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  • Derri Subsector
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    General Notes

    Notes on Fornast Sector
    Fornast Sector was never fully developed by GDW or DGP (and any development
    that may have been done by Paranoia Press or Judges' Guild has since been
    declared non-canonical), although GDW did map out this sector in the
    _Atlas_of_the_Imperium_ (1984).  In the Imperium Games release of 
    _Marc_Miller's_Traveller_, it was declared that this sector, as well as
    Delphi and Zarushagar sectors, would not be developed, and left as referee's
    preserves.  The information here was taken from the published information
    from the _Atlas_, and developed independently.  Its canonicity should therefore
    be considered low at best; the _Atlas_ provided only the names of high
    population worlds, the locations and starport ratings of all worlds, an 
    indicator of which worlds were desert worlds, polity membership for worlds not 
    in the Imperium (there were none in this sector), and identification of the
    locations and types of bases in the sector.  All the rest is simply plausible
    (I hope) development rooted in my fertile (or is that toxically contaminated?)

    Astrographic Overview

    Fornast (called Rishurin by the Vilani) was on the trailing fringe of the Ziru
    Sirka.  With limited Vilani jump capability, it proved difficult to probe into
    Makhuniim (Ley), accessible only with the advanced (for the Vilani) Jump-2
    capability developed late (just before the Consolidation Wars and the founding
    of the Ziru Sirka).
    Fornast is a sector of short Jump-1 mains connected by single 2-parsec jumps.
    Most of the mains are oriented along a core-rim axis, although the two most
    notable mains in the sector, the Derri and Tharrynra mains, provide spinward-
    trailing access to the central and rimward areas of the sector respectively.
    Inter-sector connectivity is best into Core sector and to the coreward areas
    of Imperial space; the same astrographic deficiencies that limited Vilani
    expansion in this region of space also operated to delay ultimate Terran and
    Imperial expansion in the area as well.
    Fornast sector boasts the following notable mains:
    Madu (C) subsector is connected to Antares sector by the rimward end of the
    Antares Main; most of Antares sector, and the rimward areas of the Julian
    Protectorate, are accessible from here with Jump-1 capability.
    The Spas Main connects the spinward half of Spas (B) subsector with the
    trailing half of Cirqa (A) subsector, and extends from there into Aarna (E)
    subsector.  A Jump-2 ship can use the Spas Main as a connector between the
    Antares Main and the Ganad Main into Core Sector; the Spas Main also acts to
    connect both mains to the Jump-1 main that leads from the spinward half of
    Cirqa subsector through a corner of Core Sector and into Lishun; from the
    Lishun end of this main, the Vilani Main is accessible to Jump-2.  In
    addition, there is Jump-2 access to a mini-main that in turn gives Jump-2
    access to the Derri Main in the center of the sector.  This confluence of
    mains makes the core-spinward area of Fornast sector comparatively prosperous.
    The Ganad Main from Core Sector has both of its ends in Fornast; much of Imaka
    (I) subsector and the rimward portion of Aarna subsector make up the coreward
    end of the main, with the trailing end of the main found in the spinward area
    of Setten (M) subsector.  The body of the main covers most of the worlds in
    Core subsector P, but there is no direct access from there to the Sylean Main.
    The Derri Main covers most of the worlds in Akashganar (F) and Derri (G)
    subsectors, and provides Jump-2 access to the Ganad Main at the spinward end.
    Two small mains, both unnamed, provide connections via Jump-2 to the Antares
    Main; the more spinward of the two also provides a similar connection to the
    Spas Main, while the more trailing of the two also provides Jump-1 access to
    Snogsta (D) subsector.
    The Tharrynra Main stretches from Setten subsector, where it provides a Jump-2
    connection to the Ganad Main, through Tharrynra (N) and Shumduur (O) subsectors,
    into Zukhin (P) subsector.  Most of the worlds in Tharrynra and the rimward
    two-thirds of Shumduur are on this main; the coreward third of Shumduur is a
    mini-main on its own, which is accessible by Jump-2 from the Tharrynra Main.
    The Dikhari Main services Dikhari (K) subsector and provides Jump-2 access to
    connect the Derri and Tharrynra Mains, as well as the Shumduur mini-main.

    Cirqa Subsector

    Cirqa Subsector
    Cirqa subsector is divided into three parts: the Spas Main, covering the
    trailing half of the subsector, the worlds in the rim-spinward quarter, on
    the Fornast/Core/Lishun main, and the comparatively isolated Gaaku cluster,
    in the core-spinward quarter of the subsector.  There are several companies
    that operate Jump-2 ships in this area, routinely calling at both Rikhiguu
    and Loerdmevir.  Both worlds have low-to-nonexistent tariffs on offworld
    goods, making them both prosperous, and good sources for high-tech goods.
    Both worlds are expected to upgrade their starports to a full class-A rating
    by 1125.

    Spas Subsector

    Spas Subsector
    The worlds in the spinward half of the subsector are all on the Spas Main,
    which provides a good trading route from coreward to rimward within the
    subsector, and a bridge at Giikhadi to the other half of the main in Cirqa
    subsector to spinward.  Jump-2 ships can shortcut the coreward leg of the
    main by jumping through Iunsalpylal, and can also connect to the Antares
    Main at Dobanhiwd by routing from the Spas main line to the Adashu branch,
    then jumping Adashi-IIdakukuku-Dobanhiwd.  The occasional Jump-3 ship through
    the area can connect the Antares Main to the Spas Main by jumping directly 
    from Dobanhiwd to Emshashugar, and from there can jump directly to the Spas
    main line at Spas itself.  A smaller mini-main, accessible via Jump-2 from
    Doorfwyn or Jump-3 from Adashi, connects the Spas Main with the Derri Main in
    the center of the sector.

    Madu Subsector

    Madu Subsector
    Madu subsector is the rimward terminus of the Antares Main.  Most of the Jump-2
    traffic in this subsector is through the coreward worlds, en route to the
    Spas Main, and through it to the Fornast/Core/Lishun main or the Ganad Main;
    some traffic runs the full length of the Antares Main to Epkigadu, and from
    there into the spinward fringe of the Snogsta Main (and from there into the
    Derri Main).

    Snogsta Subsector

    Snogsta Subsector
    Snogsta subsector sees less traffic than most areas of the sector, and most
    of that is Jump-1 traffic along the rimward main, connecting those worlds to
    the Jump-2 corridor connecting the Antares Main to the Derri Main.

    AArna Subsector

    AArna Subsector
    AArna subsector boasts a high level of traffic, being the site of the junction
    of three mains: the Spas Main, coming from Cirqa and Spas subsectors, with
    traffic ultimately from the Antares Main, the unnamed Fornast/Core/Lishun main,
    with traffic from those areas and ultimately the Vilani Main, and the Ganad
    Main, with traffic from the extreme rimward areas of Fornast and the rim-
    trailing areas of Core.  Additionally, the extreme trailing worlds in this
    subsector along the Ganad Main provide Jump-2 access to the Derri Main to

    Akashganar Subsector

    Akashganar Subsector
    The spinward end of the Derri Main includes the entire rimward half of this
    subsector.  Jump-2 access to the Ganad Main to spinward is the primary route
    of long-distance traffic; a lesser amount follows a route through a three-
    system cluster in the coreward end of the subsector and into the Spas Main.

    Derri Subsector

    Derri Subsector
    The Derri Main includes most of the worlds in this subsector, and extends to
    spinward.  Traffic from the Antares Main (via the spinward fringe of the
    Snogsta mini-main) enters the Derri Main at Isirga; an unnamed mini-main which
    includes the core-spinward worlds of this subsector provides a connection to
    the Spas Main from Ashismu via Siidashurke and Lythasswa or Depot, before
    entering Spas subsector.

    Sanny Subsector

    Sanny Subsector
    The spinward worlds of this subsector are on the trailing fringe of the Derri
    Main, and a short chain of worlds parallels the edge of the Derri Main and 
    leads to the spinward fringe of the Snogsta mini-main.  Nevertheless, the
    character of the subsector has more in common with sleepy backwater areas than
    with busy commercial corridors.  Most of the subsector is inaccessible to
    Jump-1 shipping, and the principal main in Ley Sector to trailing is more
    easily accessible from coreward than from spinward.

    Imaka Subsector

    Imaka Subsector
    The core-spinward half of this subsector is on the Ganad Main, providing a
    corridor into the rim-trailing quadrant of Core sector from the Derri, Spas,
    and Fornast/Core/Lishun mains.  The rim-trailing portion of the subsector is
    dominated by the Imaka Ring, bridging the gap between the Ganad Main at Ikida
    and Irakhu, through the Ring via Imaka or Umuum and Limu, and the Tharrynra
    Main at Kalurananu.  The Bapar Cluster, on the border between the Imaka and
    Irinkuka subsectors, also sees a fair amount of traffic from the Imaka Ring,
    and provides a secondary bridge to the Tharrynra Main in Tharrynra subsector.

    Irinkuka Subsector

    Irinkuka Subsector
    A short chain of worlds in this subsector, called "the key", connects the
    spinward section of the Derri Main, to coreward, with the spinward end of the
    Tharrynra Main, to rimward.  This route, however, is less heavily used than
    the Dikhari Main and Shumduur connector route to trailing, primarily because
    the majority of the Derri Main worlds are in Derri subsector, to core-trailing
    of this subsector, but an important secondary reason is because most traffic
    leaving the Derri Main goes toward either Core (along the Ganad Main) or
    the Antares Main, while most traffic leaving the Tharrynra Main crosses to
    the Ganad Main and continues on to Core.

    Dikhari Subsector

    Dikhari Subsector
    Most of the worlds in this subsector are on the Dikhari Main, connecting the
    Derri Main with the Shumduur connector (which in turn feeds into the Tharrynra
    Main).  Outside the Spas Main, this subsector sees more coreward-rimward
    traffic than any other subsector.

    Nareshakir Subsector

    Nareshakir Subsector
    This backwater subsector is almost totally inaccessible to ships with less than
    Jump-2 capability.  Traffic is further reduced due to the lack of major traffic
    patterns to feed the area from the adjacent portion of Ley sector.  The few
    worlds here that are on the Dikhari and Derri mains see little traffic in
    comparison to the other worlds on those mains due to their fringe locations,
    the lack of other nearby destinations, and their general undesirability as
    destinations in their own right (the Derri Main terminates in a Red Zone and
    an Amber Zone, with no starport better than C; the Dikhari Main has only one
    world with a starport of A, and two worlds with B starports).  Most of the
    limited Jump-2 traffic here runs between the Dikhari Main at Kertres and the
    Happin Belt, a rich source of radioactives and, surprisingly, gem-quality
    precious and semi-precious stones.

    Setten Subsector

    Setten Subsector
    The subsector is dominated by the rimward end of the Ganad Main, carrying
    traffic into Core sector.  A small chain of worlds roughly paralleling the
    perimeter of the Ganad Main in this subsector provides a bridge for Jump-2
    capability ships to cross between the Ganad and Tharrynra mains; there is
    also a direct Jump-2 connection through Maminukhi and Dapcodpo.

    Tharrynra Subsector

    Tharrynra Subsector
    Virtually all of the worlds in this subsector are part of the Tharrynra Main,
    which extends to trailing to encompass a significant portion of Shumduur
    subsector.  A fair amount of commerce enters or traverses this subsector; the
    Main has extensions to Imaka, Irinkuka, Setten, Shumduur, and Zukhin
    subsectors, and Jump-2 ships have easy access from the Main to the Ganad Main,
    and to connectors leading to the Derri Main.

    Shumduur Subsector

    Shumduur Subsector
    The Tharrynra Main continues through the rimward three-quarters of this
    subsector; the remaining quarter is a small connector corridor that provides
    a Jump-2 bridge to the Dikhari Main (which in turn provides access to the 
    Derri Main).  There is a great deal of local commerce in the subsector,
    anchored by the high-populations worlds at the opposite ends of the main
    within the subsector, Ashigaar and Shumduur, and much trade continued beyond
    Shumduur into Zukhin subsector, to Zukhin itself.  Overall, due to the
    proximity of the Dikhali Main, this portion of the Tharrynra main sees slightly
    more commerce than the spinward portion in Tharrynra subsector, although more
    commerce with Core will be found in Tharrynra.

    Zukhin Subsector

    Zukhin Subsector
    Zukhin subsector, on the edge of the Glimmerdrift, is a quiet subsector; little
    commerce enters the subsector except from Shumduur, and most of that trade is
    destined for Zukhin itself.


      This information was laboriously (HAH!) keyed in by Jeff Zeitlin.  The
      following sources provided valuable assistance in the complete development
      of this sector:
               _Atlas_of_the_Imperium_, Game Designers' Workshop (1984)
                    provided star locations and partial UWP information,
                    and names of high-population worlds.
               _Vilani_and_Vargr_, Digest Group Publications (1990), and the
               _Referee's_Gaming_Kit_, Digest Group Publications (1989)
                    provided background information on the Vilani and
                    on the history of the settlement and development of
                    Vilani and Imperial space, the arrangement of polities,
                    and the general character of Imperial space.
               Several computer utilities were written in Euphoria to
                    generate the world names not supplied by the other
                    sources.  These utilites were run on a Toshiba
                    Satellite T1950CT laptop computer.  These utilities
                    are available (with complete source) on request to

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