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    Magyar - Credits
    The original data for this version of the Magyar sector was ftped from
    the Sunbane archives.  Since only one subsector was fully named in
    that version (subsector N, "Bobbo"), I have added my own subsector and
    system names for the rest of the data, except that I also made sure
    the names for subsectors D, H, L, & P agreed with the data in
    Supplement 10: The Solomani Rim. I've also added jump routes, alien
    races, some history and information on trade routes and shipping
    lines, as well as the types of military bases found in the sector.
    Once again though, I would like to point out that I am NOT responsible
    for naming a subsector "Bobbo!" :)
    In connecting the borders of the Solomani Rim to Magyar, I was able
    to keep almost all the same jump routes across the border, although
    in several cases the direction had to be changed.  I did have to
    make two noncanonical changes to the SOLOMANI RIM to make sense
    of the data:
    1. I added a jump route from Jardin-Theseus into the Morency subsector.
    2. I added a jump route from Albadawi-Beal into the Fugue subsector.
    Jim tells me that Magyar was covered in one of the Traveller
    Chronicles, but I have not had the opportunity to see that issue. 
    If anyone could send me a copy, I'll revise this version in
    accordance with the published material. 
    In creating Magyar sector, I had to ignore the data generated by Andy
    House's "Imperial Scout Service Guide to the Universe."  I did so
    because it disagreed with both the Sunbane data and the very limited
    information on Magyar in the Solomani Rim supplement.
    If anybody has additions to Magyar, please send them to either Jim or
    I so that we can add them to the present data.  Thanks!
    -- Dakin Burdick


    MAGYAR:  General Background 
    Magyar sector is the spinward section of the Solomani Sphere.  It
    contains 516 star systems and is bounded by Canopus sector to
    rimward, the Solomani Rim to trailing, the Dark Nebula to spinward,
    and Daibei sector to coreward.  The sector capital of Magyar is
    Uebelhor, in subsector J.
    Magyar has always been a fringe sector, although the Terran
    Confederation settled the sector extensively by -1770.  The Long
    Night knocked most of those settlements far back or destroyed them
    completely.  Subsectors D (Gadarur) & H (Walpurgis) have been
    settled the longest, as you can see below:
    -3500  During the First Imperium, subsectors D & part of H were 
           part of the fringes of Vilani space.  SOURCE:  Megatraveller
           Referee's Manual, p. 105.
    -2204  During the Rule of Man, the Terran Confederation expanded
           into subsector L and part of P, while also establishing
           Terran control of the old Vilani territory.  SOURCE:
           Megatraveller Referee's Manual, p. 106.
    -2136  Aslan achieve space travel.  SOURCE:  Alien Module 1, p. 35.
    -1776  The Long Night begins for humaniti.  By this time, the 
           Solomani had already spread spinward of Kusyu, the Aslan
           homeworld in the Dark Nebula sector.  During the Long Night,
           some human worlds were absorbed into the Aslan Hierate,
           where they remain to this day.  SOURCE:  Alien Module 1,
           p. 3.
    -1118  During the Aslan Border Wars, Magyar sector escaped
           curiously unscathed.  Instead of expanding to trailing, the
           Aslan launched a coreward attack from L'aheako sector (Dark
           Nebula) through Aeitle Sakh sector (Reaver's Deep) and
           against Magyar's coreward neighbor sector of Daibei,
           which bore the brunt of the fighting.  SOURCE: Megatraveller
           Imperial Encyclopedia, frontispiece; Alien Module 1.
    380    Peace of Ftahair ends Aslan Border Wars.  Alien Module 1,
           p. 35.
    589    By the time of the First Frontier War (589-604), the Magyar 
           sector had been inhabited by the Solomani for over 2,000
    990    Subsectors D, G, H, J, K, L, & P of Magyar were involved in
           the Solomani Rim War (990-1002).  SOURCE:  Megatraveller
           Imperial Encyclopedia, frontispiece.
    1002   The need to expand drives the Solomani to renew hostilities
           against the Aslan.  The Solomani are opposed by the Aslan 
           clans of Yerlyariuwo & Khaukheairl.  SOURCE:  Alien Module
           1, p. 3.
    1111   Classic Traveller campaigns begin.  By this time, the
           Solomani have occupied Magyar sector for about 3,000 years.
           Subsectors D & H had been inhabited for 4,400 years!
    1116   In the Rebellion era, subsectors C, D, H, & P were again
           disputed ground between Imperium and Solomani.  SOURCE:
           Megatraveller Imperial Encyclopedia, p. 4.
    Magyar is currently controlled by the Solomani Confederation, which
    "covers about 2,400 worlds in six sectors" and "claims nearly a
    thousand more worlds in Imperial, Aslan, and neutral space."  This
    claim is obviously the source of continuing enmity between the
    Aslan and the Solomani.  The Imperium is more forgiving of the
    Aslan, and the Imperial population is made up of about 3% Aslan.  
    SOURCE:  Alien Module 1.
    Magyar is a well-established sector with a rich history of human
    habitation stretching three thousand years into the past.  It has 
    always been a fringe sector, however, caught in the outskirts of
    Vilani, Aslan, & Solomani space.  Because of this the Long Night
    hit the region hard and technological levels remain much lower
    than in the Solomani Rim.  This has also created a great number of
    extreme conditions within the various systems, and pocket empires,
    ruthless police states, and lawless freebooter worlds are the
    rule rather than the exception.  Trade links to the Solomani Rim
    The detente that exists between the Imperium and the Confederation
    allows these trade links to remain open, so Magyar officials do
    their best to discourage Solomani terrorist attacks launched from
    this sector.
    Magyar's proximity to the Aslan Heirate reinforces the need for
    cooperation not only with the Imperium, but also with the various
    disparate societies of Magyar itself.  One example of this is the 
    Ockian Ring, a virtual empire unto itself within the Confederation.
    Like most of Magyar's many pocket empires, it swears allegiance
    to the Confederation more from need than from desire.

    Alien Races

    The majority of Magyar's sentient races are friendly to humans
    -- the Masuk-Safor, the Morgenstern Airlords, the Raaqua, the 
    Whaiz and the Zil --  and all but the Zil are spacefaring.  There
    are only two races hostile to humans -- the Akzukayya and the
    Obopodel -- and neither is spacefaring.  There are two neutral 
    races -- the Glidips and the Grayhost -- of which only the Grayhost
    is spacefaring.  Two other sentient races may exist (the Callers-
    in-the-Dark, & the Jakaso crystals), but the existence of the
    Callers and the sentience of the Jakaso remains unproven.  Only
    two of these races achieved star travel before aided by humans,
    these being the Masuk-Safor and the Grayhost.
    AKZUKAYYA:  A race of a 50 kg. insectoid carnivores (killers).  The
    adults have six legs, two manipulative arms, and a prehensile tail,
    all encased in a thick armor equivalent to cloth armor.  They are
    extremely fierce and territorial.  Because of their warlike nature,
    they are currently interdicted on their homeworld.  Homeworld: 
    CALLERS-IN-THE-DARK:  A legendary race of ghosts or mist creatures
    who live in deep caverns.  According to most accounts, the Callers
    appear as a rainbow of color, swirling before the viewer.  Source
    of Legend:  Koskiku.
    GLIDIPS (aka. McNellan's Snake, or Glidersnakes):  A race of 50 kg.
    flying omnivores (eaters) with a rough green skin that counts as
    jack armor.  A small head and snakelike body are supported 
    in flight by a trio of small overlapping frilly wings on either
    side, with the rear set of wings meeting behind the body proper.
    Along the bottom of their body are two rows of legs, like those 
    of a centipede.  Glidips are non-spacefaring and communication with
    humaniti remains limited, but vids and stills of Glidip art are 
    popular through-out the sector.  Homeworld:  McNellen.
    THE GRAYHOST:  Colonies of microscopic organisms who unite into a
    single sentient amphibious entity ranging in size from 50 to 400
    kg. or more.  The Grayhost are an ancient spacefaring race, but
    communication between the Grayhost and humaniti remains minimal.
    Homeworld:  Leikung.
    JAKASO:  A crystalline race, typically orange in color, with whom
    communication remains impossible.  The possibility of sentience has
    been determined from growth patterns.  The Jakaso crystals do not
    seem to be related to the Zil.  Homeworld:  Ziarko.
    MASUK-SAFOR ("They who Pursue"):  A starfaring race of 1,600 kg.
    marine carnivores (chasers).  The "Masuk" are narrow blue cones
    centered around a jet propulsion system, with a ring of five small
    manipulative arms arranged around the mouth/ramjet intake.  The
    Masuk are practice Buddhism and are devoted members of the 
    Confederation.  They also regard the Dolphins as unworthy
    rivals, and believe that Dolphins should be replaced by the Masuk
    as the new allies for humans in the water.  Homeworld:  Tooma.
    MORGENSTERN AIRLORDS:  A race of winged men with black skin and
    weighing an average of 100 kg.  They have small, almost midget
    bodies compared to the enormous leather wings projecting from 
    their backs, and their eyes are much larger than typical.  They
    can fly in dense atmospheres, glide in standard atmospheres, and
    are landbound in thin atmosphere.  Homeworld:  Morgenstern.
         ST:2d6-3  DX:2d6  EN:2d6+3  IN:2d6  ED:2d6-3  SO:2d6-3
    OBOPODEL:  A race of 3,200 kg. marine carnivores (sirens)
    resembling the giant squid of ancient Terra, the Obopodel are
    hostile to all humans and non-spacefaring.  Homeworld:  Winneauer.
    RAAQUA:  A race of 6 kg. airborne filters.  They look like 
    jellyfish floating in the sky, and are reknowned as existential
    philosophers and excellent medics.  Homeworld:  Sylva
      ST:1d2  DX:2d6+3  EN:1d6  IN:2d6  ED:1d6  SO:1d6  
    WHAIZ:  25 kg. green insectoid omnivores (gatherers), with a 
    a puffy sponge-like torso that serves as their digestive system,
    picking up seeds after they are flailed from the stalks by 4
    long torso claws. Four short but sturdy legs support the torso.
    The Whaiz are known to be skillful sculptors, pilots, navigators,
    and gunners.  Homeworld:  Kemper.
         ST:1d6  DX:2d6+2  EN:2d6  IN:2d6  ED:2d6  SO:2D6-3
    ZIL:  A crystalline race that communicates by electrical impulses. 
    In effect, they are living computers.  The Zil appear as furry
    yellow crystalline growths, something like sulphur growths.  Each
    individual zil only grows to 1-2 kg., but a large field of the Zil
    is a beautiful sight, a brilliant yellow with message sparks
    passing from one Zil to another each moment.  The Zil trade their
    computing abilities to humans in return for chemicals that help
    them grow.  Homeworld:  Ramanar.
    BOTTLENOSE DOLPHINS (Tursiops truncatus galactus):  Travelling in
    their "t-suits" ("travel suits":  grav-powered environment suits
    with waldos), Dolphins belief in equality of all, and of course
    consider themselves equal to any other race.  Length = up to 3-4
    meters; Mass = up to 220-400 kg.
         ST:2d6+2  EN:2d6+2  DX:2d6  IN:2d6  ED:2d6  SO:2d6-4
    WHITESIDE DOLPHINS (Lagenorhyncus obliquidens galactus):  Length =
    up to 2.1-2.4 meters; Mass = up to 150 kg.  
         ST:2d6+1  EN:2d6+2  DX:2d6  IN:2d6  ED:2d6  SO:2d6-4


                        TRADE IN MAGYAR SECTOR
    The Ockian Ring of Worlds is one of three major trade routes within
    this sector.  Each of these routes is a circular path or run over
    which travel a variety of lines.  The Ockian Ring and the Keyor Run
    are the two small runs, and are used by many traders.  The largest
    of the three runs is the Blackjack-Ramanian circuit, which only the
    megacorps have the resources and connections to milk adequately.
    Nevertheless, Magyar is an excellent sector for the enterprising 
    free trader, with many short jumps and a large number of worlds
    where the law level is neglible.
    Imperium regions of Magyar are served by Solar Shipping, based out
    of Terra in the Solomani Rim, as well as the megacorps of Ling
    Standard Products and Naasirka.  Confederation regions of Magyar
    are served by Transstar megacorp (based out of Jardin in the
    Solomani Rim), especially in subsectors K, L, N, O, & P. [SOURCE: 
    Book 7, Merchant Prince, p. 12]  Two other well-established but
    sector-wide companies are McKillen Lines (based out of Uebelhor)
    and Vandok Shipping (based out of Ock).  There is also an
    aggressive fledgling company called Overthrust Inc. (based out of

    Military Bases

          1   Naval Depot
         12   Naval & Scout Bases
         18   Naval Bases
         16   Scout Bases
         29   Scout Way Stations
                             LISTING BY SUBSECTOR
    A -- MERITAN
         Naval & Scout Bases     Wu
         Naval Bases             Clan
         Scout Way Stations      Oasis
    B -- DOSGUD
         Naval & Scout Bases     Daftrew
         Naval Bases             Bageakke
         Scout Bases             Akludu
         Scout Way Stations      Goodhurst
         Naval & Scout Bases     Clown
         Naval Bases             Seloo
         Scout Bases             Rita's Place
    D -- GADARUR
         Scout Bases             Pungitore
    E -- LORE
         Naval & Scout Bases     Kaig
         Naval Bases             Bradley
         Scout Bases             Jofil
         Scout Way Stations      Joce
    F -- KIANG
         Naval Depot             Landgrebe    
         Naval & Scout Bases     Patterson
         Naval Bases             New Winnipeg
         Scout Way Stations      Al-Aziz
                                 The Rock
         Naval & Scout Bases     Namedih
         Naval Bases             Frostfelter
         Scout Bases             Ensley
         Scout Way Stations      Nubtar
         Naval & Scout Bases     Hrongding
         Naval Bases             Gyurenek
         Scout Bases             Amelbar
         Scout Way Stations      Dix
    I -- G'RONSHE
         Naval & Scout Bases     Ock
         Naval Bases             Iouo
         Scout Bases             Shorne
    J -- IIRAKAI
         Naval & Scout Bases     Uebelhor
         Naval Bases             Antaeus
         Scout Bases             Keyor
         Scout Way Stations      Ithaqua
    K -- BRELAND
         Naval Bases             Ramaniam
         Scout Bases             McNellen
         Scout Way Stations      Langas
    L -- FUGUE
         Naval Bases             Asorret
         Scout Bases             Beta
         Naval Bases             Drang
         Scout Bases             Xianjin
         Scout Way Stations      Crecilius
    N -- BOBBO
         Naval Bases             Bobbo
         Scout Bases             Zuppe
         Scout Way Stations      Acqua III
         Naval & Scout Bases     Viallalta
         Naval Bases             Roen
         Scout Bases             Shigetoshi
         Scout Way Stations      Geb
    P -- MORENCY
         Naval & Scout Bases     Teska
         Naval Bases             Blackhawk
         Scout Bases             Yukikyu
         Scout Way Stations      Derjoulian

    Pocket Empires

    One distinguishing factor of the Magyar sector is the great number
    of "pocket empires," ie. small empires that range in possessions
    2 stars to about 20.  Their possessions may be attributed to 
    either colonization, conquest, or perhaps an ancient allegiance.
    Both the Imperial and Solomani zones have such empires in
    abundance.  The largest of these is the Ockian Ring of Worlds,
    (which controls 16 systems), Acara (9 systems), & Harpring (6
    systems).  Below is a listing of all pocket empires and their
    Code  Name               Possessions
    AM -- Amon               Hagymasi
    AU -- Austa              Douglas
    RE -- Reynold            Veller
    Code  Name               Possessions
    AC -- Acara              Ginivia
    AL -- Alto               Last Pine
    BL -- Blackjack          Krupp
    BO -- Bobbo              Cea
    DA -- Daftnew            Akludu
    DE -- Deriabar           Bupaj
    EK -- Ekar               Simovia
    ET -- Ethlum             Issekhee
    GU -- Gursky             Tatsuya
    HA -- Hachiman           Kriss
    HE -- Hessoun            Strom
    HR -- Harpring           Dyavai
    IC -- Icenogle           Nichikiori
    KL -- Kline              Brand
    LA -- Lachlan            Joce
    LG -- Landgrebe          Sylva
    MI -- Minsk              Roblig
    MO -- Morsen             Kroovand
    NU -- Nubtar             Abrell
    OC -- Ock                Adopoulos
                             Usi Ub
    RA -- Randzo             Tyrrell
    SA -- Sapphire           Chorus
    SH -- Sharn              Trikak
    SK -- Stanko             Burvee
    SR -- Stansifer          Firels
    ST -- Stancombe          Farringhaus
    TL -- Tolson             Esuan
    TO -- Tooma              Mafred
    WA -- Wair               Amonchomchu
    WI -- Wilkerson          Quizen
    WU -- Wu                 Oyama
    XI -- Xianjin            Falkenthal
    ZO -- Zongwu             Asorret

    System List

    System            Subsector & Hex   
    023-876                N 1139
    Abbit                  E 0617
    Abrell                 G 1915
    Acara                  J 1627
    Aclavik                P 2934
    Acqua III              N 1440
    Adopoulos              I 0225
    Adria                  M 0635
    Agari                  M 0432
    Ahto                   K 2122
    Aija                   P 3235
    Akludu                 B 0902 
    Al-Aziz                F 1120
    Al-Medif               B 1309 
    Alphard                C 1701
    Alto                   G 2411
    Amelbar                H 3019
    Amon                   D 2507
    Amonchomchu            E 0215
    Anderson               E 0220
    Anerin                 D 2706
    Annu-u                 K 1826
    Antaeus                J 0921
    Argon                  K 2422
    Arid                   N 1040
    Arrid                  C 1905
    Arsdale                E 0613
    Asorret                L 2923
    Asrow                  D 3006
    Austa                  D 2503
    Awrenek                I 0330
    Baelen                 F 0913
    Bageakke               B 1208 
    Balajee                O 2236
    Barland                J 0930
    Barnstone              O 1838
    Beagle                 L 3129
    Beanland               H 2718
    Behave                 N 1531
    Beldavs                P 2534
    Bentley                M 0137
    Berardsly              P 2937
    Bergvardt              P 2731
    Beta                   L 3128
    Bhola                  M 0531
    Bilox                  D 2905
    Bindas                 A 0707
    Bishop                 K 1728
    Blackhawk              P 3040
    Blackjack              N 1438
    Blade                  I 0824
    Bobbo                  N 1134
    Bois                   N 1537
    Boldfulch              G 2314
    Boracim                I 0723
    Boshkoff               G 2412
    Bouzouba               P 2932
    Bowmar                 E 0317
    Bradley                E 0713
    Brand                  H 2914
    Brandon                A 0409
    Brawley                C 2009
    Breck                  J 1023
    Brellik                N 1637
    Brereton               C 2209
    Britten                I 0829
    Bupaj                  A 0804
    Burris                 K 2130
    Burvee                 D 2809
    Buschfeld              J 1622
    Butchko                I 0524
    Butphi                 L 2822
    Byrley                 H 2715
    Caldwell               J 1222
    Calvo                  J 1429
    Cammon                 P 3237
    Campany                I 0223
    Carllan                H 3118
    Carn                   A 0310
    Carol Sue              E 0319
    Cea                    N 0934
    Chartpay               D 2903
    Chorus                 B 1403 
    Chouli                 P 3031
    Chuvo                  N 1236
    Ciaconn                I 0327
    Clan                   A 0205
    Clarmeer               L 3029
    Clarmoment             G 2415
    Cloverreach            G 2316
    Clown                  C 1807
    Coeus                  O 1831
    Coglan                 G 2214
    Cordle                 C 2104
    Court                  K 2421
    Cowan                  F 1218
    Crecilius              M 0239
    Creighton              K 1730
    Crisp                  F 1511
    Crius                  K 1926
    Cueball                B 1305 
    Curson                 H 3113
    Daftrew                B 0903 
    Dahlpacker             F 1420
    Dalton                 M 0536
    Damond                 I 0722
    Danko                  H 2811
    David's Drop           A 0608
    Deriabar               A 0805
    Derjoulian             P 2837
    Desolation             B 1506 
    Dewal                  N 0931
    Dexter                 G 2416
    Diaque                 N 1638
    Dillman                A 0605
    Dix                    H 2617
    Dixon                  G 1912
    Doak                   D 2709
    Dormant                E 0415
    Double                 C 1907
    Doucette               H 3220
    Douglas                C 2304
    Downfall               A 0403
    Drang                  M 0233
    Drang                  G 2419
    Dreesen                G 1916
    Drizz                  N 1240
    Drocian                M 0835
    Dyavai                 O 1935
    Ebaun                  O 2339
    Ebbing                 K 1924
    Ebisu                  O 1936
    Einkamp                H 3020
    Ekar                   F 1018
    Elnor                  K 2223
    Elroy                  E 0517
    Enbaum                 J 1427
    Ensley                 G 2019
    Eoyang                 G 2219
    Ersgill                L 3227
    Esteraj                I 0625
    Esuan                  C 2004
    Ethlum                 J 1027
    Factn                  E 0120
    Fairbairn              A 0502
    Falkenthal             M 0140
    Falstaff               N 1332
    Far Light              B 0910 
    Farringhaus            O 1840
    Fase                   C 1801
    Fatagin                K 2229
    Fatch                  P 2736
    Fatridge               E 0712
    Fazio                  F 1320
    Feast                  J 0923
    Ferstenberg            D 2704
    Finn                   F 1416
    Firels                 D 3208
    Fluri                  M 0740
    Fornorb                H 2616
    Free                   N 1632
    Frostfelter            G 2118
    Frykberg               O 2238
    Fukasaku               M 0533
    Furhma                 F 1114
    Furuma                 O 1834
    Fyffe                  K 2321
    G'anshum               B 1109 
    Gadarur                D 2904
    Garner's Luck          D 2906
    Garniewicz             K 1823
    Garvey                 F 1313
    Gastineau              O 2136
    Geb                    O 2434
    Genugten               O 1735
    Gerwalk                P 2631
    Ghoryana               O 2032
    Ghosh                  L 2526
    Gilcrest               F 1119
    Ginivia                K 2124
    Girral                 J 1230
    Gjerdingen             L 3123
    Glenex                 O 1837
    Goodhurst              B 1605 
    Greencastle            B 1410 
    Greenvald              A 0504
    Grimes                 J 1430
    Guenivier              D 2505
    Gupta                  H 3014
    Gursky                 P 2940
    Gushwa                 D 2808
    Guskin                 C 2303
    Gustin                 D 3206
    Gyurenek               H 2912
    Hachiman               J 1022
    Hagymasi               C 2406
    Hale                   J 1123
    Harnish                I 0528
    Harpring               O 1832
    Harsanyi               I 0427
    Haworth                I 0830
    Headley                G 1714
    Heath                  F 1412
    Heather                J 1524
    Heichel                B 1408 
    Helm                   K 2029
    Hemoth                 L 3230
    Hershel                M 0731
    Hesselgrave            P 2939
    Hessoun                P 3036
    Higdon                 G 1818
    Hodapp                 E 0716
    Holywell               A 0505
    Hool                   E 0118
    Hrongding              H 2817
    Hurshel                E 0815
    Hyalin                 D 2602
    Iatur                  L 2628
    Icenogle               F 1016
    Icolka                 A 0708
    Indet                  M 0131
    Intress                F 1619
    Iouo                   I 0624
    Issekhee               J 1128
    Ithaqua                J 1030
    Jafar                  I 0721
    Jaro                   K 2128
    Jiaxiang               M 0537
    Joce                   E 0619
    Jofil                  E 0216
    Joliff                 M 0534
    Jolly                  F 1220
    Jondrea                B 1004 
    Joppa                  B 1302 
    Justice                C 2007
    Justin                 A 0703
    Kaarna                 K 1830
    Kaig                   E 0413
    Kano                   E 0814
    Karma                  F 1212
    Kazilash               E 0715
    Kemper                 C 2103
    Kench                  D 2510
    Keyor                  J 1521
    Kleug                  D 2908
    Kline                  H 3012
    Ko's World             B 1105 
    Kolin                  N 1534
    Koskiku                K 2030
    Kotada                 K 2324
    Kriss                  J 1021
    Kroovand               M 0737
    Krupp                  N 1136
    Kugle                  K 2423
    Kuxald                 A 0809
    Lachlan                E 0720
    Laidlaw                L 2528
    Lancess                I 0526
    Lanchester             K 1825
    Landgrebe              F 1415
    Langas                 K 1930
    Last Pine              G 2312
    Lavik                  J 0924
    Lazog                  P 2638
    Ledbetter              P 2536
    Leikung                L 2924
    Leriss                 C 2208
    Leto                   M 0333
    Licini                 O 2332
    Lincoln                M 0836
    Lisah                  O 2334
    Lonelund               H 2813
    Lontarelli             D 2801
    Lovich                 I 0627
    Lowhorn                C 1808
    Luoh                   C 2110
    Mafred                 B 1008 
    Manta                  N 1140
    Maxwell                N 1036
    Mazotz                 O 2231
    McBain                 P 2539
    McManus                E 0315
    McNellen               K 2026
    Melody                 H 3114
    Merak                  A 0210
    Merida                 J 1121
    Mervyn                 J 1624
    Messelnap              D 2806
    Mest                   K 2426
    Meza                   E 0813
    Mickel                 E 0119
    Milbrath               H 2716
    Milenky                D 2603
    Minsk                  F 1512
    Mitaro                 I 0425
    Mitava                 M 0338
    Mogeen                 P 3231
    Montlivan              L 3222
    Morgenstern            L 2625
    Morsen                 M 0636
    Motao                  P 2836
    Moxbarg                K 1821
    Mubark                 B 1106 
    Nahn                   C 2403
    Nait                   I 0825
    Namedih                G 1713
    Namodi                 L 2729
    Needler                O 2135
    Nethery                F 1612
    Nettle                 F 1214
    New Ico                N 1532
    New Sol                A 0503
    New Winnipeg           F 1217
    Nihonatarashi          E 0812
    Nimikh                 M 0633
    Nishikiori             F 1116
    Nocha                  O 2133
    Norkio                 H 2915
    Nosret                 D 2807
    Nova Dune              A 0807
    Nubtar                 G 1815
    Oasis                  A 0102
    Ock                    I 0227
    Oldorf                 M 0732
    Olsson                 B 1409 
    Onewen                 L 3125
    Opoyama                B 0904 
    Orpurgo                L 2726
    Otha                   G 2319
    Ownes                  G 1917
    Oyama                  A 0404
    Packard                F 0918
    Pankow                 H 2518
    Papesh                 E 0516
    Paputsus               D 2804
    Pardini                P 2936
    Parkhill               L 2725
    Parperides             H 2917
    Pathak                 I 0623
    Patnode                F 1213
    Patterson              F 1418
    Paxton                 K 2126
    Pearce                 G 1911
    Perrault               J 1029
    Philpott               C 1904
    Phipps                 C 1708
    Phua                   P 3234
    Piccione               P 2538
    Pieper                 G 1919
    Pindur                 E 0615
    Pinnock                D 2701
    Pity                   A 0104
    Placid                 A 0303
    Plage                  C 2008
    Pocatlipcat            L 3030
    Pryon                  E 0115
    Pungitore              D 3104
    Quinn                  J 1329
    Quizen                 M 0134
    Quraifi                F 1517
    Raiden                 L 2724
    Raleigh                F 1413
    Ramanar                J 1326
    Ramaniam               K 1927
    Ramli                  H 2913
    Randzo                 H 2717
    Rasilha                J 1129
    Ratri                  O 1836
    Red                    N 0939
    Redden                 A 0509
    Reed                   G 1720
    Regasas                M 0135
    Reichmuth              C 2206
    Reid                   D 3002
    Relatte                B 1003 
    Reynold                A 0105
    Rishi                  I 0423
    Ristel                 I 0724
    Rita's Place           C 2205
    Robidou                D 3009
    Roblig                 F 1513
    Rodriguez              G 2317
    Roen                   O 2335
    Rogalle                G 2213
    Romm                   I 0224
    Rosefeld               I 0130
    Rouern                 H 3213
    Rudikk                 A 0309
    Rumley                 D 2508
    Rundle                 M 0340
    Sabuda                 D 2506
    Saienz                 K 1824
    Salyer                 O 1939
    Sammadar               M 0440
    Sapphire               B 1404 
    Saratela               A 0808
    Schaut                 G 2418
    Schurz                 E 0113
    Scoggan                D 3101
    Seker                  L 2529
    Seladur                B 1207 
    Selig                  N 1535
    Seloo                  C 2102
    Shanhaiching           K 1828
    Sharn                  A 0601
    Shenski                J 0926
    Shigetoshi             O 2338
    Shorne                 I 0523
    Simovia                F 0919
    Sinott                 H 2512
    Slota                  H 2815
    Smilgys                K 1725
    Sod                    I 0827
    Sodra                  M 0736
    Sorang                 B 1307 
    Spectrum               N 1333
    Spit                   A 0208
    Stancombe              O 2139
    Stanislav              E 0211
    Stanko                 D 2810
    Stansifer              D 3109
    Sterchi                H 3212
    Stevanic               G 2413
    Strom                  P 3135
    Sturwold               L 2522
    Sumerfelt              F 1620
    Sumio                  B 1101 
    Summer's Lot           B 1604 
    Sweet                  D 2901
    Sylva                  F 1316
    Taaksha                L 2523
    Tamroff                A 0308
    Tarn                   B 1209 
    Tatsuya                P 2839
    Teault                 O 1934
    Tenson                 I 0329
    Teska                  P 2633
    The Rock               F 1314
    Tlaloc                 K 2230
    Tolson                 C 2106
    Tooma                  B 1407 
    Tralp                  G 1913
    Trechier               C 2409
    Trikak                 A 0701
    Troy                   I 0530
    Truelock               J 1321
    Trull                  J 1529
    Tryon                  G 2012
    Tsute                  J 0928
    Tuoni                  O 2436
    Turnwall               F 0920
    Tuxhorn                O 2132
    Tworek                 I 0229
    Tyche                  O 2234
    Typoer                 D 3210
    Tyrrell                H 2816
    Uebelhor               J 1324
    Ulm                    I 0125
    Unfried                H 3214
    Ungarn                 O 1736
    Union                  L 2927
    Untamo                 L 3224
    Urquiza                O 2134
    Usi Ub                 I 0321
    Vacob                  K 2024
    Vaderwall              G 2218
    Vala's World           A 0106
    Valentin               F 0915
    Vallance               H 3219
    Vanauken               J 1522
    VanBritson             P 2933
    Vaneken                I 0122
    Vanus                  J 1423
    Veller                 A 0305
    Veneet                 H 2519
    Viallalta              O 1833
    Vivian                 G 1817
    Volund                 D 2607
    Wackowsk               G 1918
    Wair                   E 0116
    Waldrin                D 2910
    Waltermire             F 1411
    Waxstetter             D 2605
    Weiji                  I 0428
    Wells                  E 0614
    Wicker                 L 2728
    Wilkerson              M 0136
    Wingard                O 2439
    Winnenauer             P 2831
    Winterlot              K 1827
    Wolfram                O 2239
    Wongxia                P 3037
    Wrath                  B 1002 
    Wright                 I 0322
    Wu                     A 0203
    Xian                   B 1103 
    Xianjin                M 0139
    Xuber                  N 1631
    Yama                   K 2127
    Yamashita              A 0602
    Yarling                L 2622
    Yatooma                C 2207
    Yazi                   A 0710
    Yergin                 E 0411
    Yognigath              K 1928
    Youngland              B 1504 
    Yuehtsao               J 1323
    Yukikyu                P 3239
    Zandervort             M 0337
    Zathaneze              F 1516
    Zentara                E 0212
    Ziaeehezar             C 2302
    Ziarko                 M 0540
    Zilla                  A 0705
    Zongwu                 L 3223
    Zuppe                  N 1238

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