Character Backgrounds

Character Backgrounds

  • Travil

  • Sherina

  • Bruce

  • Grindle

  • Hanit

  • Aryven

  • Grog

  • Bob


    Position: Commander            UPP: A95747
    Age: 42                        Height: 6'
    Race: Impure Vilani            Allegiance: Imperial
    Hair: Short Black              Eye Colour: Hazel
    Complexion: Fair               Build: Solid
    Vacuum Suit-1
    Snub Pistol-0
       Travil is a career officer. You enjoy your job and you are pretty good
       at it. You tend to be over optimistic at times and this has gotten you
       into trouble in the past. You are a firm believer in the archaic stiff
       upper lip military policy. You look after your boys at all times,
       fathering them through any difficulties.
       Sherina is a damn good pilot - too good. She is a little erratic at
       times (aren't all Vargr?), but she is very dependable when things get
       tough. She seems to be getting a bit moody recently and you might have
       to kick her into line.
       Bruce is kind of quite, maybe a little too quite. He keeps to himself
       and gets his job done satisfactorily. You cannot seem to bring your
       self to fully trust him, even though he has done nothing wrong.
       Grindle is a typical obsessive workaholic. He spends many extra hours
       doing his job better than is expected and you like him for that.
       However, you are not sure you can depend upon him to follow orders
       when things get rough.
       Hanit is loud and obnoxious. Typical Solomani racial supremist.
       Frankly, you don't trust him. He fanatically keeps his quarters and
       work area spotless.
       Aryven is a little too lax for your liking. He takes too many short
       cuts and sometime one will fail for him. He needs some discipline
       instilled into him before he'll progress far in the force. He talks
       too much.
       Grog is a good solid, dependable grunt type. You trust him both to
       follow orders and to stick around when the going is tough. He doesn't
       cook well and this might be hurting moral; you don't want to upset him
       by telling him about it.


    Shrrnggakrgrrngak (Sherina)
    Position: Pilot           UPP: 878B83
    Age: 30                   Height: 4'8"
    Race: Vargr               Allegiance: Imperial
    Hair: Tawny               Eye Colour: Black
    Complexion: Brownish      Build: Thin
    Vacuum Suit-1
       Sherina is a Vargr female in heat. The mission wasn't supposed to last
       this long and you expected to be surrounded by a couple of dozen pack
       mates by this time. You are irritable, quick to anger, moody and sex
       starved. Have fun! You are also a great pilot with lightning
       Travil is a good commander with great charisma and he deserves deep
       respect. His orders are considered in the best possible light but they
       will not be followed blindly.
       Grog is respected for his great physical prowess and his huge size. If
       only he were slightly more hairy. Although he signed on as cook, he is
       very bad at it which is good because real Vargr don't cook and live
       meat tastes better.
       Bruce seems to posses enormous charisma which he doesn't use. He also
       smells slightly different to the other humans. You kind of like him.
       Grindle and Bob keep away from you and that is fine. They cannot
       shoot, fly or lead so they are not important.
       Aryven seems to take great pleasure in baiting you and you often have
       long, energetic and sometimes (playfully) violent conversations. He is
       fun to have around and you don't mind chattering with him.
       Hanit is a lost cause and you despise him. He treats you like an idiot
       and rates you at about the same developmental level as a slug. You
       violently detest when he tells you to heel along like Killer, his pet
       back home (if he does that one more time...). You take great pleasure
       in making his life miserable. He also smells weird.


    Position: Surveyor       UPP: 385BCD
    Age: 34                  Height: 6'5"
    Race: Zhodani            Allegiance: Zhodani
    Hair: Blonde             Eye Colour: Blue
    Complexion: Fair         Build: Lithe
    Skills (value in brackets are what everybody thinks you have)
    Surveying-1 (3)
    Vacuum Suit-1
    Forward Observer-0
    Lying-2 (-)
    Computer-3 (0)
    Pilot-0 (-)
    Laser Rifle-0
    Navigation-0 (-)
       You are a Zhodani spy. You've been infiltrating the service for many
       years. Your mission is to provide advance notification of possible
       threats to the consolidate. The exact definition of threat is very
       much at your discretion but it usually includes major fleet actions,
       unusual troop buildups, new scientific discoveries. You should report
       and/or neutralise any such threat. You are totally loyal to the
       consulate and will never betray it. You are a quite strong psionic
       (strength 10). Your identification papers and history are forged
       (level 5). You don't like talking about yourself in case you botch it.
       Travil is a decent enough commander. He doesn't trust you fully.
       Sherina is a great pilot but very typically Vargr.
       Grindle and Aryven are both pretty good blokes, although Grindle keeps
       to himself too much.
       Hanit has the right attitude but the race is wrong (Zhos are the
       best!). he does tend to be a little over the top with his political
       babble. You suspect he might be onto your lack of surveying skill, but
       nobody believes him when he says he's better.
       Grog is like a child, easily lead. His simplistic attitude is a
       refreshing change to all the typical closed minded, lying imperials.
       He doesn't cook well, but you'd never let it onto him.
       Bob is like Grindle, too quite and self centric. You don't trust him.
       You have four doses of psi booster, and one of psi double. Your psi
       talents are: awareness-10, teleportation-10, telepathy-4.


    Position: Geologist            UPP: 6B3477
    Age: 26                        Height: 5'10"
    Race: Arabic Solomani          Allegiance: Imperial
    Hair: Dark                     Eye Colour: Brown
    Complexion: Olive              Build: Slight
    Vacuum Suit-0
       You are a workaholic. You love your work. Your work is your life. You
       can spend hours looking at rocks. You frequently forget your orders
       when you come across a particularly impressive rock formation. You
       also have to do a top notch job. You are a perfectionist. You keep
       very much to yourself revelling in your work.
       You were orphaned when you were 10 when your parents were killed by
       some psionic bastard during the psi rebellion on your home world. This
       has made you somewhat moody, quite introverted and very hateful of any
       psionic (more than is usual for Imperials - lobotomy is too soft a
       Travil is a good commander, he expects you to do your job and he
       doesn't interfere.
       Hanit is a royal pain in the ass. He is always spouting off the we
       Solomani are the superior race bullshit. You don't want any of that
       crap, it only caused a major war last time it was popular. You also
       know that he is only seven eights Solomani blood (and have documents
       to prove it). You'll enjoy revealing this at an opportune moment.
       Grog is good. He is always willing to help you lug your heavy
       equipment around and he doesn't really get in the way.
       Aryven talks too much and he irritates you.
       The others haven't said much to you and you like it that way. You
       figure they are alright if this continues.


    Position: Surveyor              UPP: 736555
    Agei: 22                        Height: 6'1"
    Race: Solomani (& proud of it)  Allegiance: Imperial
    Hair: Blond                     Eye Colour: Blue
    Complexion: Fair                Build: Solid
    Auto Rifle-0
    Vacuum Suit-0
       You are a pure blood Solomani. Solomani are genetically superior to
       all other humans (and all other races). You make sure everybody knows
       this. You often tell them just to make sure they remember that you are
       the master race. They enjoy hearing you tell them. You make new
       friends by spreading the word. Because you are the master race, you
       must be better than everybody else. You should be commanding the
       mission. You would fit into the Hitler Youth quite well. You often
       sing/hum Solomani Uberarlis. Everybody likes hearing this song. You
       are a cleanaholic - everything must be spotless.
       Travil is a loser. You should be in command because you're Solomani.
       You do have to admit that he does sometimes make good decisions.
       Sherina is worse than those other human races. It is some genetically
       altered pet, you treat her how she deserves like an animal. How did
       scum like that get into such a high position? She doesn't even know
       how to heel like your far more intelligent pet poodle Killer did.
       Bruce is hopeless. You are a much better surveyor than he ever will
       be. You are forever correcting him for errors even a moronic novice
       wouldn't make. How did he ever get the chief surveyor position?
       Grindle is okay. He is of the master race too, although he isn't aryan
       like you. You spend many happy hours complaining about the others to
       him. His only major short coming is his apparent inability to aspire
       to the heights his genetic superiority grants him.
       The rest of the crew do their menial tasks and they enjoy hearing your
       inspired speeches on the Solomani movement. Aryven even talks back to
       you occasionally. They must be stunned by your obviously superior wit
       and eloquence. Grog is a hopeless cook and you make sure he knows it.


    Position: Planetologist        UPP: 978364
    Age: 38                        Height: 5'11"
    Race: Darrian                  Allegiance: Imperial
    Hair: Fire Red                 Eye Colour: Green
    Complexion: Speckled           Build: Slight
    Vacuum Suit-1
       Aryven has a very happy go lucky and personable attitude. You do jobs
       when you have to, but you only do the minimum necessary to finish the
       task. It isn't that you are lazy, you just don't want to waste time
       doing a full and proper job. You also don't react to orders in the
       best way. You resent authority and tend towards the undisciplined. You
       are also well known for the excessive quantities of small talk you
       produce seeming without end.
       Travil is an old stick in the mud. He gives orders far too much but at
       least he does seem to care about his team.
       Sherina is a lot of fun. She likes gossiping almost as much as you do
       and you frequently chatter away for hours. You often bait her on a
       little, but she has been know to get a little violent and bash you
       around too hard.
       Bruce is weird. He talks to you, but he doesn't really say anything.
       It is as if he doesn't have a history or a future, only a now. Still,
       he is better than some.
       Grindle and Bob keep very much to themselves. They avoid chattering to
       you. Not that this stops you chattering to them, it just makes things
       a little one sided.
       Grog also provides one sided conversations, but for a different
       reason: eloquent speech seems beyond his mental capabilities. He is a
       very bad cook, but you don't hurt his feelings by complaining.
       That leaves Hanit the egotistical Solomani supremist. The only
       conversation he spouts is canned political drivel from the crack pots
       on Terra. Dull dull dull.


    Position: Grunt/Cook           UPP: BAA686
    Age: 50                        Height: 6'9"
    Race: Human (High Gravity)     Allegiance: Imperial
    Hair: Brown                    Eye Colour: Glazed Brown
    Complexion: Tanned             Build: Very Heavy
    Laser Carbine-2
    Cooking- -6
    Plasma Gun-3
    Battle Dress-1
       Grog holds the record for the longest period of service without
       promotion. You were shipped onto this mission as the cook / general
       muscle man to get you some active duty. You cannot cook for nuts but
       you don't know it. At least you try to the best of your limited
       ability. You have picked up a liking for combat drugs and your UPP is
       really more like FFF116 (big strong and stupid). You have a child like
       innocence about you and you are eager to follow orders. You frequently
       make mistakes and this has been known to get you into trouble.
       Travil treats you really well, he doesn't ask you to do things you
       don't understand and he doesn't scream at you when you make mistakes.
       Sherina also treats you kindly and helps you out when you have
       Bruce and Bob order you around too much, but Bruce at least explains
       things to you and doesn't scream when you stuff up. You don't think
       Bob likes you much.
       Grindle doesn't really speak to you. You figure he doesn't like you at
       Aryven does talk with you and he treats you kindly enough, but he does
       get upset with you when things go wrong.
       Hanit is always ordering you around and screaming at you and making
       speeches with lots of words you don't understand. You really don't
       like him.


    Position: Engineer             UPP: 4959B8
    Age: 34                        Height: 5'8"
    Race: Vilani                   Allegiance: Imperial
    Hair: Brown                    Eye Colour: Steel
    Complexion: Pale               Build: Medium
       Bob is an engineer. He loves his work and hates other people. He
       spends many happy hours tinkering with his drives and engines. Other
       people get in his way.
       Travil is good. He lets me work in peace with my engines. I'm glad he
       ordered the mission so I've got some time to fix things without
       Grog is good too. He helps out lifting big things. He can't cook but
       that doesn't matter. Food is optional.
       The rest are pains who get in my way. Sherina is especially bad as she
       often pushes the ship too hard and damages things.

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