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    Murians: The Altarean Confederation is a political and
    cultural entity populated by a minor race who refer to
    themselves as Murians.
    Murians are an ursoid race that tends to be larger and
    stronger than humans. However, they exhibit poorer manual
    dexterity. The average Murian male is 2 meters tall and
    weighs 105 kilograms. Though they are hairier than humans,
    they do not begin to match the coat of the Vargr.
    As individuals, they are open, friendly, and curious
    with other races. They are somewhat clannish and are
    seldom found outside their Confederation. Although their size
    and great patience can give the appearance of slow-
    wittedness, they are well-educated and very mechanically
    inclined. They are talented at the building and use of
    As a race, the Murians are non-aggressive. They have
    shared a peaceful border with a Zhodani client for many
    decades. The few real wars they have fought have been
    defensive in nature. Although their armed forces are
    efficient and well-armed, their primary job appears to be
    commerce protection. Their over-reliance on missiles as a
    space combat weapon places them at a tactical disadvantage.
    The Confederation poses no threat to Imperial security for
    the foreseeable future.
    Murian technology is of a high order. Technology is more
    evenly distributed throughout the Confederation than is
    typical in the Imperium. The most backward Altarean colony
    has a tech level rating of A. The Confederation Capitol,
    Arcturus, in the Altair system, has a tech level rating of D.
    Five worlds in the Altarean Confederation are identified
    as Murian "home worlds." The reason for this identification
    and the location of the true Murian home world is unknown.
    (reproduced by permission of the author, Chuck Kallenbach II)

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