KEMIT System
Circa 1116

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    Mainworld Stats

    World: KEMIT
    Subsector: Kemit
    Sector: Ustral Quadrant
    Coordinates: 1928 (K0308)
    UWP: A776A43-G
    Starport: Excellent
    Size: Medium (10400-12000 km)
    Atmosphere: Standard, tainted
    Hydrographics: 60% water
    Population: 20 billion
    Govt: Representative Democracy
    Law Level: Low
    Technology: High Stellar
    Planetoid Belts: 3
    Gas Giants: 2
    Allegiance: Non-aligned
    Bases: Military and Naval bases
    Trade Codes: Hi In           
    Travel Zone: Green
    Extended Stats:
    A776A43-G F  Hi In                  232 Na G2 V M5 V
    G = 0.94, Day = 25:29:03, Year = 
    Atmo = 1.0, Weather control
    Temp = +28.41 C
    Daily temp range +6.438 to -12.75 C
    Native life present
    Agricultural, Ores, Radioactives, Compounds, Agroproducts, Metals, 
    Non-Metals, Parts, Consumables, Weapons, Recordings, Softwares.
    Progressive/Enterprising, Competitive/Neutral, Harmonious/ Friendly
    Legal: 3-71521  Tech:  GF-GGGFF-FFFF-GF-G
    Kemit Unusual Customs:
         The population wear Aslan style clothing; loose robes with symbols showing
    the line of work the person is in.
         All children receive free education paid for by the government.
    In game terms, all characters with a homeworld of Kemit, add +1 Edu to Edu less
    than A or raise Edu to 7 if less than 7.

    System Survey

    System Survey - 001-1116
    Kemit (1928) Kemit/Ustral Quadrent
    Orbit         Name             UWP          Remarks
    Primary       Amun             G2 V        
    0             Hori             YS00000-0  
    1             Shu              Y400000-0 
           8      Tefni            Y330000-0
    2             Apep             Y000000-0    5m/1km, n-50 m-40 c-10, 0.01 AU
    3*            Hakap            Large GG     Size 203 / 329,800 km
           4      Geb              G300533-G Nv Mi Re
           8      Nut              G444763-G Nv Co Fa Mi
           35     TAMERI           F665965-G Nv Co Fa Mi Re      
           40     Bes              Y300000-0
           60     KEMIT            A776A43-G F  Hi In
           100    Thoth            F220425-G Nv Mi
    4             Sekir            Y334000-0
    5             Anubi            F501205-F    Mi
           10     Apshad           Y300000-0
    11            Osiri            M5 D Companion 
    13            Aped             F000124-G    Re 1km, n-10 m-20 c-70, 10 AU
    14            Ises             Small GG     Size 80 / 128,000 km   
           7      Nepat            Y200000-0
           11     Kus              Y100000-0
    15            Anhir            G000266-F    Mi 300m, n-10 m-70 c-20, 1.0 AU
    Companion     Osiri            M5 V
    O             Seth             YS00000-0        
    1             Nephyth          Y100000-0


       First settled in -2266 TI by a colony ship from the Terran Confederation.
       Kemit has kept a watchful eye on the activites of the Solomani Confederation
    believing them to be a worst threat than the Aslan to the peace of the 
    subsector. Every attempt to place SolSec sleeper agents in the populance have
    failed for unknown reasons.

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