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    Tuglikki Sector / Credits
    This sector lies completely within Vargr space. As such, the majority
    populations listed in the UWP of these worlds are Vargr. Humans, if
    present, will be in the minority and listed in the Remarks column with an
    Sector Notes: Travellers' Digest issue 19 and The MegaTraveller Journal 
    issue 1 both refer to the capital of the Assemblage of 1116 as being 
    Ngorsraek (Tuglikki 1937). Unfortunately, DGP's Vilani & Vargr does not 
    have a world in that location or anywhere close. So, I decided to just 
    add the world rather than relocating it. 
    David Drazul (
    Chris Griffen ( compiled the data for subsector M.

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