Phaln System
circa 1116

David Burden (

  • Mainworld Stats

  • NPC: Saha Branu

    Mainworld Stats

    System: Phaln
    Subsector: Shire
    Sector: Gushemege Sector
    Coordinates: 3029 (L0609)
    UWP: B120963-F
    Starport: Good
    Size: Small (800-2400 km)
    Atmosphere: Very thin, tainted
    Hydrographics: No liquid water
    Population: 7 billion
    Govt: Captive Government
    Law Level: Low
    Technology: High Stellar
    Bases: None
    Trade Codes: Hi Na In Po De  
    Travel Zone: Green
    Planetoid Belts: 1
    Gas Giants: 2
    Allegiance: Imperial

    NPC: Saha Branu

        Branu, Saha ( b. 1038 )
        Saha Branu was  born in 1038 on the  world of Khankaar ( 2625,  q.v. ).
        She  soon tired  of what  that unpredictable  system had  to offer  and
        stowed  away on  a Sesh-Ifaen  freighter. Over  the next  few years she
        worked  her way  across the  subsector, eventually  arriving on Phaln (
        3029 ). A  most resourceful and ruthless women she  soon carved a niche
        for herself as  PA to Anastasia Yst, the undisputed  queen of the Phaln
        underworld. In  1077 Yst was  killed in a  sport speeder accident,  and
        Branu rapidly moved  to consolidate her hold on  Yst's empire, which is
        known to the  street as the Regh Ha. Since  then Branu's tentacles have
        spread to most  of the Industrial worlds of  Gushemege's heartland. The
        Regh Ha has become a major  cause of concern to Sector law enforcement,
        and  is believed  to be  behind several  coup attempts  on some  of the
        higher law  level worlds of  Shire. Referee: It  is not commonly  known
        that Yst  and Branu were  lovers, and that  Branu was the  architect of
        Yst's death, part  greed and part lover's revenge. The  Regh Ha and the
        lawless system of Suysu ( 3023,  q.v.) are constantly at odds and there
        have  been several  outbreaks of  inter-gang warfare  over the last few

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