Kamurinmur System
circa 1116

David Burden (david@innocom.demon.co.uk)

  • World Description

  • History: General Ho Tia Zung

    World Description

        Kamurinmur ( 2224 A260985-E Hi De Cp )
        The Vilani established the first  capital of Gushemege at Masa/Isi Ahto
        ( 2513 ) in -7892. During the Nth Interstellar War the Solomani blitzed
        Masa  and moved  the sector  capital to  Kamurinmur in  -2204, where it
        remained until the Long Night descended. After the Long Night the Third
        Imperium capital  of Gushemege was re-established  at Kamurinmur, which
        had  survived  the  darkness  in  reasonable  shape.  During  Civil War
        (604-629)  Gushemege,  and  Kamurinmur  in  particular,  sided  against
        Arbellatra. On  the conclusion of the  Civil War many of  the disgraced
        elements of the Navy found their way to Kamurinmur and conceived a long
        term  plan  to  overthrow  Arbellatra   and  her  line.  In  760  their
        descendents  launched  a  rebellion  which  was  meant  to spark off an
        Imperium  wide  over-throw  of  Paulo  1  and  the Alkhalikoi line. The
        rebellion  had the  active support   of many  Kamurinmur and  the tacit
        support of  the Sector Duke.  After much bloody  fighting the rebellion
        was crushed by  loyal IN and IISS CSB  forces.  In 761 Paulo I  decided
        that Kamurinmur  had forfeited its right  to be the Sector  Capital and
        moved the  Gushemege capital to  Usdiki/Rure ( 1015  ), and the  Sector
        Duchy was transferred to Duke Eneri  Miikadgaa, whose line rules to the
        present  day (  1116 ).  Subsequent investigations  into the Kamurinmur
        rebellion  linked  the  rebels  closely  with  the  Shakhamash Psionics
        Institue. This was one of the factors  which led to the turn of tide in
        public  opinion which  resulted in  the Psionic  Suppressions. Although
        Usdiki has been the sector capital  since 761 many Solomani still think
        of Kamurinmur as the Gushemege capital.  This may explain why some maps
        and data confuse the two locations and names.

    History: General Ho Tia Zung

        Zung, General Ho Tia ( -2267 to -2173 )
        General  Ho Tia  Zung was  the Solomani  officer appointed  in -2203 as
        Governor   of  Gushemege   Province.  General   Ho's  headquarters  was
        established on Kamurinmur, and Gushemege was ruled from there until the
        Rule of Man  collapsed around -1700. General Ho  is best remembered for
        the Vilani  witch-hunt which he  presided over, and  the destruction of
        Taptiik University City on Lishan which he staged as a demonstration of
        Solomani might.

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