Vanguard Reaches / Governments

  • Altarean Confederation
  • Council of Worlds
  • Driantia Steblenzhtia
  • Duchy of Trelyn
  • Serpent Trace
  • Tellerian Cluster

    Altarean Confederation

    Altarean Confederation: The government of the Murian
    minor race in Subsector N of the Vanguard Reaches. The
    Murians have extensively explored and consolidated this
    subsector, founding a long-lasting, advanced and well-
    developed society spanning some 28 systems.
    Although the Confederation government appears stable,
    the politics of the individual worlds are somewhat chaotic.
    Murians have a naturally combative nature among themselves.
    Combine this with their tendency toward individualism and the
    result is political systems which are highly participatory
    with frequent government changes. Non-popular dictatorships
    and self-perpetuating oligarchies are almost non-existent.
    Democracies are the most stable governments. At times,
    however, the most popular form is government by riot.
    (reproduced by permission of the author, Chuck Kallenbach II)

    Council of Worlds

    Council of Worlds: A conference held on Telleria
    (Vanguard Reaches 0926 A-877944-A) in 1089 with members of
    all worlds of the Tellerian Cluster except Necto and Zelos.
    Altarean Confederation representatives, Driantia Steblenzhtia
    delegates, Aslan emissaries and diplomats from the Duchy of
    Trelyn were present. The basic thrust of the council was a
    non-interference agreement with regard to inner struggles of
    the Tellerian Cluster. These Wars of Colonization are still
    continuing within the area, although its neighbors have so
    far respected the Council decisions. Free passage along the
    Jump-2 route from the Altarean Confederation to the Driantia
    Steblenzhtia was guaranteed by the Council, although this
    route passes through two systems of the Tellerian Cluster.
    (reproduced by permission of the author, Chuck Kallenbach II)

    Driantia Steblenzhtia

    Driantia Steblenzhtia: The Core Expeditions of the
    Zhodani (seven in number) have been extensively documented;
    the interest of this race in the galactic center is well-
    known. However, there is certainly interest in the gaining of
    information in other areas. After the First Frontier War with
    the Vilani (589-604), elements of the Iadr Nsobl province
    wanted intelligence regarding the sectors to rimward.
    As a result, exploration forces travelled in the Far
    Frontiers sector and thence to the Vanguard Reaches. In the
    Imperial year 609 Zhodani explorers first contacted
    the Murians.
    A Zhodani scout craft misjumped to the Elliador system
    during these explorations, and subsequently contacted the
    Eslyat. This scout ship, the Iayr'a'chtiapr (Wind of Change),
    gave the secret of jump drive to the Eslyat.
    In 626 the Driantia Steblenzhtia was created, and
    patterned quite closely after the workings of the home
    government. The Zhodani word "steblenzh" is loosely
    translated as "vanguard," and the name "vanguard reaches" was
    later adopted by most races as the name for the sector. The
    Zhodani use of the word "vanguard" clearly is from a
    reference to rimward, although from an Imperial point of view
    "vanguard" would refer to the spinward frontier.
    The capital world (Vanguard Reaches 0406, A-301AB9-D)
    was renamed Chyia Nedlkel after the political radical and
    exploratory pioneer who advocated abolishment of the nobility
    in favor of widespread psionic testing of all citizens. The
    reforms of High Councillor Nedlkel were installed in the
    Imperial year 666.
    This Zhodani client maintains good diplomatic relations
    with the Altarean Confederation and the Eslyat. Negotiations
    with the Duchy of Trelyn and the Aslan colonies have been, at
    best, neutral. No significant wars have been fought by
    Driantia Steblenzhtia, although a sizable military force has
    always been maintained.
    As of Imperial date 1120, the Driantia Steblenzhtia
    governed worlds in 80 systems with a total population of over
    36 billion sophonts.
    (reproduced by permission of the author, Chuck Kallenbach II)

    Serpent Trace

    Serpent Trace: Located in the astrographic center of the
    Vanguard Reaches sector, this cluster of fifteen Jump-1
    systems is accessible from outer parts of the sector via two
    Jump-2 routes. One stretches rimward to the Trace from the
    Duchy of Trelyn, and another expands coreward from the
    Altarean Confederation. The cluster takes its name from the
    serpentine nature of its twisting route that wends its way
    through three subsectors.
    The Serpent Trace is home to several billion residents,
    and nearly all kinds of sophonts from spinward charted space
    can be found within. Society in the Trace is cosmopolitan and
    on the cutting edge of technology.
    No single government controls the Trace, although many
    trade agreements boast several worlds as signatories. The
    Regional Commerce & Growth Association is a local group which
    promotes trade and commerce throughout the cluster.
    Some say that the planetary governments are mere puppets
    of the industrial concerns of the high population worlds in
    the Trace. In reality, each system controls its own planetary
    armed forces and many have naval squadrons. These troops are
    more than capable of handling commercial disagreements and
    enforcing law and order throughout the Serpent Trace.
    (reproduced by permission of the author, Chuck Kallenbach II)

    Tellerian Cluster

    Tellerian Cluster: A group of six systems of roughly the
    same technological level (interstellar community level) who
    are on basically good trade terms with the Altarean
    Confederation. However, there continues in the cluster a
    lengthy series of wars and infighting concerning unoccupied
    worlds in several systems. Export or import of weapons
    between other interstellar communities and the Tellerian
    Cluster is strictly illegal. Efforts are made to disinclude
    travellers from the constant warfare, but the area remains
    (reproduced by permission of the author, Chuck Kallenbach II)

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