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    Ustral Quadrant - Credits
    Star Locations and Allegiance Codes were taken from MegaTraveller Alien
    Vol. 2(MTA 2): Solomani & Aslan by DGP, Copyright 1991.
    Aslan Tlaukhu clan names and descriptions were taken from MTA 2 and TD 18,
    page 36, by DGP, Copyright 1990.
    Izir & Iziri information were taken from page 2 of MTA 2. Izir was
    moved from Hex Loc(2918) to (2917) to conform to the star location map.
    Locations of former Terran Settlements Outside the Terran Confederation 
    Circa -2204 were taken from Solomani, Traveller Alien Module 6 by GDW,
    Copyright 1986. Some locations were moved to conform with DGP's star 
    location map. 
    All other UWPs, System names, and any other information was created by
    Douglas G. Snyder ( and should not be considered 'canon'.

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