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    Leonidae Sector
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    Dynchia Notes

    Traveller Library Data: Dynchia
     Intelligent minor race of humaniti, native to Melantris (Yuddunn/Leonidae 
    0603). Dynchia are about 2.2m in height and weigh about 100 kg. They are 
    slender and long-limbed. Skin tones range from pale to bronze-tan; hair 
    colour is usually brown or black, but snowy white hair is not uncommon. 
    The Dynchia have six fingers on each hand, and six toes on each foot. Their
    teeth actually consist of two bony "jaws" (as if their teeth had been fused 
    into one upper and one lower "jaw") with fang-like extrusions. These 
    physical differences appear to have been geneered by the Ancients.
     As well as the physical divergence, two elements of human psychology (to 
    protect females from danger, and to possess land) appear to have been left 
    out of or modified in the Dynchia. Firstly, the Dynchia have absolute 
    equality of the sexes; prejudice against or protection of one sex is 
    psychologically impossible. Secondly, a Dynchia is not a citizen of a 
    particular world; he is a member of a clan, which in turn is a member of a 
    tribe. A tribe may rule anywhere, as territory is not important.
     The Dynchia have a rare and unusual quality: they are warrior individualists 
    in an un-warlike culture. That is, they never make war upon their own race, 
    although fights, duels, and challenges are common, as is a warrior ethic. 
    Their culture is completely independant of territory. The social basis of 
    Dynchia mentality is a deep sense of honour, both personal and as part of 
    their clan or tribe. The general religion of the Dynchia is reverence for 
    ancestors and worship of tribal heroes. To be false to one's honour is to 
    forfeit a chance to become a revered ancestor.
     At coming-of-age, all individuals go through an extensive series of trials, 
    to determine their right to the status of adulthood. Seven percent fail - and 
    die. Thus, all adults are skilled warriors. The military are merely the cream 
    of the crop, specialising in combat arts. For this reason, it is generally 
    considered impossible to conquer a Dynchia world.
     Dynchia government is based on councils, each consisting of the top ranking 
    members of each tribe present. The highest of these councils is the Council of 
    the Twelve , which rules all of the Comitia , and speaks for all the tribes. 
    The highest ranking clan of each tribe is the Prince of that tribe, and sits 
    on the Council . The military is subject only to the Council of the Twelve, 
    and exempt from responsibility to clan or tribe.
     Not only is the Dynchia tech level higher than most TL's in the region, but 
    the Dynchia have an added advantage - they have refined their designs for 
    maximum efficiency. They may not have fusion guns, but they have the best 
    laser rifles in all of known space, and the same applies of the rest of their 
     A low rate of population expansion gives them time to fully develop a world 
    before they are forced to expand by population pressure. As an example of the 
    degree of perfection Dynchia designers have achieved, it may be mentioned that 
    their homeworld, Melantris ( Yuddunn / Leonidae 0603) has a population of over
    4 billion, but has no pollution problems. Their architecture is famous for its 
    beauty and perfection.
    (JTAS-24, 1111)

    Other races and states

    Leonidae Sector
    Alien Races:
     Homeworld: Tryylin / Kse'i / Extolian - 2514 - AA87865-A - F2 V 
     Reptilian humanoids evolved from carnivore/pouncer stock. An aggressive race
    used by the Hivers as space marines or other muscle. 2 m. tall, 200 kg, bipedal 
    with a short thick tail for balance, clawed fingers, heavily built,with a 
    mouthful of teeth wrapped in a tough hide. The Hivers found them in -3986 and 
    spent 1000 years manipulating their society into something more manageable 
    before letting them into space. (See Aliens 7: Hivers)  
     Homeworld: Ar-gniiv / Valc / Leonidae - 0320 A7659AC-C  N 
     A nonhuman, minor alien race spanning the Hinterworlds - Leonidae border, the 
    Gniivi use their jump-2 capable ships to maintain their 23-world state. Though 
    engaging in trade with nearby client states--the Imperium, the Solomani, the 
    Two Thousand Worlds, and the Hive Federation--the Gniivi are fiercely 
    protective of their independence. 
     A race of large, long-lived creatures, the Gniivi's expansion has been slow 
    and deliberate - growing only when resources allow. 
     Recently, there have been reports that the Gniivi may be linked to commercial 
    raiding in the sector's core, but their governing body adamantly denies such 
    charges, claiming the Gniivi would see no benefit from such ventures.
     "Large, long-lived creatures," "slow and deliberate" with 3 subsectordomain 
    at trailing edge of Hinterworlds. (See Challenge 39) 
     Homeworld: Jend / Yudunn / Leonidae - 0431 AA5A7A9-D
    Great capacity for biochemical technology. They comprise 80 percent of the
    Counciul of Leh Perash. (See Challenge 39)
    Lamura Gav              
    Part of a human/alien interdependent culture, the  Cytrialin Unity.
    Described as "small, spidery-legged."  Their multi-subsector domain
    stretches into Hinterworlds H & L (Manere  Reach & Sontra).  
    (See Challenge 39)
    Homeworld: Melantris / Melantris / Leonidae - 2733 A7489A9-C
    Race of humans who developed into carnivores.   All tall (2m), with hair as a 
    mane down the back  (both sexes), slimly built. They have a very honor driven
    society. (See JTAS 24 Contact)
    Corona Regnum
     A client state on the coreward-most edge (a "stretched" state reaching around 
    to the spinward edge) of the Hive Federation. This Second Imperial client 
    state would later form a critical diplomatic balance point which (along with 
    the Hiver-K'kree War) would see the halt of coreward Hive expansion. It is 
    this unique role which accounts for the similarly unique distribution of the 
    Regnum's star systems. Also, these ties to the Rule of Man account for the 
    relatively advanced tech level of this distant state. 
     Later, Hive authors would attribute this move as the first external 
    manipulation of Hiver society. It is for this reason that Hivers call the 
    Corona Regnum the first of the Five Curiosities. [HQ4]
    Cytrialin Unity 
     Entwined culturally, and to some degree biologically, the human-derived 
    Lamura Teg and their small, spidery-legged, alien counterparts, the Lamura Gav 
    (collectively, just the "Lamura"), have built a technologically advanced 
    culture from the ruins of a hostile world which was originally home to neither
    race. Though anatomically disimiliar, their dependence and understanding of 
    each other has given them a uniquely liberal perspective on the nature of the 
    universe. They view the universe as an open cycle of resources, with each 
    aspect being part of the greater whole. 
     This view has led to their great respect for life and the environment. As one 
    passage of the Cytrialin says, "I breathe in the body of my descendants while 
    standing upon that of my ancestors." The Lamura have great respect for all 
    races, based on "the common thread which has built the fabric of our 
     Most members of the Cytrialin Unity are seldom found without one of the books 
    of the Cytrialin--a collection of passages and phrases which detail the 
    outlook of the Lamura races. 
     The Lamura seem to take great pride in quoting appropriate passages from the 
    Cytrialin at times of personal crisis. 
     This seemingly fanatical devotion to their faith has led many in the Imperium 
    to label them as religious fanatics, although the Cytrialin is better 
    described as a philosophy of life, as it is void of strict dogma, ceremony, or 
    supernatural deities. 
     The Cytrialin Unity sits between the Hinterworlds and Leonidae sectors and 
    spans 58 worlds with its TL14 culture. Its location has made it a trade nexus 
    for traffic between the Imperium and the Two Thousand Worlds. A web of trade 
    routes radiates out from the world of Alike, within the Hinterworlds' borders. 
     Though politically independent from the Imperium, the Cytrialin Unity 
    maintains good relations and regular trade with its giant, spinward neighbor. 
    (See Challenge 39)
    Council of Leh Perash
     Protruding its boundaries into the severl subsectors, the Council of Leh 
    Perash is a Hiver client state spread across 42 systems--eight of which lie in
    the Hinterworlds. This state takes its name from the meeting which gave birth 
    to the state. Humans and human minor races compose only 20 percent of the 
    council's population, with the other 80 percent being Jenda (a minor alien 
    race indigenous to the realm) and other Federation races. 
     Though operating at TL13, the council is known, primarily, for its 
    outstanding achievements in genetic engineering--the source of its primary 
    exports. Its products range from modification in the human genome to tailored 
    microorganisms. Part of its success is due to the nature of Jenda genetics and
    their fresh approach to the field. 
     The planet Sysix (Hinterworlds 2935 B623300-B), along the council's spinward 
    edge, serves not only as a major trade world for Hiver goods, but is also 
    supporting extensive Federation trade exploration ventures in Aquila, Tempri, 
    and Sontra subsectors. Recently, these missions have had some heated contact 
    with Solomani traders working the spinward sectors, but tensions seemed to 
    have dropped suddenly, without any apparent explanation. (See Challenge 39)
    Ithklur Aexzz
     The People's Empire is the translated name of this Ithklur empire. It is a
    Hive Federation client state, and it's most important ally. The Ithklur Aexzz
    extends across the corners of four sectors - Leonidae,  Extolian, Phlask, and
    Centrax. It is believed the location is not a coincidence, as the Hiver 
    capital lies well sheilded from humaniti by the position of the Ithklur.

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