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         Anti-Vargr attitudes are endemic to Gashikan sector, dating back
         to before the fall of the Ziru Sirka by the Terran Confederation
         and the formation of the Rule of Man.
         Gashikan sector has given its name to three Empires.  The First
         Empire of Gashikan was formed in about -2400, when Vargr, who
         had obtained jump drive from the Vilani in Corridor and Windhorn,
         began coming around the coreward end of the Windhorn Rift and
         entering the area beyond the Vilani frontier.  This Empire was
         more of a protective organization, with loose ties between its
         worlds; more was not needed, as the Vargr were not operating in
         a broadly organized manner.  Trade with the independent Human
         and Vargr worlds in the region was extensive, as was trade with
         the Ziru Sirka to rimward.  The native Yileans of Gashikan itself
         were the driving force behind the Empire, which collapsed shortly
         after the collapse of the Rule of Man removed the primary 
         stabilizing influence in the area.
         The Vargr population of the area saw an upsurge at this time,
         and with it came a similar increase in raider and corsair
         activity.  This led to strained relations between Human and
         Vargr communities, and low-level wars were not uncommon.  Vargr
         not involved in raiding were often seen as an exploitable
         resource, and Vargr serfdom, peonage, and slavery appeared
         and began to spread.
         Tensions exploded in -1658 when a Vargr raid on Gashikan ended
         in a global holocaust as the raiders used nuclear weapons
         to virtually destroy the planetary civilization.  The Human
         view of Vargr immediately changed from "exploitable resource" to
         "danger to be exterminated", and a centuries-long campaign of
         attempted genocide began.  
         The Sack of Gashikan also caused many Human worlds to band
         together in protective alliances, and in -1646, many of these
         alliances consolidated into the Second Empire of Gashikan.
         The Empire embarked on a number of projects designed to end the
         Vargr menace; the most notable of these was Project Wolvesbane, 
         begun in the -1400s, which was an attempt to develop biological 
         weapons that would kill Vargr without harming humans.  The
         release of Wolvesbane in -1427 fell short of its goals due to
         heroic efforts by individual Vargr, but Gashikan sector was 
         rendered almost totally free of Vargr.
         The conflict continued until about -1000, with a gradual change
         in attitude.  Vengeful humans would still kill Vargr, but it
         became increasingly common on many worlds to enslave them.
         A major exception to this trend was the formation of the Legion
         of Breskain, an order of Knighthood based on Gashikan and 
         dedicated to the extermination of all Vargr.  While not the first
         such organization, the Legion was the best-organized and had
         access to greater resources, and it rapidly absorbed the other
         organizations.  Today, the Legion of Breskain maintains its
         purpose, although it is no longer under the control of the
         Empire or of Gashikan; rather, it acts as a mercantile and 
         mercenary operation, providing resources and assistance to
         any organization in conflict with the Vargr.
         Vargr slavery rapidly became one of the most important industries
         in the region, reaching its peak in -300.  After that, it began
         a long decline, with further Vargr immigration and the occasional
         emancipation.  By the time of the founding of the Third Imperium,
         it was still quite important in the Empire, but stagnation was
         beginning to set in, in contrast to the dynamism of the Julian
         Protectorate, where Human-Vargr cooperation was on the rise.
         By the late 900s, the Empire's technological progress, never much
         more than anemic at best, had stopped, and was showing signs of
         reversing.  Internal tensions over differing policies toward Vargr
         and other causes grew, and in 1070 shattered the Empire in civil
         A group of relatively strong planets in Trenchans sector embarked
         on a plan of reconquest, and by 1078 had recaptured much of the
         rimward portions of the former Empire, incorporating it into the
         Third Empire of Gashikan.  Many planets on or near the Mendan Main
         elected instead to join the Julian Protectorate; the prosperity
         that seemed to go along with improved Human-Vargr interaction
         appeared difficult to resist on worlds which had experienced
         little of the raiding and corsair activity that had so inflamed
         the coreward regions.  The Empire and the Protectorate are in a
         technical state of war, but military activity is generally limited
         to occasional Gashikan raids that are easily repulsed by the Star
         Legion.  It is believed, but not proven, that the Protectorate
         Member State of Rar Erral (Wolves' Warren) has been carrying out
         raids on Gashikan worlds in Trenchans sector, in spite of protests
         from other members of the Protectorate.
         Today, in the Third Empire of Gashikan, Vargr slavery is still
         common, especially in the coreward areas and in most of Trenchans
         sector.  On Gashikan itself, Vargr are subject to immediate and
         summary execution; elsewhere in the rimward sections of the
         sector, Vargr segregation, serfdom, and peonage are more common
         than outright Vargr slavery, although the latter is far from

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