Vruon System

Homeworld of the Vruon, aka the Edilvor.

  • Mainworld Stats
  • Vruon Description

    Mainworld Stats

    World: Vruon
    Coordinates: 1504 (B0704)
    UWP: A569856-9-B65
    Vruon Homeworld
    Population: 430 million
    This is the homeworld of the Vruon. They name themselves the Edilvor, but
    are commonly known by the name of thier planet. An early space-faring
    race, they maintain several colonies. Vargr worlds currently prohibit
    further expansion.
    Physical Data:
    Diameter: 5400 miles (8640km)
    Density:  5.17 (.94 Earth) 
    World Mass: 0.23 Earth
    Gravity: 0.588 G
    Orbital Period: 203.037 Standard days
    Rotation Period: 6.586 Standard hours
    Axial Tilt: 50 degrees
    Surface Atmospheric Pressure: 1.38 Atm.
    Water Percentage: 93%
    No major continents, 9 major archipelagoes.
    Political Data
    10 Primary Cities
    14 Major Cities
    5 Moderate Cities
    5040 Small Cities
    5600 Towns
    All major cities possess a class A starport except Met Nommi (C) and 
    Tamgiswommo (D). 
    Economic Extensions:
    	Resources: 5
    	Labor: 7
    	Infrastructure: 4
    	Culture: D
    Planetary demand: 7 RA
    Base GWP: 5.9657 RU
    Finished Goods X: 1.0431
    Interstellar Demand X: 1.04
    Final GWP: 6.4717
    Resource Trade: -5.8
    Taxation Rate: 44%
    Gov't Budget: 2.8475 RU
    Civilian Expenses: 0.9726 RU
    	10 System Defense Boat Squadrons
    	1 Starship Squadron 
    Legal Profile: 6-76777
    This system contains a second habitable world, Arvruon. Arvruon(G333465-8)
    is the second planet in the system. It, unlike Vruon, has moons (2).
    Arvruon has a population of 40,696. Being close to the primary means the
    average temperature is 150 degrees F. The settlement is domed, with a 
    Class G spaceport. Terraforming has not occurred yet in the system.

    Vruon Description

    The Vruon 
    The planet Vruon is the homeworld of the Vruon. They name themselves the
    Edilvor, but are commonly known by the name of thier planet. 
    The race evolved from chaser omninores along the coastal grasslands. Their
    world is a low gravity one, about .6 Gs. They are carbon-based, and
    closely resemble Terran reptiles. Several travellers have nicknamed them
    'Dog-zards'. A very artistic race, they now exist on several planets in
    the Dzighkafe subsector of the Knoellighz sector.
     They are slightly tall bipeds with bilateral symmetry. Average height is
    around 5'9", and they belie thier low-g heritage with a rather heavy
    build. Average weight is around 120 pounds. They have a thin layer of
    blubber under thier scaly skin. A standard upright build, they have two
    legs, two arms, and no tail. Thier legs end in an elephant-like pad.
    Thier arms end in hands with a thumb opposed by 3 fingers. A dog-like
    snout is lined with small, very sharp teeth. They have remarkable hearing
    and voicing, able to extend well into both infra and ultra ranges. Pain
    threshold is low, yet they possess a catfall ability thanks to excellent
    kinesthetics ability. Human average senses of touch and taste are 
    augmented by a good sense of smell - a discriminatory scent like a dog's.
     Due to the Edilvor's extreme sense of animal empathy, the race has 
    become vegitarian, though not rabidly so (ie: K'kree). They still have a
    troop or pack like social structure that exists near the top of the food
    chain. There are 2 sexes, that generate several children in a live birth.
    Sex plays an important role in society, and only dominant members of the
    pack are able to reproduce. Lifespan is similar in length to humaniti.
     Possessing a hyperactive metabolism, they eat quite a bit. They do have
    a G-intolerance do to thier homeworld, yet move very quickly in thier
    native environment. Most are very good swimmers.
     The race is highly intelligent, with built in Psionic resistance, and
    a natural, intuitive mathematical ability. Thier normal imagination is
    offset by an easily distractable, intense curiosity. Most are very
    gregarious, and quite charitable even to other races. A chauvinistic 
    streak keeps them slightly apart from other races, and most are very 
    reserved and collected when around foreign races.
    Racial Averages
    Strength: 8
    Dexterity: 13
    Constitution: 12
    Agility: 13

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