Ruies System

Homeworld of The Ref'iib.

  • Mainworld Stats
  • Ref'iib Description

    Mainworld Stats

    World: Ruies
    Coordinates: 0420 (E0410)
    UWP: B665623-6   Ag Ni Ri             323 Va A36   G2 VI  M1 D
    Ref'iib Homeworld
    Population: 3,462,911
    This is the homeworld of the Ref'iib, a minor alien race. They are just
    beginning their reach into space, and have found themselves landlocked by
    the Vargr worlds around them.
    Physical Data:
    The world is a Satellite. 
    Diameter: 6,500 miles (10,400 km) 
    Density:  0.96 Terra 
    World Mass: 0.405 Terra
    Gravity:    0.72 Terra.
    Planetary Orbital Period: 203.037 standard days
    Satellite Orbital Distance: 6,250 km
    Satellite Orbital Period: 0.008 standard days 
    Rotation Period: 137.0 standard hours
    Axial Tilt: 27 degrees. 
    Surface Atmospheric Pressure: 0.85 atm.
    The atmosphere composition is a Standard oxygen-nitrogen mix
    Base Temp: 24.378  Range: 42 to -18  Season: 66 to -68
    Native life exists. 
    Terraforming has not occurred.
    Hydrographic Percentage: 47%. (Liquid water)
    The number of tectonic plates is 8.
    There are 1 major oceans, 3 minor oceans, 4 small seas and 12 lakes.
    There are 6 volcanoes.
    Political Data
    18 cities with an average population of 50,000
    210 cities with an average population of 5,000
    2,100 cities with an average population of 500
    10 primary cities with aerospace ports : B/B/B/B/C/F/F/B/B/B
    Orbital cities are present
    There are 5 customs -  
    Unusual responsibilities/All population. 
    Herbivorous/All population. 
    Marriage must be blessed by/Priest. 
    Live in communal housing/All population. 
    Child named by/Herd leader. 
    The authority for the world is a Participating Democracy.
    The division of authority is 2-way division. 
    The Representative Authority = Executive & Legislative
    Other Authorities = Judicial. 
    Economic Extensions:
             Resources: 2
             Labor: 5
             Infrastructure: 6
             Culture: 8
    Planetary Demand: 7 RA
    Resource Trade: 4.5 Deficit
    Base GWP: 0.054 RU
    Finished Goods X: 1.012
    Interstellar Demand X: 0.97
    Final GWP: 0.053 RU
    Taxation Rate: 36%
    Government Budget: 0.0191 RU
    Civilian Expenses: 0.0041 RU
    Legal 3-24336
    Tech 63-67647-7767-57-7
    Religion 836967-5
    Natural Resources:
     Agriculture, Ores, Crystals, Compounds 
    Processed Resources:
    Manufactured Resources:
    This system has a second habitable planet. It too is a moon of the same gas
    giant as the main world. Reais H - F510263-5, it is a colony of the main
    world established only 20 years ago.

    Ref'iib Description

    The Ref'iib
     This progressive and enterprising young alien race has managed to turn it's 
    biological handicaps into a thriving civilization. Native to the planet
    Ruies (0420 Ngathksirz), they have evolved to fill an ecological position
    normally filled by saprophytic organisms. A passive and peaceable species,
    they have built up to pre-stellar technology on their steppe filled 
      The Ref'iib are a carbon based, warm blooded species. They are diurnal, 
    and although not a speedy species, these herbivores manage to remain near
    the top of the world's food chain. They eat any plant based material, and
    the slow digestive system is designed for rotting vegitation. They walk
    upright, with six limbs on a bilateral symmetrical frame. The two legs end
    in a running hoof, and both sets of arms end in hands with four fingers and
    two opposable digits. They are covered by what can best be described as a
    feathery layer, 'vividly' colored in various browns and greens. Having a 
    natural camoflage, they are also differentiated by pheremones. An almost
    human like head is topped by a six inch spear-like horn on males of the
    species. They are a tall and lightly built - averaging 6'3" in height, and 
    147 pounds in weight.
     The species has an advanced immune system. Their bodies heal quite 
    rapidly. They posses an acute vision with their two eyes. Night vision is 
    offset with color blindness. They have a normal, human range speech center, 
    but have poor hearing. Their senses of taste and smell are highly advanced, 
    but as with beings who eat rotting plants, their definitions of what tastes 
    good differ considerably from human norm. Items that may be highly poisonous
    to a human may just be 'spicy' to the Ref'iib. The mouth is filled with 
    many, small blunt teeth. Their feathery covering leaves them with only a 
    fair tactile sense, but their well developed minds posses both an absolute
    sense of direction, and a built in magnetic compass.  
     As with most herbivores, the Ref'iib are herd based. This very gregarious
    species is hermaphrodytic, with only the dominant members of the herd being
    able to reproduce. The race has full control over their reproduction. After
    gestation, the give live birth to many, fairly well developed young. The 
    young require little commitment, and mature in about six years. They live 
    to about 110 years. Although they are herbavores, they have an empathy to
    all animals, including those carnivorous ones. The Ref'iib are a fearless
    race, remaining cool and composed even during crisis, although they are
    highly distractable, and very forgetful.
     The Ref'iib have built a society based around the principles of democracy.
    Theirs is almost Athenian in style, and this stubborn, unyeilding race is
    unlikely to change its makeup. They remain cool towards other races. Maybe
    this trait is the result of being landlocked amidst the Vargr, but they 
    aren't xenophobic. They remain humble in their veiw of their place in the 
    galaxy. Almost half of the planet's population belong to their main religion,
    which meets in a formal service once a week. It is a peaceful religion, 
    promising reincarnation based off one's karma, and a remote monotheistic god.

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