Hkeakewoirea' System
circa 1116

David Burden (

  • Mainworld Stats

  • Way of Tuyll

    Mainworld Stats

    System: Hkeakewoirea'
    Subsector: Shire
    Sector: Gushemege Sector
    Coordinates: 2925 (L0505)
    UWP: C998956-D
    Starport: Routine
    Size: Large (13600-15200 km)
    Atmosphere: Dense, tainted
    Hydrographics: 80% water
    Population: 8 billion
    Govt: Feudal Technocracy
    Law Level: Moderate
    Technology: Average Stellar
    Bases: None
    Trade Codes: Hi In           
    Travel Zone: Green
    Planetoid Belts: 0
    Gas Giants: 2
    Allegiance: Imperial

    Way of Tuyll

        Way of Tuyll
        The Way of Tuyll is an important  religion to many in Shire. Having its
        origins on the Alsan world of Hkeakewoirea'  the Way of Tuyll is more a
        morale code  than a religion. The  Way was responsible for  holding the
        region together during the long night  as it stressed the importance of
        maintaining high ethical  and morale standards in times  of trouble for
        their  own rewards.  The Way  has some  800,000 sworn  members, but the
        number of followers is closer to 20 million.

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