Teghde System
circa 1116

David Burden (david@innocom.demon.co.uk)

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  • El Tquii Nebula

    World Description

        Teghde ( 3031 E160475-8 Ni De )
        The Aplaudira Plains  on sandswept Teghde are the home  of the 4 yearly
        Aplaudira  Sandyacht champonships.  Whilst sandyachting  takes place on
        many worlds  of the sector it is to Teghde and Aplaudira  that devotees
        make their  olympian pilgrimage. The  10 days of  the Championships are
        also a  popular social occasion  for the Gushemege  nobility and Sector
        Duke Kirshaam  Miikadgaa is a  regular visitor to  the event. When  the
        championships are not  running the plains are still  host to a sizeable
        sandyachting  fraternity who  claim  that  Aplaudira's sands  are "well
        crucial" and without equal in the Sector.

    El Tquii Nebula

        El Tquii Nebula
        Between  grids 2932  and 2933  in  Lagan  Subsector lies  the El  Tquii
        nebula. This  gaseous nebula extends  for nearly one  and a half  light
        years and its  glorious colours dominate the skies  of Grebele, Teghde,
        and other nearby  worlds. Deep in the heart of  the nebula lie a couple
        of young suns, whose development is closely watched by the IISS base on
        Grebele. Periodic  survey expeditions are  made into the  centre of the
        nebula, and automated recording stations  are deployed in various parts
        of the nebula to keep a constant record of the stellar evolution.

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