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    Vanguard Reaches - Credits
    The Vanguard Reaches data are reproduced here with permission
    of the author, Chuck Kallenbach II .  Chuck 
    expressed the wish that we use the data provided on the Paranoia
    Press homepage rather than what was in the actual sector book
    (copyright 1981).  These new data, Chuck feels, cover both MT
    and TNE and should be valid for T4 as well.
    The text for the Library Data was provided by Chuck at his
    web site and structured and adapted, without modification to
    the wording, for use in GALACTIC.
    The stories entitled Von Ryan's War and the Loser's Perspective
    were provided by Chuck at the same site and incorporated into
    the information for the Duchy of Trelyn.  Von Ryan's War is
    reproduced by permission of the author, Chuck Kallenbach II.
    The Loser's Perspective is credited to Dan Hillen from original 
    ideas by Don Rapp.  Proper credits can be found at the Paranoia 
    Press homepage.
    Michel Boucher  organized the information
    for use in GALACTIC.

    Cautionary Note

    Chuck Kallenbach II
    September 4, 1994
    NOTE: This library data dates from 001-1120 and does
    not reflect the recent political changes in the Duchy of
    Trelyn (now called the Trelyn Congress).


    Astrography: The science of mapping interstellar space.
    Basic to any science of mapping is a coordinate system. The
    system used by the Imperium is based on rings of latitude,
    rays of longitude, and parsecs.
    Rays of longitude extend from the galactic core, while
    concentric rings of latitude are placed at one parsec
    intervals. By convention, the concentric ring passing through
    Reference/Capital is labelled the 10,000th ring, and is used
    as a baseline. Similarly, the ray of longitude extending from
    the center of the Galaxy through Reference/Capital is
    designated as the first ray. Measurement is in parsecs,
    counting in the trailing direction. Computation reveals that
    the circumference of the 10,000th ring (r=10,000) is 62,832
    parsecs. Counting spinward uses a subtraction from 62,833,
    which is the equivalent of the zero baseline.
    For example, Regina, of the Regina subsector, in the
    Spinward Marches, is 9930 ring/ray 62723. The format for
    expression of location is xxxx ring/ray yyyyy, where xxxx is
    the ring of latitude (distance from the galactic core in
    parsecs), and yyyyy is the distance of the ray of longitude
    (in parsecs) from the first ray of longitude, measured along
    the ring of latitude in the trailing direction.
    This mapping system is highly Imperio-centric, and other
    systems are used by other peoples and races outside the
    Imperium. This system has gained wide acceptance, however,
    among Imperium dominated client-states, human and otherwise.
    (reproduced by permission of the author, Chuck Kallenbach II)

    Vanguard Reaches

    Vanguard Reaches: Located on the spinward edge of
    charted space, the sector called the Vanguard Reaches is
    located 138 parsecs directly spinward of the Core sector and
    80 parsecs directly rimward of the Zhdant sector. It is an
    area of much diversity, the history of which is involved with
    two native races and at least five intruding races.
    Astrography: The Vanguard Reaches consists of territory
    in the plane of the galaxy comprising 16 subsectors, each
    measuring 8 parsecs in latitude and 10 parsecs in longitude,
    sited in a rectangle 4 subsectors wide and 4 subsectors long.
    The perimeter of the sector is identified (using the Imperial
    astrography system) as a line extending from 9961 ring/ray
    62641 to 9961 ring/ray 62672 to 10000 ring/ray 62672 to 10000
    ring/ray 62641 and returning to 9961 ring/ray 62641.
    The Vanguard Reaches contains 301 planetary systems with
    a total population of over 271 billion sentients. Races
    represented include 46.4 billion Imperial (mixed Solomani and
    Vilani), 36.8 billion Aslan, 32.9 billion Zhodani, 19.1
    billion Eslyat, 17.4 billion Murian, several billion Droyne
    and others. The sector includes a racial variety matched by
    few others on the spinward frontier.
    The most significant astrographic feature is the Helix
    Nebula, a circular veil of interstellar gas surrounding a
    group of seventeen hot, young stars in the spinward-rimward
    corner of the sector.
    Surveys: In the period between the beginning of Imperial
    explorations into Zhodani territory in 500 and the start of
    the First Frontier War in 589, the Imperial Interstellar
    Scout Service made a Class I survey of the Vanguard Reaches.
    Largely a record of stellar types and superficial system
    data, this survey went into little detail and discovered no
    significant minor races. This first survey was used as a
    basis for information gathering by the Allarton Corporation
    in the early 900's.
    The Corporation's records continued to expand until,
    along with the Travellers' Aid Society, they were
    commissioned to do a full scale Class V survey of the entire
    sector by Grand Duke Ardesh Varen in the year 1046.
    This major survey project was finally published in the
    year 1106 by the Travellers' Aid Society. The fledgling Royal
    Scouts of the Duchy of Trelyn were also enlisted to aid in
    this task, and between the Scouts, the TAS and the Allarton
    Corporation, the project fell apart.
    The final survey, as published, was a cornucopia of
    hearsay, legends, rumors and fabrications. Wild tales of
    ringworlds, sphereworlds, rosettes and a few nonexistent
    companies were presented as authoritative data. The 1106 TAS
    Survey was such a compilation of misinformation that learned
    starfarers attempted to obtain the Allarton records of the
    early 900's, which were much more reliable.
    Several years after the publication of the TAS survey,
    Grand Duchess Dyana commissioned a new survey by the Royal
    Scouts to include their own experience and new techniques
    from the IISS. Now, some twenty years in the making, this
    RSDT Survey of 1120 is available to interstellar travellers
    in the Reaches. It easily sets new benchmarks for surveys of
    the area, and these data are as complete as the most recent
    Imperial surveys.
    (reproduced by permission of the author, Chuck Kallenbach II)

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