Governmental Organization

The Julian Protectorate: Governmental Organization
  • Governmental Structure of the Protectorate
    The Member Confederations
  • The Asimikigir Confederation
  • The Hhkar Sphere
  • The Constellation of Koekhon
  • The Hegemony of Lorean
  • The Lumda Dower
  • The Commonwealth of Mendan
  • The Alliance of Ozuvon
  • The Pirbarish Starlane
  • Rar Errall/The Wolves Warren
  • The Rukadukaz Republic
  • The Ukhanzi Coordinate
  • The Vugurar Dominion
    The Associated Confederations
  • The Zuugabish Tripartite
  • The Confederation of Bammesuka
  • The Sarkan Constellation

    Governmental Structure of the Protectorate

    The Julian Protectorate: Governmental Structure of the Protectorate
    The Julian Protectorate is a confederation whose primary purpose in
    being is mutual protection of its members.  Individual members
    conduct their own foreign policy and trade policies; mediation
    between member states and Protectorate-wide communications services
    are provided by the Protectorate, as is a consistent and fair
    system of interstellar law.  The Protectorate also defines
    standards for equipment and protocols to ensure interoperability
    and coordination.  The Star Legion is a standing armed force which
    is maintained by the Protectorate, and supplemented in times of
    crisis by additional forces maintained by the member states.
    Members of the Protectorate are not constrained as to size or
    political structure; they range from individual nations on
    balkanized worlds to multi-world confederations containing
    dozens or hundreds of worlds.
    The head of the Protectorate government (and, coincidentally, of
    most of the member confederations) is titled "Regent", a practice
    dating back to the period of the Rule of Man, when new regional
    governors took that title while performing the duties of Governor
    and waiting for their appointments to be made official by the
    The main deliberative body of the Protectorate is the Protectorate
    Council, which is divided into two chambers: The Chamber of Worlds,
    in which each world receives one representative, and the Chamber
    of the Protectorate, where each member state receives one
    representative.  The Council is empowered to offer membership in
    the Protectorate to non-member states; it is also empowered to
    accept or reject an application for membership from a non-member
    state.  A non-member that makes application to the Protectorate,
    but whose membership is declined, may choose to coordinate its
    interstellar laws and standards with the Protectorate, and may
    also agree to Protectorate mediation in disputes with a member
    state.  Non-members that do this, and formally notify the
    Protectorate of these decisions are automatically granted the
    status of Associated States.
    In addition to membership in the Protectorate, each member state
    or associated state maintains its own government, foreign policy,
    and trade agreements.

    The Asimikigir Confederation

    The Julian Protectorate: Member States: The Asimikigir Confederation
    The region in which the Julian Protectorate lies contains the whole
    range of Human-Vargr interactions, from outright hatred (in the coreward
    areas, in Gashikan) to total integration (on Asimikigir itself).  The
    Empires of Gashikan have historically represented the negative extreme,
    where Human and Vargr will attempt to kill each other on sight.
    The Asimikigir Confederation represents the other extreme, where human
    and Vargr cooperate openly and willingly, and even form intimate
    relationships (see "The Panet Relationship" under "Aliens of the
    Protectorate"), all in a completely integrated dual-species culture.
    Total equality is found throughout the Confederation, while the biological
    and sociological differences between male and female, and between human
    and Vargr, are fully accomodated.
    The Asimikigir Confederation is also the home of the Menderes Corporations, 
    the largest corporation in the Protectorate, and the only one that aspires
    to megacorporate status.  The Menderes Corporation is fully diversified
    and socially progressive; although it emphasizes mercantile issues over
    social ones, it acts as an influence by example.  Menderes social policies,
    though consistently downplayed by the company as simply good business, have
    consistently been cited as the single most important contributor to the
    good interrelationship that humans and Vargr have in the Confederation, and
    in the rest of the Protectorate as well.
    Tetusu-Dene Evaluation: 8+
    The Asimikigir Confederation is a model of interspecies cooperation.  There
    is a small amount of benign and voluntary social segregation; only the fact
    that, on many worlds other than Asimikigir itself, the panet relationship is
    viewed with some unease prevents a full 9 rating.  On Asimikigir itself, the
    Tetusu-Dene Evaluation would unquestionably be 9.

    The Hhkar Sphere

    The Julian Protectorate: Member States: The Hhkar Sphere
    The Hhkar Sphere is the only member confederation of the Julian
    Protectorate in which neither Human nor Vargr is the majority race.
    Instead, the saurioid Hhkar dominate these planets.  The Hhkar initial
    intrusion into the sector was hostile, and while the Hhkar have been
    integrated into the Protectorate, there is still a good deal of
    wariness about them and their intentions, and a well-staffed and
    well-armed Star Legion base is maintained at Kargan as both a warning
    and an insurance policy.
    The Hhkar generally do not associate with other races for purposes
    other than business; the most accurate Tetusu-Dene evaluation would
    assign a 0 to the Hhkar Sphere, although it is felt that based on past
    interactions, it would be better to assign a rating between 2 and 3.
    It is a standing policy of the Hhkar Sphere that the Droyne community
    on Ahbrazz is forbidden contact with non-Hhkar.  No reason for this
    restriction has been given.

    The Constellation of Koekhon

    The Julian Protectorate: Member States: The Constellation of Koekhon
    This mixed Human-Vargr state has Vargr in charge of the Executive
    branch of government; Humans control the Judiciary.  Most Humans in the
    area are of Solomani extraction, and there is a sizeable population
    descended from deportees from Terra itself.  The Vargr population, like
    that of most of the Protectorate, is primarily Irilitok Vargr, but
    sizeable minorities of Urzaeng and Ovaghoun Vargr can also be found.
    The Constellation's society is paradoxical in some ways; while Human/
    Vargr cooperation is at a very high level, some of the strongest
    bigotry of one race against the other can also be found here, primarily
    among the Urzaeng Vargr communities, many of whom are descendants of
    refugees from anti-Vargr pogroms in the Gashikan region, and among the
    Human Image community on Jyestha House (Divide/Amdukan 1432), a
    religious group that believes that Humans were created "in the image
    of" their deity, and that other "supposedly intelligent" species are
    merely a mockery of that deity's work, and unworthy of association with
    those who are "truly intelligent".
    The Constellation of Koekhon's central location within the protectorate
    leaves it comparatively isolated from contact with states and cultures
    from outside the Protectorate, and it maintains formal relations
    within the Protectorate only with the Rukadukaz Republic.  In debates
    in the Protectorate legislature, Koekhon delegates generally present an
    isolationist viewpoint.
    Tetusu-Dene Evaluation: 7
    Although Humans and Vargr work well together here as elsewhere, it is 
    unusual for them to be found together in social situations.  For the 
    most part, the panet relationship common in the Asimikigir 
    Confederation, and considered unremarkable elsewhere, is viewed as 
    being somewhat perverted here, and demeaning to both parties.

    The Hegemony of Lorean

    The Julian Protectorate: Member States: The Hegemony of Lorean
    The Hegemony of Lorean is one of the largest member states of the 
    Protectorate, in terms of the number of member worlds, if not the 
    largest.  Nevertheless, its influence in Protectorate affairs is 
    limited due to lack of proximity to major trading or diplomatic 
    partners (other than the Rukadukaz Republic), and its own political 
    priorities involve local development.  It is one of the most active 
    supporters of the Development Division of the Menderes Corporations, 
    and a sizeable percentage of the Division's activities are focussed on 
    the Hegemony.
    The Hegemony of Lorean is the only active proponent within the 
    Protectorate of pursuing relations with the K'kree outposts to 
    trailing; Lorean efforts at promoting the K'kree trade have generally 
    been met with disinterest by both the Protectorate and the K'kree.  
    Nevertheless, promotion continues at a low level due to the potential 
    that such trade has for increasing the importance, and therefore the 
    influence, of the Hegemony in Protectorate affairs.
    Tetusu-Dene Evaluation: 7
    Social segregation is not a matter of policy in the Hegemony; rather, 
    it is a result of perceived psychological and sociological differences 
    between the races.  In general, interspecies relations are amicable, 
    and members of the two species will work together without incident.

    The Lumda Dower

    The Julian Protectorate: Member States: The Lumda Dower
    The three planets of the Lumda Dower are ruled by a constitutional monarchy
    in which both humans and Vargr play an important part.  While the Lord of
    Lumda, the head of the executive branch, is always a male human (though his
    heir is a member of his wife's family), the judiciary is entirely in the
    hands of Dower Vargr, and the legislature is bicameral, with each species
    holding one chamber.
    Tetusu-Dene Evaluation: 7H
    While there is no mandatory segregation of Human from Vargr in the Lumda
    Dower, social patterns indicate that many members of both species are
    uncomfortable among the other.  While this is not unnatural, it is exhibited
    in the Lumda Dower to a greater extent than in other member states.

    The Commonwealth of Mendan

    The Julian Protectorate: Member States: The Commonwealth of Mendan
    The Commonwealth of Mendan is the only Member State of the Protectorate
    that was originally part of the Second Empire of Gashikan.  Of the states
    on or near the Mendan Main, it is second in influence and political power
    only to the Asimikigir Confederation.
    The Commonwealth of Mendan is the conservative voice in the Protectorate
    Council, urging restraint in relations with other states, and generally
    arguing against expansion of the Protectorate.
    Internally, while the Commonwealth accepts the principle of equality
    between Vargr and Human, some residual race hatred between the species
    still exists, and Human and Vargr are found together or in cooperative
    arrangements less often than elsewhere in the Protectorate.  These 
    attitudes are changing, however slowly, and the extent of the change
    explains to a great extent why the Commonwealth chose to affiliate itself
    with the Protectorate rather than with the strongly anti-Vargr Third
    Empire of Gashikan.
    Tetusu-Dene Evaluation: 6H
    Many worlds of the Commonwealth of Mendan rate a full 7; there are as many
    that do not.  No world in the Commonwealth prohibits Vargr participation in
    government, but institutionalized discrimination remains a major social
    influence in the Commonwealth.

    The Alliance of Ozuvon

    The Julian Protectorate: Member States: The Alliance of Ozuvon
    This Vargr-majority state of the Protectorate was originally formed by 
    Vargr escaping from the Second Empire of Gashikan, and specifically the 
    area now encompassed by the Commonwealth of Mendan.  The Vargr 
    population is mixed Irilitok, Urzaeng, and Ovaghoun, with the Irilitok 
    majority smaller than elsewhere in the Protectorate.  Resentment and 
    hostility to Humans in general, and Humans of the Mendan Commonwealth 
    in particular, are prevalent here, and on many of the worlds of the 
    Alliance, Humans are treated as second-class members of society at 
    Tetusu-Dene Evaluation: 5V
    It is vanishingly rare for a Human to achieve any sort of Alliance-wide 
    governmental post.  On many worlds, Humans have the status of 
    "untouchables", and on a small number of worlds, they are held in 
    servitude that is different from slavery only on paper.  Other states 
    and the Protectorate itself have formally protested, but little has 
    been achieved as yet.

    The Pirbarish Starlane

    The Julian Protectorate: Member States: The Pirbarish Starlane
    The Pirbarish Starlane takes its name from that of the Vilani authority
    responsible for patrolling the Mendan Main prior to the collapse of the
    Rule of Man.  Its capital, Lasla, was the second most important planet
    in the region prior to the Julian War, and it served as a coordination
    center for guerrilla resistance activity during Imperial occupation.
    Although the Asimikigir Confederation has eclipsed it in importance, the
    Pirbarish Starlane is still influential in the region.
    Tetusu-Dene Evaluation: 7H
    No world in the Pirbarish Starlane mandates different treatment of 
    Human and Vargr; however, many worlds do have institutionalized social 

    Rar Errall/The Wolves Warren

    The Julian Protectorate: Member States: Rar Errall
    Rar Erral ("The Wolves' Warren") is unusual in the Protectorate, being 
    a one-species state.  The entire population of the state is Vargr, with 
    Urzaeng Vargr making up a significant majority.  These Vargr are 
    generally refugees or the descendants of refugees from Gashikan and 
    Trenchan; it is suspected, but not proven, that this state is used as a 
    base for raids on planets in the Third Empire of Gashikan.
    For many years, treatment of Human citizens of the Protectorate that 
    entered the area was acceptable, if cold; non-Protectorate Humans were 
    summarily expelled.  In recent years, even Protectorate citizens have 
    been so expelled; formal protests have been repeatedly filed, and there 
    is movement in the Protectorate legislature to revoke Rar Errall's 
    membership in the Protectorate.  The Asimikigir Confederation and 
    Commonwealth of Mendan representatives have led the countermovement, 
    offering as justification the possibility of influence by example, or 
    "constructive engagement".
    Tetusu-Dene Evaluation: 2V
    Violence against Humans has not been reported, but summary expulsion of 
    Humans, regardless of the reason for their presence, has become common.

    The Rukadukaz Republic

    The Julian Protectorate: Member States: The Rukadukaz Republic
    The Rukadukaz Republic is one of the most influential members of the 
    Protectorate, behind the Asimikigir Confederation and possibly the 
    Commonwealth of Mendan.  The vast majority of trade with the Imperial 
    Domain of Antares flows through the Republic, and the Imperial Division 
    of the Menderes Corporations is based here.
    The Republic is also the "front line" in the event of hostilities with 
    the Imperium; there is no other Protectorate member state with as 
    strong a permanent Star Legion presence as the Republic.  This presence 
    has provided a boost to the Republic's shipbuilding industry; while in 
    general, the high-tech and luxury ships built in the Protectorate are 
    built by Vargr firms and yards in the Asimikigir Confederation, the 
    shipyards of the Rukadukaz Republic are known for sturdy, absolutely 
    reliable ships - when they can be obtained; it is not unusual for 
    Rukadukaz shipyards to be concentrating on military contracts for 
    either production or maintenance/overhaul.
    The Rukadukaz Republic is one of the few Protectorate member states 
    with a non-Irilitok majority among its Vargr; in fact, Irilitok Vargr 
    are vanishingly rare in most of the Republic.  Virtually all Vargr in 
    the Rukadukaz Republic are Ovaghoun; there are a few communities of 
    Logaksu and Urzaeng Vargr on the spinward edge of the Republic.
    Tetusu-Dene Evaluation: 8
    Integration between Vargr and Human is almost as extensive here as in 
    the Asimikigir Confederation.  On most issues involving interspecies 
    relations, Rukadukaz attitudes will closely mirror Asimikigir 
    attitudes.  In general, the Rukadukaz Republic will quietly follow the 
    lead of the Asimikigir Confederation, but on those occasions when the 
    Republic chooses to be proactive, they and the Asimikigir Confederation 
    are a formidable team.

    The Ukhanzi Coordinate

    The Julian Protectorate: Member States: The Ukhanzi Coordinate
    The Ukhanzi Coordinate is one of the three states that form the majority
    of the so-called "Antares Crescent", an area that has historically had
    close ties to the Imperial Domain of Antares.  The Ukhanzi Coordinate
    differs from the other states of the region, as its relationship with the
    Imperium is noticeably cooler than that of its neighbors; many of the Vargr
    majority are descended from Imperial Vargr fleeing mistreatment.  The
    appointment of Vargr Archdukes has affected the attitudes of Coordinate Vargr
    less than those of Vargr elsewhere in the Protectorate; Coordinate Vargr
    see Soegz and his successors first as part of the Imperial power structure,
    and only second as Vargr.
    Tetusu-Dene Evaluation: 7V
    Many Vargr in the Ukhanzi Coordinate are cautious in their relationships with
    Humans; this is a legacy not of the Race Wars, as it is elsewhere in the
    Protectorate, but of mistreatment of Vargr by Imperial authorities.  Tensions
    have improved remarkably over the past several decades; it is entirely likely
    that a reevaluation within the next few decades will raise the evaluation to
    a full 8.

    The Vugurar Dominion

    The Julian Protectorate: Member States: The Vugurar Dominion
    The Vugurar Dominion is a Vargr-majority state.  Its representatives in
    the Protectorate Council tend to be outspoken on every issue, although
    they are firmly committed to the principles of the Protectorate.  Many
    of the most vocal advocates for Vargr equality throughout the region
    are Vugurar citizens; there is a strong sensitivity in the Dominion to
    anti-Vargr prejudice.
    Tetusu-Dene Evaluation: 8
    The race-consciousness of the Dominion has led to a very strong set of anti-
    prejudice laws.  Overcoming residual hesitancy about strong integration on
    the Asimikigir model is a major goal of the Dominion government; much of the
    government-created entertainment is either set on Asimikigir or in the
    Asimikigir Confederation, or is centered on Asimikigir citizens traveling in
    the Dominion.  In either case, it is not unusual for a panet relationship to
    be prominent in the story.

    The Zuugabish Tripartite

    The Julian Protectorate: Associated States: The Zuugabish Tripartite
    The Zuugabish Tripartite failed to achieve its goal of membership in 
    the Julian Protectorate primarily due to resistance by the Asimikigir 
    Confederation and the Rukadukaz Republic, both of which objected to the 
    relationship between Human and Vargr within the Tripartite.
    While Humans dominate the Tripartite, there is a sizeable and restive 
    Vargr population.  Uprisings are common, and are often put down 
    violently.  The presence of corsair bands in and around the Zuugabish 
    Tripartite does nothing to improve the situation.
    The weak central government has been unable to stop the establishment 
    of corsair bases within its territory, or to prevent raids on its 
    territory from outside; the three provincial governments are only 
    slightly stronger, but are suspected of using the corsair bands for 
    their own unofficial purposes.
    Tetusu-Dene Evaluation: 5H
    The primary obstacle to improved relations between Human and Vargr here 
    is the direction of corsair activity against Human worlds, by corsairs 
    based in the Confederation of Bammesuka and in Meshan sector.  It is 
    likely that with a stronger central government, the situation in the 
    Zuugabish Tripartite could be improved to the point where its candidacy 
    for membership in the Julian Protectorate would be viable.  For now, 
    Associated State status has been chosen, and the government is 
    attempting to cultivate closer ties with the Confederation of Mendan, 
    in hopes of receiving aid that will allow it to reach its goals.

    The Confederation of Bammesuka

    The Julian Protectorate: Associated States: The Confederation of Bammesuka 
    The Confederation of Bammesuka is a weak, decentralized interstellar 
    state left over from the collapse of the Second Empire of Gashikan.  
    In many respects, the culture here parallels that of the Confederation 
    of Mendan; however, the Confederation government does not have the 
    resources to exercise control of the area, and the little control that 
    it does exercise is undermined by corsairs based in the Confederation 
    and by raids conducted by other corsairs based in the Sarkan 
    Constellation, the Zuugabish Tripartite, and Meshan sector.
    Tetusu-Dene Evaluation: 4H
    Gashikan attitudes toward Vargr are for the most part preserved here, 
    and reinforced by corsair activity.  Nevertheless, weak as it is, the 
    Confederation government has been attempting to moderate those 

    The Sarkan Constellation

    The Julian Protectorate: Associated States: The Sarkan Constellation
    The Sarkan Constellation is a remnant of the Hormine League, a former medium
    sized state in Mendan Sector which collapsed due to racial tensions.  The
    majority of the inhabitants of the Constellation are Vargr, but the
    government, such as it is, is firmly in the hands of Humans.
    For the most part, the government of the Sarkan Constellation is unable 
    to enforce its will on its member planets.  Its association with the 
    Julian Protectorate is in name only, and it is not unknown for corsair 
    bands based here to raid Julian shipping.
    Tetusu-Dene Evaluation: 5H
    In spite of the majority Vargr population, Humans dominate all aspects of
    the Sarkan Constellation.  Vargr are barred from holding public office or
    owning businesses.  Most public accommodations open to Vargr are considered

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