a  unique investment in the future, it
        is only  they that can  be relied upon  to govern the  country. The New
        Matriarchy  spends  much  time  and  data  dwelling on the relationship
        between   mothers  and   daughters,  and   these  are   the  only   two
        classifications that matter on Gudak. Men are allotted the menial tasks
        of  manual  and  administrative  work  and  domestic  chores,  and seem
        generally  content with  their lot.  The New  Matriarchy has tried with
        varying degrees  of success to  export its ideas,  and they have  found
        vocal supporters on some other worlds in the sector. Travellers visting
        Gudak are advised  to ensure that they have a  mother in their party if
        they  are to  stand any  chance  of  making progress  with the  Gudaki.
        Failing  that they  will find  that the  Gudaki will instinctively deal
        with the women of child bearing age.

    NPC: Aklass Colti

        Colti, Aklass ( 745 - 804 )
        Aklass Colti was born on Shakhamash in 745. Colti proved to be a gifted
        psionic. Colti's  speciality was tele-hallucination, and  in 787 he was
        appointed to  the chair of Psycho-Suggestion  at the Shakhamash Psionic
        Institute. As the  tide turned against Psionics at the  end of the 700s
        Colti stood firm in the sciences' defence. In 804 Colti was gunned down
        in an open  street. The sympathetic reaction to his  death bought a few
        more years for  the Institute, but it was  eventually sacked and closed
        down in  815.
        Referee: Colti was  not assasinated. The whole event  was his most bold
        and successful  projection. Colti went  into hiding on  Gudak. Over the
        next  10  years  several  leading  psionics  from Shakhamash joined him
        there, and  the Gudak underground psionic  institute, trading under the
        name  of  Taaptiik  CreativeTechnologies,  has  been  in existence ever

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