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    Gateway Sector - Credits
    The Gateway Sector was originally published by Digest Group
    Publications in _The Megatraveller Journal_, #4. It was
    apparently for Willian H. Keith's Lords of Thunder Campaign
    (circa 1120-1123). The sector was designed by Thomas A. Dundee.
    Jens Maskus ( converted the
    sector to Galactic format in 1997.
    It is interesting to note that this region of space was done
    twice before. In 1981, Judges Guild published Dave Sering's
    Maranantha-Alkahest Sector, at the time an approved Traveller
    product, though it was declared invalid by GDW in 1984. It is
    in this publication that we see first mention of the "Gateway
    Quadrant" which seems to be intended to refer to the entire area
    of space covered by the four Judges Guild sectors. Also, in the
    Aug/Sept 1982 issue of _Pegasus_, Judges Guild published Edward
    Kuns' Tagret Sector (whether they realized they were revising an
    area of space that they themselves already already covered
    remains a mystery).

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