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    Foreven Sector - Credits
    These are the subsectors that GypsyComet,
    Dylan Lee and BeRKA have mapped in the Foreven Sector.
    Foreven Sector is directly spinward (left)
    of the Spinward Marches. 

    Old Notes on Foreven Sector

    The information presented here is taken from Imperiallines #1, a
    short-lived newsletter from GDW.  In this issue, it was stated that
    Marc Miller had officially ruled that Foreven would be left forever
    undeveloped, to serve as a "referee's private reserve".  All previously
    published information was collected together and "set in stone" in
    Imperiallines #1, as was the non-development edict.
    This idea has been preserved in Foreven Sector for Galactic.  Only the
    information presented in Imperiallines #1 is included here - the
    locations of planets, the names and UWPs for five important planets in
    the sector, and the bounds of the interstellar polities have been coded
    into Galactic.  Names and UWPs for the remainder of the worlds have
    been omitted or replaced by question marks.
    Imperiallines #1 stated that the character of Foreven was much like
    that of the Spinward Marches, the sector immediately to trailing.  It
    is a sector where Imperial and Zhodani interests vie with each other,
    and come into conflict, though usually in the form of tensions between
    their respective proxies.  It is also in an area that is a "natural"
    for the expansion of both.
    (Some information in the following paragraphs courtesy Paranoia Press/
    C. Kallenbach via Galactic 2.4 [Vanguard Reaches sector notes].)
    The main Zhodani proxies in the area are the Avalar Consulate in 
    Foreven/Beyond and the Steblenz Consulate (a full-fledged Zhodani 
    colony) in Vanguard Reaches; the Imperium has three independent systems 
    in Foreven that are client states, and on the Vanguard Reaches/Far 
    Frontiers border, to spinward, the Duchy of Trelyn (renamed the Trelyn 
    Domain, as part of a governmental reorganization paralleling the 
    reorganization of the Domain of Deneb subsequent to the Rebellion) also 
    takes an active role as an Imperial client state to promote Imperial 
    interests in the region.
    The same major aliens that can be found in the Spinward Marches can 
    also be found here; Aslan, Vargr, and Droyne and Chirpers may be 
    encountered, although Vargr will probably be encountered less 
    frequently, and Aslan (and Zhodani) more frequently, than in the 
    Spinward Marches.

    Berkas notes on Foreven

    Well, someone had to do a complete mapping.
    Use it if You like it.
    The Canon parts of the sector are:
    From Imperiallines #1:
    All starpositions and the borders.
    AVALAR        1636 A75599C-C  J Hi Cp              904 Av
    Zdovesil      1212 A65588A-9  Z Cp                 103 Zh
    Hollis        2523 A370642-C  A De Ni           A  303 Cs
    From Double Adventure 5. (Chamax Plague/Horde)
    Alenzar       3229 C000414-9    As Ni              513 Cs
    Raschev       3230 C8697C4-6                       123 Cs
    From LBB-7 Merchant Prince
    Tlebria       1618
    From Alien Module 5 (Droyne)
    Droyne planets at approx. 0513, 3003.
    From Alien Realms (Deep Metal)
    (home of the human minor race called The Issigur)
    it is said Parthinia is 6 weeks from zhodani space.
    I placed it six jump-2s from the closest zhodani
    (not just zhodani client) planet. (at 3018)
    More info at URL:

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