Vuyha System
circa 1116

David Burden (

  • World Description

  • Indigenous Fauna: Gunby

    World Description

        Vuyha ( 2021 D657644-8 S Ag Ni )
        A generally cool  world, Vuyha is best  known as the home  of the Gunby
        (qv). Vuyha  lies on a  spur of  the  Gushemege Main, and  has made its
        fortune over the millenia through  its fine soil, nutritious plants and
        animals and  prime postion. The  Vuyha-Ouckictach agricombime dominates
        much of central Gushemege's agribusiness.

    Indigenous Fauna: Gunby

        The  gunby is  a major  source of  meat protien  in Gushemege and other
        sectors on this trailing side of the  Great Rift. A native of Vuyha the
        gunby was first  recognised as a food source by  the Vilani. Since then
        the gunby has been geneered to survive on a wide variety of worlds. The
        gunby itself is  a grazing herbivore of 80-140kg  average mass. Gunbies
        are trifoil hooved and have two  pairs of downward pointing sabre teeth
        which they used  to break up the hard and  often frozen ground of their
        native steppe. The gunby has 4 legs  but no tail. It resembles a terran
        boar,  but  has  a  woolier  coat  (  which  is often used in Gushemege
        clothing ). It originally lived in herds of 10 - 20 on the open steppes
        of Vuyha. The Bonotil Cof restaurant on Usdiki serves the best Gunby in
        the Imperium. Leeng's  "Saddle of Gunby Au Cruyess" is  one of the most
        superb dishes known to humaniti.

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