Howarth System
circa 1116

David Burden (

  • World Description

  • Indigenous Fauna: Vesu

    World Description

        Howarth ( 1926 B2628CB-D )
        Howarth  is a  small world  with  a  relatively high  population (  700
        million )  and a good tech  level ( TL13 ).  The pressure of population
        and  the  continous  water  shortage  as  led  to  a clear governmental
        objective,  and a  significant  importance  being placed  on ordinances
        related to  movement, housing, and  water use. As  a result whilst  the
        government is entrusted to a competent President the real power lies in
        the Bects, or courts. These are  drawn from a judicial profession which
        Howarthi can elect to enter from  age 30, subject to passing a rigorous
        socio-ethical examination and legal  apprenticeship. The average age of
        Becten  is  45,  and  they  are  well  regarded  by the majority of the
        population, due to their near  ideal balance of experience, good sense,
        and  relative  youth.  It  is  this  trust  in  the Becten that enables
        Howarthi  to live  easily with   the prevalent  extreme law  level. The
        Howartian jungles are the original home of the Vesu gliders.

    Indigenous Fauna: Vesu

        The  Vesu is  a native  of Howarth  in Dashinshaii  Subsector. Vesu are
        small ( 1kg  ) gliders that evolved in the  few rainforests and jungles
        of their homeworld. Vesu are able  to soar in the jungles many thermals
        for hours at a time, their small size enabling them to avoid collisions
        in the dense supergrowth. A filter by nature the Vesu has a large front
        "mouth" which sweeps any particles in its path into its gut. Vesu offer
        little real threat  to sentients, although they will  usually attempt a
        "sweep" on the food source and  their tough frontal horn has been known
        to penetrate  mesh. Vesu are usually  found in small flocks  of 6 to 20
        creatures, mostly  in the upper reaches  of the forest, just  below the
        canopy. Vesu eggs are easily mistaken  for blue hued amber like jewels,
        and  it  was  this  that  led  to  their  spreading  across much of the
        Gushemege heartland.  Vesu eggs are  still used for  decoration but are
        now first sterilised with UV light. There is also a keen market in fake
        Vesu eggs.

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