Interesting Sites

Interesting Sites

  • World Map

  • Site A: Zuchai Crystal Deposit

  • Site B: False Neutrino Burst

  • Site C: Psion Prison
  • Random Encounters
  • Room A: Entryway
  • Room B: Cells
  • Room C: Recreation Area
  • Room D: Store Room
  • Room E: Maintenance/Hospital
  • Room F: Control Room
  • Room G: Central Control

    World Map

    Site A: Zuchai Crystal Deposit

        Site A
       There is a small, partially shadowed, exposed area which appears to be
       part of some kind of larger crystalline structure embedded about half
       way up the cliff that is the north western face of the small volcanic
       peak here. There is a lava pool atop the small plateau which flows
       down the eastern side. This pool will make climbing down from the top
       somewhat difficult.
       Casual investigation from a distance will give the impression that the
       formation is artificial in nature. Close examination of the crystals
       will refute this, clearly indicating that the crystals are a naturally
       occurring phenomenon. Careful investigation by somebody with geology
       skill, reveals that the structure is composed of zuchai crystals, a
       vital component in jump drives, known for their almost perfect energy
       absorption and release. This dirt ball isn't valueless after all: this
       find alone is worth a major fortune to just about any mining company.

    Site B: False Neutrino Burst

        Site B
       This one is a red herring. The neutrino burst detected came from a
       solar flare from the system's primary. The burst was detected through
       the planet (after all planets are pretty much transparent to
       neutrinos). Of course the players are only going to figure this one
       out if one of them, with navigation skill, checks up on their position
       relative to the local star when the bust was detected.
       It is very cold and dark on this side of the planet. This is a small
       flattened area, a little out of place in the surrounding mountainous
       terrain. The surface here is quite soft and spongy, being composed of
       a mixture of minute methane ice crystals and sand. There are some
       scattered rocks and a small methane ice lake nearby.
       The party's portable neutrino sensor will not detect anything abnormal
       because there is nothing to detect. A party member with surveying
       skill will be able to determine, after a few hours study, that the
       area is completely natural, a freak of nature. The methane lake is
       somewhere between 100m and 150m deep and frozen solid the entire way.
       The rocks are dull as always. About 2m below the surface of the sandy
       soil is solid bed rock.

    Site C: Psion Prison

        Site C
       This is the interesting one. A prison for psionic miscreants.
       Naturally, one of the players is psionic and they are mistaken for an
       inmate. Entering is not a problem, leaving is another matter. Any non
       psionics in the party are initially ignored, because upon entering
       they are believed to be the escort for the criminal(s). Once the
       escape is on, the first priority is to stun can recapture any psionic
       characters. Only after this has obviously dead ended will any interest
       be taken in the non psionics: they will be exterminated because they
       are assisting with the escape.
       The entryway to the prison is on the south side, a solid metal door
       two meters across and three meters tall. The metal is completely
       unknown and defies any analysis (as usual). The door also remains
       steadfastly closed, resisting any attempts to open it including the
       ATV firing with the pulse laser turret.
       Once the players are sufficiently stumped, the door will open and a
       highly advanced robot floats inside. The players are free to enter and
       the robot waits in the airlock until the psions have entered. Once
       inside the players have run of the installation except as noted in the
       location descriptions. The robots will be seen carrying out their
       routine patrols, ignoring the players. Roll 6 on 1D for a robot to be
       passing through a room when the players enter.
       Leaving is simple for the non-psions, however, they will not be
       permitted to return and re-enter without a psion with them. The psions
       are going to have to make a run for it. That's when the real fun

    Random Encounters

        Random Encounters
       There are seven different types of room in the base. The table below
       describes the purpose of each room, its size in meters and who is
       permitted to freely access the location. Naturally, the players are
       permitted to shoot their way into any room.
       Psionic are dampened throughout the entire base. Attempts to use them
       will produce no effects apart from a mild headache.
      Description         Dimensions   Access Rights   Encounter DM
    A Entryway            15.0x20.0x4       any              -
    B Cell                 5.0x 7.5x3       any             -2
    C Recreation Area     40.0x50.0x9       any             -1
    D Store Room          12.5x30.0x3      non-psi          +2
    E Maintance/Hospital  20.0x15.5x4      non-psi          +2
    F Control Room        25.0x15.0x6       none            +3
    G Central Control      5.0x 5.0x2       none            +5
       Roll 9+ on 2D every five minutes for an encounter inside the base. If
       an encounter is called for, roll 1D on the following table using the
       encounter DM from the previous table. The base has a total of six
       scrubbots, twelve screwbots and six deathbots. Not all of the bots are
       necessarily in working order.
    Roll    Encounter
     <=0    1 Screwbot
      1     2 Screwbots
      2     1 Screwbot
      3     1 Scrubbot
      4     2 Scrubbots
      5     1 Screwbot
      6     1 Scrubbot
      7     1 Deathbot
     >=8    2 Deathbots
       The robots have been lifted from Traveller Adventure 2: Research
       Station Gamma with a few minor modifications. The main change made is
       that the Deathbot (security robot) has improved armour, it takes ten
       points of damage to generate a hit and it still acts as if protected
       by battledress. The deathbot laser can also damage the ATV on a roll
       of 12+ (which is an 8+ after skill modification), the deathbot will be
       damaged by a hit from the ATV lasers.
       The second change is in the screwbot's (animal handling robot's)
       weaponry: it now has an advanced stunner that requires a roll of
       endurance minus intellegence or less on 2D to avoid a thirty minus
       endurance minute stun (and a nasty headache for another hour or two
       afterwards). This stunner ignores all forms of personal armour (except
       black and white globes), treating all targets are having no armour for
       to hit purposes.
       If the GM thinks the robots are a little tough, it is recommended to
       introduce some equipment failure reducing the robot skills level,
       armour quality or weaponry. The exact modifications are left up to the
       individual GM.

    Room A: Entryway

          Room A
       This is the entryway to the rest of the complex. There are doors on
       the players' left, ahead and the airlock behind (remember no compass
       directions on this planet). All three doors are heavily re-enforced.
       There is a screwbot here on duty at all times (exception: it does go
       into the air lock when the players arrive before the outer door
       opens). The bot will hover in position doing nothing except as noted
       Access to the left door is permitted by all at any time, although
       psions have to make a dexterity check on 2D to come back through
       without the door closing in their faces. The screwbot will attempt to
       stun any psion who tries to go through the forward door, after
       stunning the bot will carry the offender to one of the cells. Access
       through the airlock is unrestricted.

    Room B: Cells

          Room B
       These rooms are cells. The door will open as characters approach from
       either side. However, psionic characters will not be able to open the
       door from the inside - they will have to make a run for it once a
       non-psion has opened the door (check dex on 2D for success).
       Each cell contains a zero-gravity sleeping and resting area. Anything
       placed into this area will float gently; objects thrown into the area
       will gradually reduce in speed and hover where they stop. Of course,
       bullets and the like are not slowed down very much by the field. Any
       player caught in the area will have to make a a roll against their
       zero-gee combat skill or have external assistance to escape.
       Each cell also contains a waste disposal unit. It is a small dark
       disc flush with the floor (read: seamlessly joined to the surrounding
       floor). Anything inanimate placed onto the disc is teleported away
       for later disposal. There is no way to cause harm to something
       (robots) or somebody (other players) using this device.
       Each cell also includes a table/eating area. Initially this will be
       a dark half-inch-wide line located about three feet above the floor
       running horizontally for the width of the table. Touching this line
       will cause the table to gently slide out. The upper surface of the
       table is special, nothing can slip off it - no lateral movement of
       objects on the surface is possible; however, lifting things off the
       table top is easy. In the middle of the table is a white circle and
       touching this will cause the day's meal to appear: assorted unknown
       vegetable leaves and a decent sized dead animal that looks rather
       spider-like in the middle. The meal is very filling, quite tasty and
       very crunchy. Sherina has no problems eating the (apparently) freshly
       killed animal, the other characters will all feel quite queasy about
       eating it. However, the food is good and no harm will come from eating
       it. Closing the table is done by gently pushing the table into the
       wall when there is nothing on the top of the table.

    Room C: Recreation Area

          Room C
       This is the complex's large communal recreation room. This room is
       pretty much a large open empty space. There are several desks just
       like the ones in the cells. There are also several seats or benches
       around that all have funny indentations for tails and and are without
       back supports. The ceiling displays a massive holograph of a reddish
       sky complete with moving cloud formations. If sufficient time is spent
       watching the sky, it will be noted that the cloud formations do not
       appear to repeat themselves and the level of illumination does not
       vary over time. That is, there is no separate day or night here.

    Room D: Store Room

          Room D
       This is the storeroom. Shelves are located along both long walls.
       These shelves hold many packing boxes (made of some unknown metal, if
       anybody asks). The boxes can easily be opened and most of them are
       empty (after all, the base has been here a long time). The boxes can
       contain whatever ultra high tech items the GM wishes to include.
       Some suggestions are:
         * Three large black bricks each with two flush metal discs on top.
           These are anti-matter batteries capable of all manner of wonderous
           power supply feats. They'll need an engineer to wire these up
         * One pointy stick, just like the weapon on a deathbot. These cannot
           be powered up during the adventure, but they can be afterwards.
         * Very complex collection of circuits haphazardly connected together
           inside a six inch cube. This is a TL23 intelligent robotic brain.
           Given some study and a power supply, it will function perfectly.
           This one is immune to the child like attacks of the so called
         * Black vial containing jet black stuff (maybe the vial isn't really
           black after all). The vial is a form of black globe and it
           contains a quantity of anti-matter. This could make an interesting
           weapon except that it will always undergo a controlled meltdown
           causing 1D of thermal damage per round to everything withing 30m
           for a rather extended period of time.
         * One box of forty TL22 self screwing nuts and bolts. Push the nut
           on gently and it screws itself tight and a very gentle pull
           removes it automatically. No more tiredness from using your
           spanners. No power source for this miracle is evident.

    Room E: Maintenance/Hospital

          Room E
       This is the robot maintance room and hospital. This location contains
       one docbot, four deathbots, ten screwbots and four scrubbots. All of
       these bots, except for the docbot, are suhtdown. The room contains
       several large work benches and lots of shelves (mostly empty). Several
       of the bots are in various states of dismemberment.
       The docbot is a large cyclinder with lots of arms with a myrad of
       different tools: drills, saws, knives, syringes, etc. Once a player
       enters the room: it will hover toward the sick and injured; attempt to
       grab them one by one; scan each one after grabbing (bright light
       travels down their body) and repair any damage (insert large syringes
       full of ominous glowing chemicals). The whole capture and heal process
       takes from 15 to 20 seconds. Sickness and injury include any damage
       taken and Grog's combat drug addiction. The attempt to grab can be
       resisted by making a check against dexterity on 3D, and the grab can
       be broken by checking against strength on 3D.
       Of course, once the player's have broken into one of the restricted
       areas and gotten themselves onto the base's black list, the docbot
       will no longer heal them. Rather, it will float around ignoring them.

    Room F: Control Room

          Room F
       This location is the control centre of the entire complex. One fully
       functional deathbot stands guard just inside the entrance and it will
       attempt to stop anybody from entering. The deathbot will not attack
       the players until they actually enter the room.
       There is lots of complex industrial machinery here providing the base
       with, for example: light, food, water, air, temperature control, cell
       waste disposal, cell gravity fields, recreation area holographic
       projector and door controls. These machines are relatively easy to
       turn on and off (i.e. big easy to use switches). Nothing that looks
       even remotely like either a power supply or a central control computer
       can be seen.

    Room G: Central Control

          Room G
       Central control is hidden behind a concealed panel near the roof of
       the control centre. This location contains more machinery.
       Specifically, the computer brain of the complex, the psionics
       disruptor, the matter-antimatter powerplant and the planetary defences
       are all located here. The destruction, disabling or turning off of
       these devices is relatively simple once the room has been found. The
       difficulty of locating this room is the major challenge for the

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