Varroerth System

Capital world of the Empire of Varroerth

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    Mainworld Stats

    World: Varroerth
    Coordinates: 2017 (G0407)
    UWP: A697A3D-G  G   Hi              402 Ve 78X  F7 V  K4 V
    Population: 45,096,654,940
    Varroerth is the capital of the Empire of Varroerth. The Empire is a large 
    multi-sector empire spanning into 11 sectors. It is the largest Vargr state 
    in the Extents. The capital is known for several interesting features - 
    The Emperial Shipyards produces some of the most advanced ships in all the
    Vargr Extents. The Royal Polytechnic is one of the best Vargr universities,
    and its library includes one of only five copies of the Angkarr, the 
    definitive culural epic of the Vargr race. Millions of visitors each year
    come to Varroerth to visit the magnificent palace grounds, and also to see
    the mighty Orbital Tower of Varroerth - one of the few beanstalks in 
    charted space.
    Physical Data:
    The world is a Planet. 
    Diameter: 6,000 miles (9,600 km)  
    Density:  1.0 terra  
    Mass:    0.422 Terra
    Gravity: 0.75 terra
    Orbital Distance: 1.6 AU
    Orbital Period: 938.803 standard days
    Rotation Period: 9.388 standard hours
    Axial Tilt: 19 degrees
    Surface Atmospheric Pressure: 2.2 atm.
    The atmosphere composition is a Standard oxygen-nitrogen mix, with sulfer 
    compounds taint
    Base Temperature: 38.085  Range: 56 to -4   Season: 59 to -25
    Native life exists
    Terrain terraforming is the only terraforming that has occurred.  
    The Hydrographic Percentage: 70%  (Tainted liquid water)
    The number of tectonic plates is 6
    There are 3 major continents, 1 minor continents, 1 major islands and 
    6 archipelagoes. 
    Political Data
    48 cities with an average population of 500,000,000
    224 cities with an average population of 50,000,000
    480 cities with an average population of 5,000,000
    4,800 cities with an average population of 500,000
    10 primary cities
    Starport details for the primary cities are A/A/A/B/A/D/A/C/C/A
    Capital has a beanstalk
    Orbital cities are present
    The population are Progressive, Indifferent, Passive, Neutral, Fragmented,
    and Friendly.
    The representative authority for the world is a Self-perpetuating 
    Oligarchy, Elite Council.
    Economic Extensions:
             Resources: 3
             Labor: 9
             Infrastructure: 3
             Culture: 6
    Planetary Demand: 3 RA
    Resource Trade: 3 Excess
    Base GWP: 822.8571 RU
    Finished Goods X: 1.0514
    Interstellar Demand X: 1.01
    Final GWP: 873.8035 RU
    Taxation Rate: 39%
    Government Budget: 340.7834 RU
    Civilian Expenses: 107.2105 RU
    Natural Resources:
     Agriculture, Ores, Radioactives, Compounds 
    Processed Resources:
     Agroproducts, Non-Metals 
    Manufactured Resources:
     Durables, Consumables, Weapons 
    Information Resources: 
     Recordings, Artforms, Software, Documents 
    This system has several planets with habitations.
    Military Profile:
    System Defense Boat Squadrons: 200
    Number of Starship Squadrons: 6
    Field Armies: 9

    Empire Notes

    Empire of Varroerth
    The Empire of Varroerth is a large multi-sector empire spanning into 11 
    sectors. It is the largest and oldest Vargr state in the Extents. Based
    in Ngathksirz sector, with its capital on Varroerth, the Empire is ruled
    primarily from its twenty regional governorships. Culture, like the 
    government within the Empire, varies to quite an extent.
     26 years after Cleon announced the birth of the Third Imperium, the Empire 
    of Varroerth was founded. Varroerth was a Vargr of great charisma. Starting 
    in Ngathksirz, his forces gobbled up the surrounding star systems and 
    eventually expanded into other sectors. Continued expansion fueled the 
    Empire's prosperity for several centuries. Until 777, the Empire included
    the Vargr homeworld of Lair. As time rolls on, worlds come into and exit
    the Empire, and Lair was no exception.
     Current expansion occurs at the Empire's frontier. Areas towards the Third
    Imperium, Tuglikki, Provence, and Windhorn, have been added recently. Other
    areas showing promise are the sectors of Ksinanirz and Zao Kfeng Ig Grilokh.
    Expansion is at the direction of the regional governors, and some have 
    proven themselves more competent than others. Military strife has been 
    known to occur between governors, much to the Emperor's displeasure.
     There are several corsair groups with quite a bit of power operating inside
    the Empire. The corsairs are given right to exist as long as they pay
    homage to the Emperor and what the Empire represents. All members of the 
    Empire remain dedicated to the proposition of a charasmatic emperor, even 
    while maintaining their own unique cultures, societies, and customs.

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