Kukhun System
circa 1116

David Burden (david@innocom.demon.co.uk)

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    World Description

        Kukhun ( 3105 B658997-E A Hi Cp )
        Kukhun is  the home of the  Lancian culture. The planet  was originally
        seeded by  the Ancients with human  stock about 300,000 years  ago. The
        Kukhunen had  a tempestuous relationship  with the Vilani,  and found a
        common ally in the S'mrii. As Kukhun slipped into the Long Night it was
        faced with the twin threats of a bloody civil war and a new ice age. It
        was out of this perilous situation  that the Lancian Movement arose and
        managed to bring about peace and start planning for survival in the new
        ice age.

    Lancian Cultural Region

        Lancian Cultural Region
        Tansa subsector lies at the centre  of the Lancian Cultural Region, and
        contains the Lancian home, Kukhun. The Lancian culture developed during
        the  Long  Knight  and  stresses   the  importance  of  creativity  and
        contribution.  Creativity   is  evident  in   the  art,  pacifism   and
        originality  of  Lancian  culture.  Lancian  artistry  and  originality
        accounts for Lancia's dominant  position within Imperial entertainment,
        and  its strong  bonds with  Makhidkarun and  the S'mrii.  The ethic of
        contribution  is  reflected  in  peripheral  fields  like  the  endemic
        medianet and the high degree  of participation in Lancian society. Most
        importantly it underpins the whole  of Lancian economics, and the trust
        on  which the  extreme socialist  syustem is  based. Travellers  to the
        region would  be well advised  to read up  on Lancian economics  before
        venturing  into  the  area.  For  the  historically minded the Cultural
        Region was formally established in 639 by Empress Arbellatra, partly as
        a thank-you for the regions support to  her during the Civil War. Other
        major centres of Lancian culture in Tansa are Raoh and Shiramuunir.


        The dominant early aminist religion of  Kukhun. The word also refers to
        the people of that religion, and the body of oral law that defined. The
        most  prominent dieties  were Laancia,  the goddess  of the  sun and of
        creation, and  Viinntaala the goddess of  Kukhun and the mother  of the

    Viinntaala Rocks

        Viinntaala Rocks
        In the  mythology of the  Kukhunen Viinntaala was  a goddess who  would
        descend to Kukhun  in ursine form. Legend has it  that she would wander
        the woods  and tundra wastes to  see how the Kukhunen  were progressing
        and  to  check  that  they  were  keeping  the  Paatissa laws. Faithful
        Paatissa knew that the bear that  stalked their land was Viinntaala and
        left her alone. But those who had  lost their faith feared the bear and
        would hide  their children from it  and then attack it.  The bear would
        kill them  for their unfaithfulness.  But Viinntaala would  be sorrowed
        that they had lost  their way and that she had had  to kill them and so
        she would  turn her ursine  self to  stone  and return her  soul to the
        heavens. These large lonely rocks which Viinntaala left became sites of
        worship for the  Paatissa, and often villages would  be built close by,
        the rocks serving  as a reminder that the Paatissa  laws should be kept
        and that Viinntaala may one day visit  and put their faith to the test.
        Needless to say contemporary geologist claim that the rocks are nothing
        but simple erratics left behind by the last ice age on Kukhun.

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