Seaport System
circa 1116

David Burden (

  • World Description

  • Alien Race: Giiguuglum

    World Description

        Seaport ( 2216 C5A5655-C Ni Fl )
        Seaport is  the home of  the exotic Giiguuglum  minor race (q.v.).  The
        Giiguuglum are  exceptionally alien, being closer  to the fungal rather
        than the animal kingdom. Seaport itself has an ammonia atmosphere which
        gives the world a glorious blue-green  colour, from which it gained its
        name.  The   world  has  no   conventional  animal  life,   with  fungi
        representing the highest level of development and occupying the tops of
        the food chains.

    Alien Race: Giiguuglum

        The Giiguuglum of  Seaport (q.v.) are an exotic  fungal minor race. The
        Giiguuglum are  near static creatures and  all communication and mating
        takes place through the exchange of spores. This has made inter-species
        communication  exceptionally  difficult.   The  Giiguuglum  have  large
        conformal visual and  olfactory sensors, but no sense  of taste, touch,
        or hearing.  Their prime sense  is a biochemical  one, obtained through
        physical  cell-links and  free floating  spores. They  have developed a
        biochemical rather than a  metallurgical technology, coaxing plant life
        to  create structures  and using  powerful pangenic  spores to  control
        other fungi. Seaport is devoid of  animal life as we understand it. The
        biological constructions and computers of  the Giiguuglum have been the
        cause of much interest amongst  research teams, but the difficulties of
        communication have  hampered their work.  The Giiguuglum were  at about
        TL8 when first contacted in 837, although some technologies were closer
        to  TL11. However  their  lack of  transportation, power,  or  military
        technology makes  the simple tech level  assessment useless. Their tech
        profile has changed little since  contact, and had been fairly constant
        for  a millenia  or so  before contact.  The latest  IISS assessment is
        CC-6E4DD-0000-00-E.  The  Giiguuglum  have  experimented  with Imperial
        transportation technology but have not been that taken by it. They have
        though  taken  three  heavily  modified  far  traders  in  exchange for
        biotechnology and these  craft are a unique sight in  the Sector as the
        Giiguuglum conduct their own surveys of "alien" life.

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