Sufren Subsector in the Diaspora Sector

@SUB-SECTOR: Sufren SECTOR: Diaspora Sector
#PlanetName   Loc. UPP Code   B   Notes         Z  PBG Al LRX *
#----------   ---- ---------  - --------------- -  --- -- --- -
Grourard      1701 A896566-E    Ag Ni O:2004       400 Li
Onliu         1704 C110433-F    Ni                 324 Li
Boyne         1707 B462546-F    Ni C:5             603 Li
Erakhuu       1708 B89688C-C                       902 Li
Navar         1804 C5479DG-B    Hi In              805 Li
Maelstrom     1805 B421210-F    Lo Ni Po           903 Li
Sturgis       1807 A444203-F  N Lo Ni              102 Li
Tiasle        1901 D656AFF-B    Hi                 224 Ma
Houstar       1905 C8C4620-C    Fl Ni              113 Li
Haze          2003 B74A689-F    Ni Wa              700 Ma
Sufren        2004 B686973-F  N Hi An Cp           623 Li
Gamov         2104 C0009EF-E    As Hi Na In        801 Ma
Heymac        2105 C300136-D    Lo Ni Va           301 Li
Dahl          2201 B100510-F    Ni Va              113 Ma
Troy          2203 C622756-C    Na Po              814 Ma
Lassie        2207 A22136A-F    Lo Ni Po O:2405    104 Ma
Naasha        2208 D697576-9    Ag Ni              814 Ma
Backman       2209 B55497B-D  N Hi                 103 Bc
Neefi         2210 C66A978-C    Hi Wa              602 Bc
White Sea     2304 C100537-F    Ni Va              500 Ma
Jummy         2309 E100145-B    Lo Ni Va           914 Ma
Hervestia     2310 C554A76-D    Hi                 703 Bc
Korona        2401 B523648-C    Na Ni Po        A  713 Ma
Mazuun        2402 DA7A630-9    Ni Wa              402 Ma
Aazuni        2405 B210463-F  N Ni C:0 O:2504      211 Ma
Cita          2407 C544412-C    Ni                 723 Ma

N = Navy
S = Scout
W = Scout Way Station
D = Naval Depot
2 = Navy & Scout

Li = Lucan's Imperium
Ma = Margaret's Imperium
Fd = Federation of Daibei
Dr = Droyne-dominated world
So = Solomani Confederation
Bc = Backman Cluster
Na = Non-aligned

Sufren Subsector ----------------

Political strife in the subsector is dominated by the rivalry between the Vassalry Judiciate and the Union of Sufren. This rivalry dates back to the early days of settlement of the area, and, though quiescent during the Imperial era, it has once again become prominent.

The Union of Sufren maintains ties with Margaret's Domain and cordial relations with the Federation of Daibei. Regular contact with the Khavle Accordment is also part of Union policy. The Union has maintained comparatively high technology, and possesses a number of crack military units. Coupled with an efficient internal economy, these features make the Union of Sufren a stable and potentially powerful polity in the post-Imperial era.

The Vassalry Judiciate, dominated by Backman, maintains no relations with other powers. Judiciate foreign policy focusses on absorption of weaker and less stable polities, with current targets being the Alurzan Cartel and the Khavle Accordment. The Judiciate has a large commercial and industrial center, and has the potential to be a significant post-Imperial power, but infighting among the member worlds prevents this potential from being exercised.

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