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    The Ley Sector is copyright 1980 by Judges Guild.
    No individual authors are listed, but the artwork is credited to Ken
    Simpson, and it is likely that the design was done by Dave Sering who
    was credited with the design of most of the other Judges Guild sectors.
    Bob Bledsaw ( gave permission for this sector to
    be transcribed into Galactic (as well as other Traveller-related
    freeware). The transcription was done by Andrew Moffatt-Vallance
    ( in 1997.


    Introduction to the Ley Sector
    The Ley Sector was developed by Judges Guild in 1980. It was declared
    invalid by GDW in 1984.
    Since the sector was produced before it became common practice to give
    population multipliers, number of planetoid belts, or number of gas giants in
    sector data, these numbers have been left as 0, except with gas giants where 0
    indicates the absence of any and 1 indicates the presence of an indeterminate
    number. There were also a few subsectors where it was possible to have a
    reasonable guess at population multipliers. These have also been included.
    Whilst transcribing the data I have tried to preserve as much of the feel of
    the original product as possible. Please bear in mind that the Ley Sector
    was published in the early eighties, and as such is far 'rougher' than the
    sectors which are published today. In transcribing the data, I found many
    examples where the planetary data conflicted with the accompaning text. I have
    made no attempt to correct these conflicts.
    Andrew Moffatt-Vallance, 1997
    Update (17-July-97): Added random population multipliers (where popmult
    originally equaled 0) on recommendation from one of the users. Worlds with
    pop=0, law=0, and gov=0 got to keep their original popmult=0.   -jimv

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